Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lazy weekend

It's Sunday morning coffee time. Gorgeous blue skies outside, windows open with a nice breeze, the smell of the fabric softener filling the house. Lazy Sunday mornings, aaaaaah. The cleaning lady was here yesterday so I can actually focus on organizing all the crap that comes with a two year old and not worry about cleaning all the crap that comes with a two year old. It amazes me how much "stuff" accumulates over a short time! Small pieces of plastic that go with "something", not sure if it's Max's toys, Hubby's computer stuff or just random pedacitos. Piles of papers, Max's homework, Hubby's tutorials (he's constantly got stacks of printouts of computer crap) and receipts that are unrecognizable. Nobody will let me throw anything out, apparently it's all muy importante, pero no tenemos espacio por todo esto! In my random organizing I found a screwdriver, incense sticks, nail polish, a broken toy car, empty Ping├╝ino wrappers, five prescriptions for sicky Max, a half eaten dog treat and Hubby's nose hair trimmer. I found Max's Canadian citizenship application, covered with lovely crayon drawings by El Artiste Max. For some reason we have quite a collection of tourist information booklets. The Ratatouille mouse pad that came free with the movie is apparently now a chew toy for the cat (good kitty instincts going after the rat I guess). An empty can of foam keyboard cleaner, an empty can of Sterimar and a partridge in a pear tree.

What a load of crap. And that was all in two wee corners of the house. Amazing how after an hour of organizing it still looks like a junk shop in here. I think it's too much to handle without more coffee. Though, the sun is almost over the yard arm and it IS Sunday, so maybe a little beer would help me get through the rest of the junk. I don't even want to think about what is in the "storage" room where we just chuck random bits of stuff when we don't know what else to do with it. Maybe that's a job for the next rainy day (thankfully rainy season is pretty much over, I'm a bit of a lazy tart).

Here's the theme song of my day (poor Hubby thinks I am insane running around singing "Bwa bwa bwa na, I'm coming Elizabeth!"


Fned said...

Ahhhhh.... I'm so jelous... your sunday is just starting, ours is almost over!!! :(


P.S. I love organizing papers! Hubby goes nuts once I've organized and filed everything into nice little archivos and he can't find our last phone bill (which of course is in the folder named "phone bills") :s

Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean, LOL. Just think though, you have one two year old, add to the the mess of a new baby, a one year old, a 3 (almost 4) yr old, a 4 (almost 5) yr old, plus all the crap that comes with a hormonal 10 yr old girl, and 12 yr old hormonal boy who is always shoving crap in his pockets, down the vents in the floor, into his pillowcase. Plus you have me, and even though my husband is here, he still has tons of CRAP here as well. One day soon I am going to start throwing things away. It just overwhelms me, LOL.

Jonna said...

Yes, it was a beautiful Sunday. I finally got to spend a day reading blogs and catching up. We had a huge wind tonight for awhile, some rain too. Now, clear skies and a breeze. I don't care, it's warm!

I loved the snow rant, I hate snow too but I have no excuse. I didn't even see it come down out of the sky until I was almost 40 yo!! Hate it though, hate cold!

Hope Max's bump is gone and the trauma with it.

When our house is done in Merida we will bring down our macaws. Maybe we can arrange a day in Akumal when Max can get to know them and lose the fear of birds. They really are a lot of fun. They are silly comics and have the mind of a 2 yo.

Your Tday post has inspired me, I think I'm going to do one too. Good idea to put those things we are thankful for down in writing once a year.

I have 3 days before the next batch of friends/family arrive. Lots of catching up to do. For 6 years we've told people we love to come and visit us anytime. Few did. Until this year, then they all decided to come and visit. I'm happy to see them but I would have loved a little more time between visits.

Anonymous said...

it is funny- the little quirks that make our men so much alike. i am never allowed to throw out a receipt or scrap of paper, things that don't need to be filed but still somehow we might "need" them someday, for what IDK. heaven forbid i move his stack of papers from the kitchen table to the pile in the next room that keeps growing! happy organizing!

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna, sounds like you are busy! Loved your Post of Thanks, good stuff going on for you. I think exposure to the macaws would be great for Max, he's not afraid of anything else, but the squawks of the parrots make him cry like nothing else, a sad, scared cry, poor baby, lol.

Ruth, oy, I tell ya, our men must have relatives somewhere along the line. Sorry to here you are in paper hell too!

CancunCanuck said...

fned, wanna come clean out our drawers? Please? Free beach tours! LOL

Jennifer, I seriously bow before you, oh goddess, I could NOT do your job!

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