Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poll results- The Flavour of Your Vacations

Here's the results of our vacation poll......

Swank all inclusive resorts on the beach. Pamper me baby.- 5 votes, 27%

Non AI Luxury Resorts, I'd rather experience food outside the resort.- 4 votes, 22%

Condo rentals, I like my home away from home.- 4 votes, 22%

Cheap but cheerful hotels off the main tourist area. I can travel more often if I do it cheap.- 7 votes, 38%

Eco lodgings in a more remote area make mine quiet please!- 2 votes, 11%

Back pack and a map, let me explore. I can always pop a tent if I can't find a room.- 2 votes, 11%

I just fly to my private island where I don't have to mingle with the turistas.- 0, zip, zero, nada

So, an interesting mix but about what I expected. I must say I am disappointed to learn that none of you have a private island, I was going to wrangle myself an invitation!


Jonna said...

I didn't vote cuz I couldn't find a category that really fit us. We drive around in our small RV and wherever we want to stay, we're home. All we need is the space of a collectivo and we can park and sleep in our own bed. We've been all over Mexico this way and it is the best traveling I've ever done.

CancunCanuck said...

Hi Jonna,
Sorry about that, I thought about it after I posted (after reading your bio) but Blogger won't allow you to edit a poll once someone has replied. My bad, sorry! :)

I think you've found an excellent way to see a lot of interesting places, home on wheels ain't bad at all. We did a lot of trailer trips when I was growing up, reminds me of that.

Fned said...

Hi Jonna,

I know exactly what you mean. Ever since I was 1 every summer/winter holidays my parents would pack my brothers and me up in our two Combi camper vans (with pop-tops and everything!) and we'd travel all across Mexico.

As a kid, I use to love playing "house" with the mini sink and mini stove and mini cooler and mini port-a-potty while my parents drove... it was almost like living in a life-size Barbie house/van. :D

I realize now that thanks to that way of travelling I've been to many hidden corners and seen many beautiful places of Mexico that often get overlooked in the all-inclusive-vacation catalogs! ;)

So a viajar se ha dicho!

Jonna said...

I've always like traveling like a turtle with my house on my back. In the 60's I was all over Mexico in a volkswagon bus. I'd kind of forgotten about that kind of traveling but a friend kept talking about it when I was getting ready to retire.

There is a lot to be said for having your own bathroom and your own sheets, in Mexico or anywhere. The security of just locking your doors, arming your dogs, and spending a night in a Pemex on your way somewhere is pretty nice as well. We are always going off in a direction we hadn't intended because we see something interesting on the map or in a sign. I love that freedom.

Fned said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean... literally! Every summer we would "camp" at the same Pemex gas station in Cardenas (Tabasco) on our way to Tulúm (from Puebla). We'd spend the night between two large camiones and in the morning the sound of their "bip-bip" while backing out would wake us up and let us know it was time to hit the road again.

When I later left home I use to think "my parents where NUTS to do such a dangerous thing with kids!" but (touch wood) nothing ever happened!

This past summer my brothers and I convinced our parents to take that same trip down to Tulúm in the "viejos" style (you can now make Puebla-Merida in 1 day with the autopista) with the combis and everything. It was my husband's 1st time camping "Fned's family style" and I was pretty apprehensive about the whole sleeping in the gasolinera part (he's such a worry-wrat) but HE LOVED IT, THE ENTIRE TRIP.

You can check out the pics of the "Mexico Combi Expedition 2007" on his Flickr page:

Hope I didn't bore ya!

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