Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poll results- If you could have ONE thing....

A dog- 2 (6%)
A TV- 1 (3%)
A car-
1 (3%)
A computer-
1 (3%)
A cel phone- 0
A dancing monkey- 3 (9%)
Cheese- 2 (6%)
A spouse/partner- 19 (61%)

So you, my readers, heavily support the idea of pairing up, now is that about love and companionship or does it just mean we all like to get a little nookie more than anything else? (Insert Groucho Marx eyebrow wiggle here......)


Manolo said...

I've been thinking... how many of the readers that voted for something other than a partner are single? Maybe is my current mood... but maybe I would appreciate more cheese once I get my media naranja ;-) And... how many voted for a partner, but really they want/have a dancing monkey? I wonder...

My Way said...

I chose CHEESE. You know, because I am.... the CHEESE. LOL.

Jennifer said...

Somehow I missed this poll. You have to send me a special email letting me know when you have a new poll, LOL. (I already voted on this one - I am not about to be left out again)

If I were to vote, what would I have voted for??? I think I would have voted for spouse/partner because as much as he annoys the piss out of me, I love him to death, and I miss him more than that. (well him and the nookie ;) BUT I also would like a dancing monkey, I think that would be neat, and it would keep the kids occupied, LOL.

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