Friday, November 2, 2007

Holiday Friday

I was awoken this morning before 6 a.m. by my son jumping on me saying "Good morning, how are you? Beach?". We both had the day off for Dia de los Muertos so up I got. Before my eyes were even open he had his shoes and hat on, naked from the waist down saying "Ready? Beach?". Poor kid, I made him actually eat a decent breakfast while I chugged coffee. We were out the door before 8:30 a.m., going to the beach.

He talked NON STOP on the way there, the taxi driver was talking back to him the whole trip. "Izquierda? Hasta al fondo? Por Chichen Itza?". Then he would chat with me in English about every car, bus, truck, or motorcycle he saw. He asks "what colour is this?" for every vehicle and shouts out the colours when I prompt him. He does like to name everything "blue" at first. I'm fond of "bwack".

We got to the beach and it was WINDY and wavy and there was lots of sea grass, I mean lots. Not the best day to go but hey, the sun was shining. We were happy to have some very good friends join us for a couple of hours of sand throwing, running pell mell por todos lados, castle destroying and tractor chasing. We really enjoyed our time with our friends and headed back home for some serious "sand in the nappies" napping.

We had a delicious bath after our nap, got dressed and had some chow. Daddy came home early and we all went for a walk in the hood on a beautiful afternoon to find dogs, cats, iguanas, whatever critters we could rustle up. I was so thrilled to see a flock of wild parrots fly into the neighbourhood park! I've seen lots of "exotic" things here but this was a first, they were beautiful!

We came back and my son asked if he could do his homework (weirdo!). We all went downstairs and worked on colours and straight lines, whoohoo! We "worked" for about an hour, watched 1/2 an hour of TV and hijo went to bed.

Wow, a day off work and it's all about my kid? Thanks for reading if you got this far. :)


Brice said...

Damn. That sounds fantastic...

JJ said...

Yay! Congrats on the new blog - I love adding another to the list I keep. You have a great writing style, Canuck, I think you will find that keeping it up is pretty easy and you'll find yourself thinking about the blog-worthiness of things that happen to you daily. Mundane, stupid things, like the things I blog about, along with really fun and exciting things, like everyone else's blog. :) Happy to peek into your life again!

~ Joyce

CancunCanuck said...

Brice- Thanks, it was a lovely day!

JJ- Hey lovely, great to have you here, thanks for reading! Already I "blog-think" about everything, lol! Nice to "hear" from you. :)

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