Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who's visiting A Canuck in Cancun

Writing a blog is such an interactive experience, more so than I anticipated. I check out my stats every so often and I love seeing where all of you are reading from. Since I started this blog at the beginning of November, I've had visitors from 31 countries and 340 cities, how cool is that? Here's the top ten visiting countries......

1. United States
2. Mexico

3. Canada

4. France

5. United Kingdom

6. Dominican Republic

7. Germany

8. Guatemala

9. Jordan

10. Romania

I've had visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro, Israel, Honduras, Australia, India, Belize, Sweden, Argentina, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland and a few others.

My top ten visiting cities are....

1. Cancun
2. Cozumel

3. Franklin (where is Franklin?)

4. Paris

5. Bristol

6. Providence

7. Hopkins (umm, anyone wanna tell me where this is too?)

8. Beaverton

9. Savannah

10. Mexico City

So, where's all my Canadian friends? Not even in the top ten?? Bad Canucks, bad bad Canucks. Just kidding of course, read at your leisure! It makes me happy to see these lists, I love knowing I am connecting with all of you around the world. I can certainly remember a time without the internet, but I cannot imagine a future without it, I know far more about the world we live in than any high school Geography or History teacher could ever impart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

I am not in Hopkins, but it is a city not that far from me in Minnesota. I live in Maple Grove, which is a suburb of Minneapolis. I have gotten lots of info from you off of Cancuncare and love reading this blog too. :)


Manolo said...

Isn't blog stats as addictive as the blog itself?? What are you using, I am using sitemeter and it is ok for my daily dose of attention... hope you're not missing the snow :-)

JJ said...

Well I know where Beaverton is :).

dmaria said...

love your blog!

am seriously considering moving to Cun. have lots of questions!

have an appt. with Diuindi Montessorri school on Dec. 17 for my 2 and 10 year old.


CancunCanuck said...

Hi Amy in Maple Grove, glad to have you here, thanks for checking in!

Manolo, my new friend living my old life, haha. I use both sitemeter and google analytics, they both give me different things. Checking stats can be addictive!

jj, I thought that was probably you. :)

Diana, good luck with the planning! There is an excellent excellent resource at A bunch of us ex-pats post there with our moving experiences, immigration stuff, housing, the whole shebang. I'm happy to try to help, but as they say, 20 heads are better than one, haha. I hope your school visit goes well! We've got Max in a tri-lingual school that uses the Piaget system and we are very happy with it, we didn't look at Montessori as we fell in love with this place first. It's Max's second year there and he adores it. Thanks for your comment, I hope you stick around and find useful info amidst my beefs, haha.

Adrians Mama said...

How cool you can see where all your traffic comes from!!! And all over the world thats amazing! Thanks for the comment...things are OK....except i have been iced in for 2 days! Ugh!

Fned said...

I'm in fourth place?! Wow!


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