Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things I love about living in Cancun

1. My hubby and son are the best reasons to be in Cancun!!
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2. My dear friends. It's hard to meet people you can trust here, particularly expats but I have now found some very cool people who I am glad to have in my life (especially that crazy British family, love you!)

3. The weather. There is nothing about Canadian weather that I miss, give me 30 degrees celsius every day please! I would rather survive a hurricane than a blizzard.

4. The ocean and beach. Aaaaaaaaaah. My life's blood. If I start to go crazy with day to day life, a quick trip to the beach can restore and revitalize, it's quite incredible. See a couple of posts down for a selection of pics I've taken of my favourite views.

5. The Mexican people. Particularly my students. I have never met so many hard working, dedicated, family oriented, kind and generous people in my life. My students come to class at 7 am, go to work at 9 until most likely 6 or 7, then go to university classes then a few hours of homework, housework and taking care of business and they are ready to do it all again the next day without complaint. I keep telling them they need to complain more. :)

6. Fresh seafood. Need I say more? Mmmmmmm, shrimp cocktail from a little hut on the water, nothing like it. Unless it's tikin xic fish on Isla Mujeres, that might just be the most incredible of all.

7. Cheladas. The first time I heard of this the Canadian in me thought "What??? How can you possibly taint the purity of the god called beer???". Now I know just how delicious it can be! Tall glass, salted rim, lots of ice, 1/5th full of fresh squeezed lemon juice and fill with beer. So incredibly refreshing and the ice keeps beer a lot colder in the heat. It's also a fine hangover cure!
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8. Cochinita pibil and tamales yucateca. Cochinita pibil is a traditional Yucatecan slow cooked pork dish made with citrus juice and achiote. When I was pregnant I ate two or three tortas (sandwiches on a baguette type bread) of cochinita pibil, I couldn't get enough! These days I am on a daily tamal diet (soooo fattening!). I really prefer the Yucatecan style tamales (made in banana leaves) to the tamales from more northern states that are made with corn leaves.

9. The exotic animals, birds, lizards and bugs that I encounter. I LOVE lizards and even after four years I still get a kick out of having them in my house. I got a tattoo of a lizard when it was decided that I was going to stay in Mexico. My son loves pulling up my shirt and saying "donde esta iguana? where iguana?".

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10. The easy access to many small towns in the state of Quintana Roo. Within a couple of hours we can be on a private beach or in a cenote or at a ruins site thousands of years old. This state has so much to offer, we've only just begun to discover all the incredible things we can do! Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum and many tiny little places in between, all with totally different vibes.

I LOVE where I live, Viva Cancun!


Jennifer said...

Your blog makes me want to move to Mexico, LOL. At least to the beach. I wanted to say that I have a blog that I read on a regular basis written by someone in Chacala - and on the side there are links to blogs of people in Isla Mujeres that you may be interested in. (I read the Chacala blog, but haven't checked out the other one - just everytime I see it, I think of you) if you go to my main page on my blog, its the one that says My Life in Chacala on the right hand side.
I am glad that you are blogging, I have enjoyed all of your posts so far.

Brice said...

Bitch! I'm starting to really dislike Canada...

Brice said...

Actually, I remember lifting your shirt and shouting "Donde esta iguana?" but that was before you went to Mexico...

CancunCanuck said...

Jennifer and Brice you are both welcome here anytime! I hear there are a lot of hotels and touristy things to do. ;-)

Life is far from perfect, look forward to my future blog "Things I Hate About Living in Cancun", you might not be so jealous.

Jennifer, I checked out the Chacala and Isla Mujeres blogs, thanks for the heads up!

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