Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Poll results: Mexico Lindo y Querido

What's Your Mexico Connection?

I am Mexican living in Mexico- 3 (6%)
I am Mexican living outside Mexico- 1 (2%)
I am a foreigner living in Mexico- 16 (34%)
I am married to a Mexican living outside Mexico- 8 (17%)
I love to vacation in Mexico- 12 (26%)
I want to visit, but never have- 4 (8%)
Mexico? We don't need no stinkin' Mexico!- 2 (4%)

Thanks to everyone who responded, it's interesting to know who is reading. I'm guessing the two who responded "we don't need no stinkin' Mexico" were the ones who recently surfed to this blog by googling
"throwing up white foam after drinking alcohol". I wish I were kidding, but it's on the Google report.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for more than one. And I wish you'd had "Ex-pat married to a Mexican living in Mexico" on the list too.

Hope Maxie is better today!

CancunCanuck said...

I thought about that after, I think I made the erroneous assumption that if you are an ex-pat in Mexico, it must be for love. :)

Max's bump has gone down but the bruising is starting, we'll see what kind of shiner he has later today, thanks for the good wishes!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the "wish I was living in Mexico" choice. Was wondering where you were on the Cancun board. I saw from RG that you were blogging and I have been reading it for a week or so. We have been pondering going to PDC this year and was looking for a cheap hotel to stay at. Any ideas?

Hope Max's chichon gets better soon.

Gonzo (Triscuit Tom)

CancunCanuck said...

Hello Tom!
Glad you found me here, sorry not to offer that choice on my poll, very good point! I think you and the missus would love PDC, an excellent idea. The only times we have stayed over night there we didn't actually plan, we just walked around til we found something cute and cheap (there are LOTS of cute n cheap hotels there). I don't even remember the names of the places to be honest. Oh, we did stay here..... for far less than the website says, I think we paid $60/night and it is right on the beach though the hotel is nothing special, it was great to have that location at that price.

I have always wanted to stay at the Posada Mariposa, very cute, about $60/night, though there certainly are cheaper there. See if offers any places that float your boat. is another great resource for PDC.

Nice to have you here Tom! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how exactly "throwing up white foam..." led to your page. Perhaps you could work that into a poll?

3LittleFlowers said...

Hey girl... I was one that voted that will like to visit bc I have cero conections to Mexico except for my dear friend Kelly (oh, that's you)!! LOL

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