Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pinche Gato Update

So apparently the cat is going to be ok, she's got an infection of some unspecified kind. The vet said she has force fed her and has her on meds and I can pick her up. Well, if I had a functioning hand I could pick her up, haha. My wounds are indeed infected and I have started on the antibiotics. One of my students is a doctor and he looked at my fingers and winced. He also suggested a tetanus shot, I am still considering it (I HATE needles, I cry like a baby). I know my British "mom" is shaking her head saying "do it damnit!", but I'll just say "Ok mom, later" and see how it goes. My hand hurts like bloody hell, I didn't sleep well last night because I couldn't find a place for my arm. Typing is hard with two big bandages on! Dressing a two year old is impossible so today will be nudist day in our house. His preference anyway.

Max has been such a "mom" with me with the injuries. He saw my bandages and asked me "Quien te pego? Who hit you?". I told him "Changa bit me". He screamed at the top of his lungs "No biting mami!" I hope she heard him across town, I know it was loud enough. He checks in on me once in a while and when I tell him it hurts he runs his hands through my hair and says "It's ok mami, I gotchoo, no crying". What a doll.

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Anonymous said...

OUCH!!!!! Sorry to hear of you and Max and Rivergirl's wounds!!! Hope you all feel better soon, including Changa!!


Melissa said...

Oh my, could you PLEASE get the tetanus shot? It could be so much worse if you put it off!!

If Edgar can do it, so can you! You know, he almost stayed in Mexico because he was so afraid of getting blood taken at his medical exam.

Anonymous said...

I did forget to tell you I did have to get a tetanus shot also. So please get one. Cat bites are bad news..But I still love my kitty.

JJ said...

Dang it, such battle wounds! You were very brave to continue the battle despite your wounds in the best interest of Changa. But jeez. Nice nails by the way. :)

And I like "No biting Mami!" as sort of a household slogan. Maybe you should make up some t-shirts.

Jennifer said...

How are you feeling today? Did you ever go and get the tetnus shot?

Jennifer said...

oh yeah BTW - I love your rings, LOL

CancunCanuck said...

Kim- Thanks amiga!

Melissa- Ummmm, er, considering it.

anon- I am still considering it. Partially it's fear of the needle, partially it's the fact that payday is not til Friday. (Missing my Canadian health care!)

jj- Love the idea of "No biting mami!" as the slogan of the house, lol! Thanks on the nails comment, they will break soon, lol!

Jennifer- I still hurt like hell but I think the antibiotics are starting to work. That ring is my great grandmother's wedding ring! I believe she was married at the end of World War I, so it's old and has a special place in my heart. My mom found it in an envelope with my name on it after Nan died, very sentimental.

Anonymous said...

The shot lasts 7 yrs I think? It does not hurt that bad. But you really need it.

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