Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damn I feel old!

My little adventure on Isla Mujeres of Friday has cost me a lot of mobility, what the heck was I thinking? Next time I decide to take Max on an adventure without Hubby, the dusty stroller is coming with us! I'm all bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, barely walking and actually nauseous from the pain in my back. I'm not THAT old, but if someone offered me a walker or a wheelchair, I would gladly accept it today (and a warm sponge bath from a cute nurse wouldn't be so bad either). I've tried stretching and some yoga positions, but I'm so far gone it's just too much. Hot packs, Advil, naproxene, some patchy type things that the pharmacist recommended, hot baths and Bailey's Irish Cream and I am still walking like a crone. I think I called Max "sonny dear" this morning, I'm taking on the personality of my posture. Next I'll be calling for my bingo cards and my Depends undergarments, I can feel it.

I recall once while I was in my 20's (oh youth, why hast thou forsaken me?) someone asked me where I saw myself in 10 years. I honestly told them "In a wheelchair, being fed bon bons by my gorgeous private duty nurse." I was joking, but sheesh, I guess I should choose my words more carefully, or find some wood to knock on while making jokes about my impending doom or I might just end up living a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Alright, off to find a massage therapist who makes house calls, have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Heather said...

send him my way when your done, lol!

Manolo said...

When I was reading your previous post I was thinking, Max should've brought his bike, but then you would've ended up carrying the bike as well.
You might be on the right track with the Bailey's... booze is the best remedy, if it doesn't take the pain away at least you are to p&*s3d to care.
Ah, and no way I'll get close to the Fine Arts building, it's full of undergrad coodies.. chis ;-) I am an old geezer as well and all these 12-year-old-looking undergrads just remind me just how old I am.
You should learn how to call loterĂ­a, I mean, living in Latin America and all, it might be a good alternative to yelling "B-10"... and is much more fun.

Anonymous said...

saw wayne's post about meeting you and max and decided to check out your blog. love your sense of humor and that max is quite a cutie ;-)

keep up the good work bringing up a bilingual child. my biggest regret as a mother is that i was not consistent with teaching my sons spanish-it was the greatest gift i could have given them. i am a cuban married to an american and since he didn't speak spanish, nor did we ever live in an area where it was spoken, it was hard to keep it up. both husband and son have studied spanish in recent years and hope to put it to good use and become more proficient at it in the next 3 1/2 months during which time we'll be doing volunteer work in chacala.

have a wonderful new year filled with happiness, love and good health.

un besito para max.

Fned said...

Hope your back is feeling better.... at least be grateful you didn't have to carry a 6.6ft grown man at a wedding in Puebla! LOL


CancunCanuck said...

Heather, he's on his way, he was great. ;-)

Manolo, I bet the Fine Arts girls would swoon at the big bad grad student! They play a game here called "Yak!" which is similar to Bingo, it may be my new "calling", haha.

Teresa, raising a bilingual kid is much easier when both parents have a grasp of both languages or you at least have the community support for it. How wonderful that you will be doing volunteer work, kudos to you! I'll bet the family's Spanish grows in leaps and bounds in return for your generosity of time and spirit. May you have a wonderful new year!

fned, the back is on the mend and yes, I am very glad I didn't have to carry a large man in Puebla (where did you find a large man in Puebla? jijijiji)

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