Friday, November 9, 2007

Coca Cola Keyboard

I have a thousand great ideas for a post but my keyboard is sick and sticky, apparently it doesn't like Coca Cola. So, in lieu of a witty, intelligent, thought provoking entry, here's a little something for the weekend. Dick Clark looks exactly the same, doesn't he? (Keyboard cleaner is coming, I will have something relatively clever to say soon).

For my salsa loving friends, here's our beautiful queen of salsa Miss Celia Cruz with what could have been the inspiration for "Baby Got Back", "La Negra Tiene Tumbao". How can you not get up and dance to this song? Can you believe she was 81 years old when she made this video?

Have a great weekend all, back soon, thanks for all the comments, keep'em coming!

1 comment:

Islagringo said...

Thanks for sharing the Celia video. One of my biggest disappoints in life is that I did not get to know her until after her death. I would have loved to have seen this dynamo in concert! Life is, after all, a carneval!

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