Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, Bloody Monday

Saturday morning our jungle kitty Changa started throwing up food. And throwing up water. And then throwing up white foam. Then a lovely green shaded foam. Sunday she wouldn't eat or drink water and was very lethargic. Very unusual for this feisty kitty! This morning I arranged with the kind, kitty loving Rivergirl to help me get Changa to the vet.

I got home from work, changed my clothes and found Changa in the same spot I left her before I went out. I picked her up and she was limp and started to walk her out to Rivergirl's waiting carrier. Then all hell broke loose, she FREAKED, scratching and biting and contorting her skinny body anyway she could to get away. I started screaming when she chomped down HARD on my finger. I screamed harder when she tried to bite my thumb off. Somehow amidst all the flying fur and blood we got her in the cage. Then we could take care of the gushing blood. I left a trail of blood going into the house and got my hand under cold water. I was dizzy and close to passing out and hyperventilating, the pain was intense. I am not even sure what I was saying to poor Rivergirl! I kept lying down then standing up again to try to get the geyser of blood to stop. It didn't. We got some ice on it and I ran upstairs to find some gauze. Of course I couldn't find any. I did find some alcohol wipes to clean up Rivergirl's nasty wounds. We were both in the bathroom and I realized I was going to faint. I think I said "I am going down" and ended up on the bed, everything went black and I couldn't hear anything. Rivergirl just kept saying "breathe, breathe, breathe" and I know I said "I am in shock". (Do people in shock realize they are in shock?) Rivergirl got me calmed down enough to leave and take kitty to the vet.

This is where we met the white witch. Now, I love Changa but she is not a nice kitty, even in good health and not being forced into a box, she is a biter and a scratcher and won't let anyone touch her except me. The vet wasn't in but we met her Argentinian assistant. I told her what was up and she called the vet and told her. She then proceeded to the cage to try to get the Tasmanian devil out. I warned her not to, showing her my swollen bleeding digits. I suggested she wait til the vet could sedate the monster and then take her. She pshawed me and opened the door. Rivergirl and I looked at each other like "She doesn't know what she is in for". The white witch reached in and gently got Changa into her arms where the stupid cat sat happily!!! I have never, ever witnessed such a thing with my cat and after her attack of the morning I didn't think it was possible for anyone to handle her! The last vet we took her to wouldn't touch her. This woman was incredible, asking Changa where she got such a silly name, telling her to stop being lazy and to eat something. I felt like I was watching a snake charmer. Rivergirl and I had our eyes bulging out of our heads at this display, unbelievable! It was decided we would leave kitty at the office with the white witch for the vet to check out and we left to go pick Max up at school.

And out he walks covered in blood!!!! The teacher said he fell off his chair and cracked his lip open and on a white uniform shirt it looked pretty shocking. So mommy and Max have been comparing "owies" all day. My pinky finger is swollen and oozing, I can't bend it and it hurts like hell. She bit right through the fingernail and down to the bone. My thumb is about the same, starting to turn purple since it is not bleeding freely, it's just oozing black blood through the nail. I feel nauseous and dizzy. Freaking cat. I am waiting for a call from the vet about what is up with Changa, I think she has to spend the night at the clinic. The vet said she didn't have a fever but did have abdominal pain so she gave her some antibiotics and was going to try to force her to eat something. Hopefully we'll have some good news tonight.

Bloody Monday. Can we start the week over again please?

Big shout out of thanks and apologies to Rivergirl, I couldn't have survived without you this morning! And big thanks to my bestest British friend and her hubby for their worry and offers of assistance. Lovely to know that I've got people I can count on.

Changa the Devil Cat

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Melissa said...

Changa is quite terrifying....and that assistant was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you get someone to look at the cat bite..My cat has bitten me twice and had to go to the DR and had to get very powerful antibiotics. Dr said cat bites are very serious and you could lose a finger.. He put a black ring w/marker around my finger and told if the red went past the black line get to the hospital. Scared the crap out of me. Anyway my finger is fine.

CancunCanuck said...

melissa, yes you know just how scary she can be, I wish you could witness the beauty of the white witch!

anon- I started with the antibiotics last night as it is definitely infected. It has been recommended that I get a tetanus, let's see if I can overcome my fear of needles. Glad to hear the finger is fine!

Thanks for the comments, keep em coming!

Jennifer said...

WHOA Kelly. See that is why I am not a cat person ;)

I am glad that you are on antibiotics, and as far as the needle thing, you gave birth, so a needle should be a snap. (it sounds good anyway)

Take care of yourself!!

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