Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day on Isla Mujeres

Max and I decided to head over to Isla Mujeres yesterday, number one because we love it, number two for a change of scenery and number three to meet the famous Isla blogger Wayne. After waiting for what seemed like forever for the muchacha, we got out the door at 9:15 and managed to get ourselves on the 9:30 ferry to Isla.

For you tourist types, Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun, easily accessible by a couple of different ferry routes. We use the boat that leaves from the Gran Puerto in Puerto Juarez, 70 pesos round trip, service starts at 5 am and ends at midnight, boats running every half hour. There are ferries that leave from the hotel zone, but they are twice the price,only run four or five times a day and I believe their last boat back is at 5 pm, so far less freedom from there. Here's the ferry boats (sorry for pic quality, forgot to change camera settings, duh).

Anywho, we got over to the island and I started to walk the longest mile. I didn't want to take a taxi to Playa Norte, I always prefer walking through town, but I forgot that usually I have a daddy-type person with me to help carry the gigantic knapsack and other assorted "stuff" and a 13 kg squirming, lazy, "no walk, tu carry me" kid. Needless to say, my back is KILLING ME today, I think it may actually be broken. At the very least it's "out of order" for carrying anything for a while. I did manage to take a couple of pics of things that caught my eye (applause please, picture me trying to dig out a camera with a large knapsack on my back, my purse over my shoulder and Max riding "caballo" on my neck, see the lengths I go to for my readers?).

We finally got to Playa Norte (yay donkey mama!) and we collapsed on the sand. It was a gorgeous day and being high season, there were a lot of people. We lathered ourselves with sunblock and jumped into the water, built sand castles and generally horsed around. Now, I love Isla for many reasons, so what I am about to say is not a slag, nor a reason not to visit, just to be clear. The beach at Playa Norte is half of what it used to be. Where there used to be a huge stretch of sand, it's now ocean and sandbags. I dug through the archives and found some old pics of the beach for comparison. We always sit in the same spot, right behind Maria del Mar so these pics are pretty much all from the same position, look at the palm trees and their distance from the water.

April 2006, Playa Norte looking West(ish)
December 2007, Playa Norte looking West(ish)

February 2006, Playa Norte looking East(ish)

December 2007, Playa Norte looking East(ish)

Around 1:00 we met up with Wayne at Buho's for lunch. I immediately liked him and felt really comfortable with him, a great guy! He worked some magic on Max too, the kid took to him right away. He had come down on his moto and lugged along his boogie board for Max, now that is a cool guy! We had a nice chat and nibbled on food while Max played in the showers and basically caused trouble all over. I know we will see Wayne again, and we've got a secret plan in the works we will reveal in the new year. I've got a nice pic of the three of us, but I am waiting for Wayne's approval before posting. In the meantime, here's a pic of Max in Wayne's helmet on his moto.

We said our goodbyes to Wayne, packed up our crap and made the long walk back to the ferry dock. I do not want to play burro again for a while, owie, I sure hope Max appreciates the fact that I may never walk the same again, all for a fun day on the island with my amazing/terrible kid!

For anyone coming down to this area for vacation, I seriously recommend a day on Isla Mujeres. (Bring your own mule). Now I am off to find the number for a spine replacement service.


3LittleFlowers said...

Im really happy that you got to relax today!! Been thinking of you!!

Manolo said...

Que envidia! (people always say "de la buena" but I never understand why... ) Wonderful place, very colourful and relaxing... I bet is even more relaxing after your adventure carrying all that stuff around. I am not particularly a "beach person" but it does look sunny and nice.
I love the colours of the crafts and the houses (I've checked Wayne's blog as well, but only as a lurker ;-) ). Isn't it amazing when you get to meet someone you know and that you know so much about?

Anonymous said...

I love Isla, you turned us onto that place this past February when we went to Cancun. We took a daytrip that trip, and then my hubby and I came back again in June. Next June when we go with our kids, we are doing 5 days on Isla and two in Cancun. I love hearing about Isla, thanks for the pics!

Amy in cold Minnesota

Heather said...

you got to get me some of those overalls, lol! love the pixs, thanks for making me even more frio, lol!!!

Jonna said...

How great that you got to meet Wayne, isn't he easy to know and talk to?

When we get back over to the coast (we're in Merida) we plan to go out to Isla as well. It's been years since we have been there.

Also, we will have to get you and Mad Max down to Akumal to swim and snorkle - and hubby too if he is off.

CancunCanuck said...

Anelys, thanks mami, it was a great day.

Manolo, even not being a "beachy" person, there is a whole lot to love about Isla Mujeres. I've spent days there without even going to the beach, it's such a laid back, beautiful place. Come visit why don't you!?

Amy, sooo glad you liked Isla so much, but shhh, it's our secret ok? I think it's such a great place for a family vacation, enjoy yourself!

Heather, if you're serious about the overalls, let me know! Sorry to make you colder (is that possible? heehee)

jonna, Wayne was a delight. Have you been to Isla before? (Hard to get the RV over, haha). Hopefully we'll have a car soon and we can make our way down to Akumal, Max would LOVE to meet your fur-babies and romp in the sea!

Manolo said...

Yeah... why don't I?

Próspero Año Nuevo a ti también!

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