Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poll results- What people are celebrating

Here's how you responded to the question, "What are you celebrating for the holidays?"....

Christmas- cultural- 21 (63%)
Christmas- religious- 12 (36%)
Hannukah- cultural- 1 (3%)
Hannukah- religious- 1 (3%)
Kwanzaa- 1 (3%)
None of the above- 3 (9%)
All of the above- 0 (0%)
Other (just covering my a$$)-1(3%)

A heavily Christmassy group responded. I'm curious about "other", anyone want to share? If you are an ex-pat do you stick to your "home" country's traditions or have you adapted to your present country's rituals or a mix? Anyone traveling "home" for the holidays? I know, this was supposed to be a post of answers and I gave you more questions, but the Canucka has to know, I'm super chismosa!


Manolo said...

Guess what? I was the "other"... after having been raised R.C. (but not the cola) and almost taking the religious path I had an atheist phase and then a "born again" Catholic phase. Nowadays I am purely confussed... self-exiled of my country and of any type of faith or cultural affiliation.

As an "ex-pat" I have had my share of cross-cultural tradition mixing (the most common is Nochebuena vs. Christmas Day) and have taken trips to visit family (mine in Guate and my ex-gf in Saskatchewan, both with interesting stories that should only be told after a couple of cervezas bien frías) in previous years. This year I am planning to be completely alone and celebrate that. So I cannot say it was "none of the above" nor "all of the above". I might start celebrating Hanucka just for kicks or end up going back to good ol'Christian values and hit the nearest (across the street) R.C. church at midnight... Only God knows... if (S)he is even cares ;-)

Fned said...

Hahahaha!! Great post Manolo!

I actually should have clicked All of the above but was not sure what Kwanzaa is... Anyway, on my mom's side we celebrate Hannukah, on my dad's nothing in particular (he's an athesit although secretly I think he wishes he was born a muslim LOL) so we celebrate on el Dia de Reyes.... On my husband's side we celebrate TWO Christmas! The Catholic (his mom's side) and the Orthodox (his dad's side) seperated by a 8 days and a few different traditions....

As you can imagine, I just go with the flow... doesn't matter what we're celebrating as long as there's friends, family, loved ones, food and booze!

P.S. Maybe next time I'll try Kwanzaa

CancunCanuck said...

Manolo, thanks for sharing, wow! I totally dig what you are saying man. Maybe one day we'll share some cervezas and hear the stories.

fned, you've got such an interesting life! Here's a link about Kwanzaa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwanzaa. And heck yes, this time of year it doesn't matter what religion or culture you are, there is SOME kind of reason to get together with those you care about and party.

Reading "A Mom to 3 Beans" http://www.a-tale-of-three-beans.blogspot.com/ I realized I forgot about the Muslim holidays Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha, my bad and apologies to my Muslim readers.

Brice said...

My family traditions include a screamed, off-key version of Happy Birthday To You sung to Jesus, and a birthday cake for him. They wouldn't dare use 2007 candles though...

I am enthusiastically agnostic, so I avoid all religious aspects of Xmas. In fact, this year all I'm doing is a card to Courtney with a photo of her gift in it. The gift will be waiting at my apartment for our return...

Other than that, it's mojitos, cigars, sun-sex-n-sand for me!

Anonymous said...

I chose Kwanzaa it's a cultural thing. This may be my first year to celebrate it. i also chose christmas, but we don't even have a tree up, so oh, well.
I do eventually want to have a Birthday Party for Jesus on Christmas Day.

CancunCanuck said...

Brice, I love the idea of singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, that's a new one on me. I too am on the agnostic/atheist side of the fence so nothing religious around here either. Sun/sex/sand sound like excellent ways to celebrate, well, just about anything!

culture queen, I would love to hear about how you celebrate Kwanzaa! You're beautiful baby girl is so lucky to have so much culture in her life!

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