Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just another wasted day of waiting

So, I am taking a page out of Mexico Way's life and sitting here waiting for gas. And waiting and waiting. Of course, we weren't on top of our game and the gas actually ran out so we got nothin'. I can't cook (ok, the microwave still works but shhhhh, I want to order tacos tonight), can't wash anything with hot water, well you know what you need gas for, can't do any of that. Zeta Gas told us they would be here today. No more specific than that, just "today". I really didn't have high expectations so am not freaking out yet, just bored and annoyed with Hubby asking me every five minutes if they were here yet.

I had a much more frustrating waiting experience this morning at the fabric store in Plaza Galerias. I've bought a few things there before (I guess "mama" also means "seamstress" as I have to continually find costumes for some event or another at Max's school) but this was the worst experience. Normally you have to find an attendant to cut the fabric and give you a note to take to the cash. Today I found the fabric I wanted in the remnants bin and just walked up to the cash. This should have been a five minute operation, I found what I wanted fast and just wanted to pay. She told me I would need to find an attendant to write me a note. Ok fine, whatever. While searching around, I found some other things for Max's carnaval costume so picked them up too. I finally found someone to write me a nota, but she said she could only do the nota for the fabric, I would have to get another one from a different desk for the sparkly hat and mask. Grrrrr. We're up to fifteen minutes now while I've had what I wanted in my hand since I walked into the joint. I get in line to get the nota and it doesn't move. Like, ever. It's not only a line for the notas, but for people ordering this and that and the other thing, fifteen of those, no, not that one, that one, oh I don't like that one, let me try that one. I JUST WANT TO PAY. I finally got my turn and she said "That's it? Nothing else?" and I could have smacked her, all I wanted to do was pay for my crap. She gave me the nota and off I went to the cashier. Where I waited in line again only to be given a receipt to take to another line to get my stuff.

So, two pieces of shiny fabric, one sparkly hat, one sparkly mask and a string of beads, 69 pesos and it only took me 45 freaking minutes. Yep, a streamlined customer service machine over there at Parisian. Grrrrrr, this better be one good looking, no-sew, all glue, sparkly blue and silver carnaval costume (that he will wear for all of two minutes before tearing it off).

While waiting, this song goes through my head constantly (though I am not really waiting for a girl like you, just waiting). Here's a video of Foreigner in Chihuahua, Mexico in 2006, who knew they were still alive?? I can only picture all the people in the audience wailing away with the lyrics but not having a clue what they were saying, part of the charm, no?


Islagringo said...

OMG! I have a love/hate relationship with that store! I usually try to take my friend Rose with me. She knows how to swear in Spanish!

Catalyst said...

But aren't you retired? What else do you have to do?

CancunCanuck said...

Wayne- It truly is love/hate, they have some decent stuff and cheap prices, but their system stinks! I can swear really well in Spanish (one of the first things I learned to do), but it's just not in the Canuck nature to do so. Sadly, even when seething on the inside, I smile and say "Gracias" on the outside.

Catalyst- LOL, retired? I wish! I am a mere 36 years old and I do work part time at least. Yes, I threw away the "north of the border" life a little younger than some and perhaps I am living a retired lifestyle, but nope, still a little young for the pension. Still, I guess there aren't too many things that I HAVE to do, but lots of things that I would prefer to do rather than wait around the house for someone who will never come. Now, I have had a few taxi drivers ask me how old my grandson is while traveling with my SON, but I don't think I look that old yet! Thanks for the giggle!

Anonymous said...

Crap...now I'm going to have "Alli viene Zeta Gas" stuck in my head all night. That jingle drives me INSANE.

My Way said...

I feel your pain. Although you deal with that stuff better than I do.....and obviously swear a whole lot less.

Jonna said...

After reading Mexico Way's saga, and now this, I'm completely sure I'm going to spend the extra money and get the big gas tank that is bolted on the roof for the house in Merida.

I've also been on that nota, pay, reciept, pick up wheel at Parisiana and also the one where you only want one zipper and you are in line behind an entire wedding party picking out every little thing they will need. Argh!

As a friend told me once, Mexico is not convenient.

Manolo said...

Oh Canucka you know you act polite so when the shop girls comment among themselves they would say... "what a kind gringa" and one of them will correct the others saying, "actually she is Canadian" ;-) just reinforcing stereotypes I see.
Foreigner will still be alive as long as there are soft rock radio stations (or are they called now adult contemporary?, makes you feel ready for the ol'folks home, doesn't it). Thanks for the video. I think I found a new ringtone for my cell!

Susan Lechuga said...

Thanks for the video. I am sorry they frusturated you so much. I am sure the costume will rock. Have a great day.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Yeah, I sew alot, and I try never to go to the fabric store for just one thing, I stock up, but that confuses that clerks too! Husband refuses to come in and and can't understand why it takes soooo long!

CancunCanuck said...

Gabacha- Sorry about that, lol. I find myself singing that song at the strangest times. Kungas does not have evil song, much better choice.

Mexico Way- I don't deal with it better, just different. Your way is fun to watch. ;-)

jonna- The big tank is a great plan, this was the first time in three years that we let it run out and I believe we have only filled it three or four times. And OH did I see some poor choices being made for wedding decorations at the fabric store. :)

Manolo- You may be surprised that many, many people ask me if I am Canadian before I say anything about it. I ask the taxistas how they knew and they always say I am too polite, I must be Canadiense. But then Mexico Way goes and blows that stereotype out of the water. (j/k Liz!) How's the Foreigner ringtone working for you?

Susan- I think the costume will look cute, we'll see how long he will wear it.

Theresa- I wish I had a sewing machine and I would sew a whole lot more! My brother is the seamstress in our house though, he never gave me a chance at the machine when we were young. He and my dad were always making something. Now he's a professional costume designer in L.A. and I struggle with a needle and thread!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Wow! Do you realize how much competition there is for a job like your brother has? Damn, I'm jealous, but maybe not as much as I would have been if I was still working.
About the gas truck, in certain parts of the centro historico big trucks are restricted as to when they can deliver stuff, so one night we waited until midnight to get gas. I don't know how those guys got their ladder up the 20 foot wall and did all their stuff with moonlight and one streetlight to light up the roof!

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