Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Preschool throwdown

I'm not sure if I am angry, sad or if I should be laughing. I picked Max up from school this afternoon and as soon as he walked out I noticed a red cut on his face. Then I noticed both Max's teacher and the school director coming out to talk to me. Apparently, Max had a knock down, drag out fight with Andres. They had been having recreation time and when it was time to go back to class, they both decided they wanted the same chair. That's when the fur started to fly. I don't know how many licks Max got in, but Andres sure did a number on Max's face. I was assured that they were both at fault and both were made to hug, kiss and apologize to the other as well as being punished (though knowing Max, being forced to say "sorry" was enough punishment, he hates to say it!) This is perhaps one of my worst fears!! I am so intent on raising a child without violence and here he is 2 1/2 years old and already scrapping. I guess it's "normal" for the age, but it's still distressing.

I read his horoscope when he was born and I knew this day would come. It said that babies born on his birthday would be the "Rambos of the playgroup". Now I know what they meant! Time for ballet class, ASAP, get some culture, class and discipline in this boy! (Yeah right, more like Rambo terrorizing the little ballerinas!)

Here's my little Muhammed Ali.....


My Way said...

That is the funniest picture ever! I know I shouldn't laugh but his eyes oh my lord! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

I wouldn't worry about it.

Andres was probably shit talking Max and Max wasn't going to just sit there and take it so he threw down.

Seriously though, Martial Arts is great because it teaches kids discipline first and foremost. Plus they are more likely to hit things they are suppose to (focus mits and kicking pads) instead of things like, other kids. You should look into it.

CancunCanuck said...

He had his eyes closed and wouldn't let me take the pic, I said "Open your eyes!" and this is what I got. He's hilarious, a joker and a tough guy.

We've looked at martial arts and most places won't take kids until they are three, so we're hanging on. He and I do "animal yoga" and dance everyday, when he's focused he follows direction very well. He thinks he's Spartacus from Lazytown, doing the splits and somersaults and jumping all over screaming "Sports Candy!", so yeah, something physical is in his near future. As long as he doesn't end up in prison before he turns 3. ;-)

Fned said...

Wow! Between the picture of his "chichón" (I'm not sure you use that word in QR but in Puebla it means black&blue bump) a few posts ago, the cat that almost bit off your finger and now this I'm betting the family doctor is a good friend of yours by now! LOL

In any case, hilarious pic of Max. Can't help it I guess... kids need to let out steem somehow and I guess classmates for some reason seem like attractive punching bags... I agree with Ms. Way though... a high impact after school activity is probably a good idea. And plus: yelling out "no empieces que soy cinta negra!" will probably come in handy at some point in Primaria! JUST KIDDING!!!


CancunCanuck said...

fned, chichon is what we called it, not sure if it is a QR expression or not, but Hubby is PiPoPe (hahahahaha) so that is where we got it I am sure. And yes, sadly, the ER receptionist knows us well, haha.

Hmmm, black belt in primary huh? Not a bad idea, he is going to be a little guy, he will need all the help he can get!

Nicole said...

Ha! I'm sorry I laughed through this whole post. I can just imagine him fighting with the other boy. Max is a no nonsense type of kid. He will do well with Karate!

Anonymous said...

LOL ....sorry Kelly but this pic is hilarious!!!! Pobrecito!!!! I just hope he got a few in before he got those marks!!!

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