Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scrooge Canuck

I have never been a big holiday lover, usually Christmas brings me down. It's been better since having a kid, and I know this year will be the first time that Max understands the whole deal so I am hoping I can snap the holiday blues streak. But, I am feeling it right now. Max and I trekked out to the hotel zone yesterday to go to Kukulkids at Plaza Kukulkan, but unfortunately they were having a private party so I had to wander around the fancy schmancy mall for an hour with a kid who thinks everything is his. I was seriously ticked that Kukulkids closed for a private party, and to be honest they weren't very nice about telling me nor did they do anything to make me want to go back there.

Being in a mall at Christmas when you don't have money is capital D Depressing! I couldn't even walk into a single store because I knew it would be trouble. Even in a "regular" mall this would be true, but Plaza Kukulkan is the "rich folk" (read: tourist) mall, Hugo Boss, Sergio Bustamante, Versace, all those fancy names that mean prices beyond my yearly salary for a hand bag. The only stores I might have been able to afford were the touristy t-shirt and souvenir shops, and I don't think Hubby is really looking for a "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor" tee for Xmas. I was "bah humbugging" all over that place. Luckily Max was "woooooowing" over all the Christmas decorations and Santas and poinsettias so I didn't end up in the fetal position on the marble floors, though he did a few times when I didn't respond to his constant demands at store windows of "MINE! MIO, MINE!" I made one (stupid) purchase, a 17 peso wooden flute for Max, what the hell was I thinking???? He serenaded the whole place for the next twenty minutes til I was able to distract him with chocolate milk, get the flute out of his hands and hidden away in his mochilla.

I know I am going to be stressed about the holidays until the actual Christmas event, I really can't wait to see Max's face when he opens his stocking and finds his lump of coal. I mean, ahem, oranges and rice cakes. Okay, okay, he'll get some candy and some treats, I'll drop the bah humbug crap and do it for him, it will probably be worth it. It would all be so much better if my lottery ticket would hit this weekend! Until then, deck your own freaking halls, fa la la la blah.


Jennifer said...

I see nothing wrong with the "One Tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila floor" T-shirt. I would be extremely happy AND proud to wear that, and getting it for Christmas makes it even that much better.


My Way said...

I say wrap the flute up and give it to him for xmas. He won't know the diff if you keep it hidden from him until then!

Islagringo said...

Have you been out to Gran Plaza Cancun yet? The one that has WalMart as the anchor store. There are some really good shops and reasonable prices.

Fned said...

My mom made it a POINT growing up as kids not to expect big expensive gifts for x-mas... not only because most of the time my parents couldn't afford it (we are 5 siblings in total!) but mostly because she hated the whole competition between kids the next day at school to see who got what.

"Santa" would usually bring us plenty of quirky little things like bead artesanía bracelets or fayuca bought video games or knitted barbie clothes you get at the mercado.... we'd then also each get ONE reasonable store bought gift (that more often than not was broken or forgotten by the end of the week) and last but not least she made sure we got a "collective" gift with a purpose as she'd call it: it could be a board game or a foot ball or a baseball bat&glove or playing cards...

I think it worked because looking back I realize as a kid I never felt "cheated out of x-mas" and yet I'm sure my parents were no more broke than usual during the Cuesta de Enero... ;)


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Don't get caught up in the commercial aspect of Christmas! The stuff that I remember best is the advent calendar,and the advent wreath. My mom always bought a new calendar with pictures behind the doors (not candy like some have now) and the five of us kids got to take turns opening the doors. I am not religeous so I don't do the wreath and calendar anymore but I would if I had kids because I believe in forging traditions.
It's the stuff we do with our kids that they remember,not the stuff we buy. I was asking my oldest daughter and she agrees, so it must be true.
If you don't want to make cookies, you can make some nifty ornaments from just ground cinnamon and white glue. Ummm, I should post the recipe on my cooking blog!
hang in there!

CancunCanuck said...

Jennifer, if you saw the sort of folk who normally wear those shirts, you might not be so proud, hahaha. Usually there is a confederate flag bandana on their heads and some serious sweat stains on the souvenir shirt. :)

Liz, you are correct, he's forgotten about the flute already, it's going in his stocking.

Wayne, we enjoy Gran Plaza for the bouncy jumpy kids toys, lol! I rarely ever go "shopping", for me that means buying milk and eggs, but we like to use the malls as relatively safe (and cool) places to let Max run. I had zero intention of shopping in Kukulkan, we really just wanted to go to the kids' play area!

fned, I'm with ya, there won't be any video game consoles for my little monster at Xmas. We're splitting our gift money between Santa and the Three Kings, so it will be little stuff (and his Apache as the "big" item).

Theresa, you just gave me a brilliant idea in baking cookies!! I'm going to get on that when I start my vacation next week, Max and I would have a ball doing that, thanks! We're not religious either, so no calendar, but you are so right that we need our own traditions. Thanks!

To ALL, I appreciate your comments, really. I'm feeling better today, I forced myself to listen to Christmas music all day yesterday and teach Max Jingle Bells and Frosty, I'm getting into the Xmas groove.

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