Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cranky Car Shopping Canuck

We are shopping for a car. Well, trying to shop for a car. It is freaking unbelievable to me how terrible the service is at every dealership we walk into. I am not accustomed to having to chase down a salesperson, usually when you walk onto a lot in Canada you'll have a "new bestest friend" in a matter of seconds, keys in hand saying "try this one, you'll look great behind the wheel". Here we literally had to go searching everywhere for someone to help us, there were more security guards on the lots than sales people.

Last Saturday we visited five or six dealers. To my amazement we had to make appointments to test drive cars. Huh? What do you mean I can't just try it right now? You don't WANT to sell me this car? Fine, we make the appointments. One was for last Sunday at 11:00 am. We showed up at the lot and couldn't find anyone. We finally found someone who said "I don't know anything about this." Ummm, ok, could you find out? She grudgingly called the guy who had set up the appointment but he was at home and not coming in, said something about not being able to get the car out. Out of where? Huh? I threw a fit and we left and we won't be going back to Chevy.

We also made an appointment for today at 7:00 pm with Fiat to test drive the Panda. Remember, this was last Saturday, I couldn't believe I would have to wait five freaking days to do this, but ok, the new year and all. We called to confirm today and it's not happening. Huh? We scheduled this five freaking days ago and it's all I have been able to think about! "We'll call you next week". Double "huh"? Why do we need to wait over a week to test drive the car? Are sales so brisk that you don't need our business?? Apparently "ayuntamiento" is on vacation, whatever the hell that has to do with it. Hubby is very bad at explaining these things to me, he just said "They need permission from ayuntamiento for the car to drive without plates". Ok fine, so why make the appointment? And what the hell kind of dealer doesn't have dealer plates exactly for this purpose? And why the hell didn't they call us to re-schedule, why did we have to call them to have them say "Oh yeah...uh no."? And why the freaking hell do people tolerate this? Hubby was laughing! LAUGHING at me because I am upset.

So now we wait. Again. I'm fed up with this crap, I want to spend 150 000 pesos and no one wants my money? Bull fucking shit. Sorry for the expletives, but seriously, I am a woman who is on her period and freezing her ass off with ONE nice thought in my mind.....a car.....and they are messing with me?? Hubby is messing with me?? He's soooooo getting an earful. Ok, ANOTHER earful tonight, it drives me over the freaking edge when people just let themselves get walked on and don't do anything about it. "Ni modo" my ass, we're trying to buy a car, not freaking tacos here.

Do NOT mess with menstrual woman who has been waiting almost a year for a car. She will blog angrily. And then you'll be sorry.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

This is the one big thing that bugs me about living here. They act like they are doing you a favour by allowing you to spend your money. Hello, I have a choice, eh? (that is a spanish eh, not a Canadian ay). So why couldn't they have the curtesy to tell you they needed to get temporary plates. I bet a big wig is out visiting family and took a new car and the dealer plates! You should check out the smart cars, you can buy them in Cancun.

Islagringo said...

OMG!!!! We have been talking about getting a new car but this has really put me off the idea. I would go just ballistic. I have learned to patiently deal with a lot of the stuff down here but this is just too incredible. Maybe you should give the auto tiengas on Sundays a try. I bought my Pointer there and had no problems. Sure, it was used, had 3000 kilometers on it but the price was right and I took immediate deliver. (after a test drive right there on the spot!)

JJ said...

Good Lord. I don't want to like rub it in or anything, but when I moved back here in July I went to the Honda dealer after work and left an hour and a half later an owner. I went on a weeknight after work simply because I didn't want to spend 8 hours on a Saturday in a dealership. Huge difference: dealers here won't let you leave and there it appears they can't get rid of you fast enough.

Sorry Canuck. It sucks. That Panda is a cute car though, isn't it? And I'm with Theresa - I've looked in those Smart Cars and they have a surprising amount of room...

3LittleFlowers said...

I cant believe this!! Arrg!! So annoying!! I hope you guys are able to actually try some cars soon!!

Fned said...

Geez! Never thought it would be that frustrating to BUY a car in mexico!

But hey, once you're out of that dealer driving your very own wheels you'll see it was all worth it!!!

Hang in there!

CancunCanuck said...

Theresa- Yep, shopping for anything here is a totally different experience, you do feel like you are taking up their precious time rather than supporting their business. The Smart Cars are cute, but we need a backseat for Maxito and his car seat. I know, not very fashionable to have a car seat in Mexico, but we're bucking the trend and going for safety.

Wayne- I have been bugging Hubby all year to buy used and he refuses, it's one of his sticking points that it must be new so we didn't get to have any tianguis fun.

jj- Sure, sure, rub it in! I wish I didn't like the Panda so much (it's my first choice), otherwise I would tell them to bugger off too. But if I told off every dealer that gave us crap service we would never have a car! At least Hubby said the guy was apologetic for whatever that is worth.

Anelys- Yes, frustration, hopefully this will all be a memory soon as we drive our way around Mexico in our cute little car.

fned- I didn't expect it either, I figured the higher the price tag, the better the service would be but oh well, as you say, it will be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they don't work on commission here, eh?

My Way said...

So um. Are you surprised you got that service? LOL. It totally falls in line with the rest of the service you get here. I remember going to a dealership once, and the sales reps said, give me your email address and I will send you the price on the car, because I don't have it yet. Um excuse me what?

I know your man is being a stickler for a new car, but honey, you can get a really nice car in an hour from a used car dealership and still have money to spare.

Having a nice car in Cancun just does not pay off. There just isn't the same sort of respect for other people's property here.

Anonymous said...

Fiat, NO, Just think about getting it repaired.
Just buy a Toyota any Toyota you will never regret it.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather, I don't know what they work on, I haven't seen enough of them to ask (ba dum ching!)

Liz, I know, I know, I should not have been surprised. The used car argument will not be fought again, it's an old dead horse and I cannot win.

Anon, we're going to see Toyota tomorrow, we BETTER get to test drive it, but no one is answering the phone out there as we try to schedule an appointment. Grrrrr. The Fiat Panda and the Toyota Yaris are my top two right now, I guess we see who comes up with the best service in the end, they are exactly the same price (though the Panda has some advantages). Fiat is including five years of insurance which is a big plus, repairs are done right there on Yaxchilan so not too too worried about it, but you are right, more Toyotas, more service stations will have parts. It's all going to come down to who offers me the least amount of frustration.

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