Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cancun Journalist in Court

Monday November 26 the Supreme Court of Mexico will convene again in the case of Lydia Cacho. This will be the fifth time the court has heard the allegations that the Cancun journalist was the victim of a plot involving high placed officials including the "gober precioso", the governor of Puebla, Mario Marin. It is a rare occurrence in Mexico for the court to hear a matter more than once, though it seems this time there is sufficient evidence to pursue the case against the governor for his role in the incidents that occurred in late 2005 and early 2006 in Cancun and Puebla.

Lydia Cacho is an award winning journalist based in Cancun who is well respected for writing about the abuses that women and children suffer in Mexico. Her most well known book "Los Demonios del Eden" exposes a ring of pedophiles in Cancun led by prominent businessman Succar Kuri and his associates. After the book was released, Ms. Cacho was "arrested" in Cancun for defamation and driven twenty hours to Puebla for an interrogation. On the long drive the men traveling with her threatened her with rape and beatings. Ms. Cacho had previously been raped and beaten as what she believes was a result of her work. Once in Puebla, she eventually was able to pay a fine and was released.

Two months after her arrest a tape was discovered in which Mario Marin (the governor of the state of Puebla) and businessman Nacif Borge were heard discussing the "favour" of putting Ms. Cacho in jail and having her beaten to silence her allegations against Borge as a pedophile.

Ms. Cacho is still in danger from the powerful men she has sought to expose. She has recently won the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation and the 2007 Amnesty International Ginetta Sagan Award for Women and Children's Rights. Marianne Pearl's recent interview with Lydia Cacho reveals the strength and bravery she has in continuing to pursue justice for the women and children of Mexico.

I certainly hope that the Supreme Court can find some justice for this fine woman. I will be pleasantly surprised if Mario Marin and his associates receive any real sort of punishment. The "system" here in Mexico is notoriously ineffective but I think in this case Calderon's government needs to make a statement against corruption and Marin might be their fall guy. Succar Kuri is somehow walking free, it would be nice to see some justice come out of this case, though it will be small comfort to the young victims Ms. Cacho was trying to protect.

As an aside, Hubby is actually nervous about me making this post. I don't suspect I am in any danger at all, but funny how him suggesting it made my tummy flip when I realized just how little I really do know about the history of the oppression of free speech in Mexico.


Fned said...

Nahhhh... don't worry, my dad's been writting pretty heavy emails to La Jornada for years (which don't get published of course!) and no men in black have ever come knocking at our door ;)

I actually used to go to school with Marin's nephew... I can tell you that family is warped and when I heard about L. Cacho I couldn't help feeling sad for her and for my country and see that we still have a long way to go when it comes to getting rid of our corrupt system.

- Fned.

Anonymous said...

And in any case, you can always scream at the top of your lungs....usted va a ocasionar una incidente internacional! lleveme a mi embajada!!!!

kidding :)

I too expressed leftist views on a daily basis while living in Mexico and never came to any harm. I'll be interested to see how the case turns out.

p.s. I'm a friend of Gabacha's and just peeped into your page

CancunCanuck said...

fned and tijuanahilton, so happy to have smart, lefty Mexican ladies here! I'm sure I will learn a lot from you both, thanks for checking in.

tijuanahilton, pleasure to "meet" you, any friend of Gabacha is a friend of mine.

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