Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can we get a do-over on this whole Tuesday thing?

Today has not been the best of days. Good thing I am in a positive frame of mind lately, otherwise I would be truly freaking out. As it is, I am just a bit tired. Things started off badly when at 6:30 am there were NO taxis. I waited for a long time until I finally snagged a shared ride. Only to discover that they could not get me all the way to my job because the streets were closed for Dia de la Revolucion. So, had to walk a ways to get to work, managed to get there just in time. Halfway through my first class my cel started to ring which I ignored. Then it started beeping that I had a text message it said "Sal por favor" (come out please) from my husband. Ok, not cool, something must be wrong with Max. Turns out they had to close his school this morning because none of the teachers were able to get in because of the road closures. Grrrrrrrrrr. So the rest of my class was a wreck with my two year old screaming "Mamitaaaaaaaaa, look, picture of iguana" as he showed off his drawings. We tried to get someone to come in and teach my second class for me, but no such luck so another very distracted class happened at 9 o'clock. He took a BIG tumble off one of the classroom chairs, the whole thing went right over on top of him and I thought we were in for a serious injury, luckily he is made of rubber and pretty much bounced, phew.

The next half hour was spent walking to find a danged taxi in the road closure mess. We did watch a few of the marching bands playing, Max was into that big time, marching and clapping and screaming "bravo!". Forty five minutes to get home in what is normally a seven minute commute.

We got home, had a bite to eat and then decided to hit the hay for a nap. Well, first a little playing and talking and mommy grabbing the camera to shoot some video of Max talking. Talking to mommy standing on the window sill (which he does all the time). Talking to mommy, standing on the window sill not two feet away and falling head first into the glass dining table. Instant goose egg/chichon, and bloody! I freaked out and we were out the door in two minutes to get to the hospital, I didn't like the size of the bump or the blood. He cried at first but went really quiet in the taxi, just saying "me duele" and whimpering, curled up in my arms like a baby.

They brought us right into the emergency room, luckily (though sadly) the receptionist remembered us from our visit a few weeks ago and was even able to remember his name and pull his file. We always go to Amerimed (now called Hospital de las Americas but everyone still says "Amerimed"). They are always lovely with Max and it is the hospital he was born in. They checked him out good, asked lots of questions and got him cleaned up. The doc said it was just a good "chichon" and that he would be fine though he will probably get a black eye in the next few days. I have to watch his behaviour, give Motrin for pain and arnica for swelling. I love a doc who prescribes natural remedies! Our whole hospital trip took an hour and cost 385 pesos, not bad at all really. We came home and had a big long nap and now my poor little monkey is eating his frijoles y arroz. The bump has gone down a lot, but he did just inform me that the cat had hit him in the head and it hurt. Of course, the cat was nowhere near him, he's just practicing lying for his teen years I think. Here's hoping the rest of Tuesday is accident free, I would love to do the whole day over again!


My Way said...

Poor baby and poor mama!!!! But hey you got through it!

Right mama? Look, picture of Max with big giant bump and gash on head.

I'm almost certain tomorrow will be mucho mejor!

You are a super star!

PS I love arnica. It's da bomb.

Anonymous said...

Arnica is great, I agree. Taken orally and topically it really seems to speed healing, I think it promotes blood flow to the area.

Please tell Max we are hoping his owie feels better soon and that you are soon forgotten at the ER.


Adrians Mama said...

OMG poor Max...Adrian has had a few of those! He is a monkey! CLimbing on everything and then falling. Sounds like he and Max are just alike!! I hope he feels better soon!

JJ said...

Wow that is some bump. And look at his little eyes. Here's hoping for his sake he remembers to pull those out when he like wrecks the car at 16 or something.

Glad he is okay (and you, too). I am gonna start pulling a Max and blame everything on the cat.

Anonymous said...

Oh man that on he*l of a bump!! Poor Max and poor you too!! You def need to meet up with Jose...cuervo that is ...LOL!

CancunCanuck said...

Guey ;-)
Thanks chica, getting through it is what I do. And yes, great pic, lol! (And I have the fall on video, Max keeps watching it over and over).

Rivergirl, I sure hope we are not going to continue to make regular ER visits! Max says thanks for the hugs.

Adrian's Mom, I think Adrian and Max are a lot alike after watching some of your vids!

JJ, always blame the cats. And he definitely knows how to work those eyes! Now when he is in trouble and I am mad, he puts on the eyes and meows and rubs against my leg. Weirdo, but I fall for it everytime.

Erica, there has got to be some Jose in my near future! :)

Islagringo said...

Ok, it's not as bad as it looks, right? Poor little guy. He's so cute, hope it doesn't leave a scar.

Anonymous said...

Showed homeboy the picture...he said: "no mames, es muy travieso Max, verdad?"

Yep, just a bout sums it up!

You taped the fall? I bet he LOVES that. A bit of a daredevil, no?
But hugs and kisses are nice too, when he gets hurt.

CancunCanuck said...

Wayne, thankfully it is not as bad as it looks. He's turning blue but the bump is pretty much gone. He's back to climbing the furniture again, my day had a catch phrase "Get down Max!".

Melissa, you have no idea how travieso he really is. I have GOT to get some health insurance, I see a broken arm in our future. Oh and there are lots of kisses, though lately he thinks he is a frog so he gives froggy kisses with a big slurpy tongue. Ribbit.

3LittleFlowers said...

Damn!!! It hurst just looking at it!!! Ouucchh!! I hope he is better by now!!!

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