Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lost Weekend in Cancun

So, JJ called me out for not posting all weekend, I do apologize, I've been covered in sand and nowhere near a keyboard (thank the goddess!). As mentioned in Friday morning's post, Max and I met up with our lovely Brit friends for una dia a la playa. It was just perfect! We snuck across the Pok ta Pok golf course onto the beach behind the multi-million dollar beach homes and headed south. We ended up on a gorgeous stretch of beach behind the Ambiance Villas, it's easily one of the widest beaches I've seen in Cancun with the old school beautiful, powdery white sand. LittleBrit's best friend happens to live there (lucky kid!) and his brother just happened to be having a birthday party so we were invited in for pizza, cake and a swim in the pool. I was surprised by just how nice the place was, it's not one of the more expensive hotels in Cancun and it was far lovelier than I expected.

Saturday I had to work in the morning but we headed out in the afternoon. We took Max to see "The Bee Movie" at Paseo Cancun then went for dinner at Sirloin Stockade (yeeehaw, meat!). "The Bee Movie" was good, the kids loved it, I just can't wait to see it in English! My Spanish is good enough that I get the story and the conversations, but the jokes go right over my head. In the evening we watched the semi-final soccer game between Chivas and Atlante. I'm not a huge soccer fan, but it's fun to support the new hometown team and they WON! They'll be headed to the finals and Cancun is going to go soccer crazy.

We got up super early this morning and had a leisurely coffee and breakfast before heading out to the beach again. We grabbed the bus and made our way to the hotel zone. We stopped in Plaza Kukulcan for supplies (beach essentials? Gatorade, Fritos, Coca Cola, cigarettes and two ham and cheese bagels) and then moseyed down to Playa Marlin with Max singing "Vamos a la Playa" at the top of his lungs.

It was a FIERCE red flag day, huge waves! The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold and the wind was up but not so much that it stung your eyes. Being Sunday it was family day, lots of locals out and about. I love watching the whole fam damily come down to the beach with their chairs, umbrellas, three coolers, Oxxo bags full of beer, pots full of tamales or tacos, babes in arms and grandparents in socks and sandals. It takes them forever to set up, they chow down, play in the surf in their underwear then leave an hour later. I'm never sure if it was quite worth it for them! We were hoping Ceviche Man would come around, but all we saw was Fruit Lady, Donut Boy and Kibi Man. We had a blast making sand castles and then destroying them, burying Max and Hubby in the sand and playing a little futbol.

We saw some clouds rolling in and combined that with our hunger to come to the conclusion it was time to head over to Fish Fritanga for some lunch. This is a great little restaurant in the hotel zone, located outdoors on the lagoon. As their name suggests, they sell fish (and other seafood). I had the shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce and hubby and Max split a big fried fish that looked great (except for his big teeth, Max kept poking at them and screaming "dinosaur!"). Max played on the slide and swings they have there and had a wonderful time with some other youngsters tearing up the joint. We also treated ourselves to one alcoholic beverage each (I know, shocking!), I had a chelada and Hubby had a michelada, both with the very yummy Pacifico beer. Mmmmmm, chelada.......

And that's why I didn't post all weekend long, forgive me? Please? I've got a million more pics, these are but a few, don't want to bore you with the overload. Well, not today anyway, but soon, bwahahahahahahaha.


Jennifer said...

It looks like you had an AWESOME time. As always I love your pictures. You should take pics and sell them to the travel magazines, you could probably make mucho dinero, LOl.

Hey did you see the tea partay video on my blog? For some reason I think of you when I watch it. I dont know why, I guess I think you would enjoy it, LOL.

JJ said...

I forgive you because this post just made me nostalgic and a little sad. Mostly because while you lazed on the beach and made sandcastles, I was battling the wind and heavy rain at the mall and the grocery store, buying some flashlights and more Jesus candles just in case the power goes out from the wind, and basically alternating between cranking up the electric heat and shivering under a blanket on the sofa. I guess the bottom line is jealousy. Great pics, great post, and thank you for being able to take advantage of a FABULOUS day at the beach and then sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a killer weekend, mine was spent shivering. Our furnace went out (remember what those are?) late Friday night and couldnt get one installed until Monday. Had a 5 inch snow storm on Saturday and it was 5 degrees F this morning. I'm jealous of your weather.

The beach looks great!!

Jennifer said...

The video is on the latest blog, right below Lana's fake cry video - does it not show up for you all? I see it - but that doesn't meannaythign. Let me know if you can't see it from the blog. It is at the bottom of this blog

CancunCanuck said...

Jennifer, glad you like the pics, I love taking them! (Just checked out the vid, funny, thanks!)

jj, didn't mean to make you home sick, so sorry you're stuck in the rain! Just keep coming and looking at the pics on the locals blogs, you'll be living here again in no time, heehee.

Tom, OUCH to your weather too! I must admit it's heading into my favourite part of the year, great weather here and lousy weather in the great white north, I can taunt and tease and tempt my Canuck and Yankee friends, muahahahahaha. :)

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