Monday, January 7, 2008

Opera and Elmo

When I was pregnant with Max I would strap headphones on my belly everyday and let him listen to music. Ok, perhaps "forced" is a better word since he didn't really have a choice. When I would put salsa on, I swear he would dance, though I suppose it could have been him banging on the walls telling me to "turn that crap down!". I would play classical music to calm him down if he was kicking up a storm. My favourite thing to play for him was opera, it just "felt right" and I felt like he enjoyed it (how I knew that I will never know, the mysteries of the pregnant woman).

Now I have a little opera lover on my hands! He will ask me to turn on music and I will start flipping through the music channels on the tv. He says " this one....stop! stop! this one this one! opra!". We dance to opera everyday. Heavy duty operas mean "dinosaur moves", light operas mean "float like a bird" and we really like a good march. Finally my years of dance training and my university education come into play! I took a few classes in early childhood dance and movement education and at the time had no idea that I would be using the techniques on my own kid. Hubby didn't believe me that Max knows how to "dance" and was quite surprised by our little performance with a beautiful aria. The kid is good! Strong and flexible, I can't wait to put him in real dance classes, though I am afraid for the poor little girls that will be in his class, there are going to be some broken hearts.

At the end of a long day, Max will often ask for something particular to watch on YouTube. He will grab his blankie and his stuffed dog and crawl into my lap and ask for "sesamo opra". I put on this video, he curls up with me and halfway through he starts to sob. And sob and sob. Not upset crying, not "I want something crying", I swear it's a "this is a beautiful piece of art" crying. My sensitive little guy. We rock and hug and snuggle until it's over and he asks for it again. I like this video too, beautiful music, funny parts, touching parts and a damned sexy Andrea Bocelli. So, enjoy a little piece of what I share with my artistic, sensitive, but still devilish two year old. Cry if you want to!


Jennifer said...

LMAO - ok, I guess Levi is an Opera loving child too. He was screaming, I put it on, and he shut right up. It finished, and he is now screaming again.
Time to go watch more elmo.

JJ said...

I love the original of that song (I love Andrea) and that was really really cute. I almost fell asleep myself, long hard day at work today. The kitties even mellowed out for a little bit there.

A little bit.

Islagringo said...

I so admire how you are raising this boy. You are a fantastic mom.

Anonymous said...

I totally have tears in my eyes. Thanks a lot for giving me another thing to cry about.

Susan Lechuga said...

Thanks for this... I love Andrea (gave ro-n his middle name foRhim) he is zoned out right now...thanks again

CancunCanuck said...

Jennifer, play it over and over, maybe there won't be anymore screaming!

jj, music soothes the savage beast, si? Get some Yanni or Enya going for your monsters, LOL!

Wayne, thank you kindly sir, we are doing our best. It's very important to me that Max is exposed to a lot of creative outlets, hopefully he'll appreciate it one day!

Heather, sorry to make you cry, I hope you don't have too many things to weep over!

Susan, glad you enjoyed!

BB Mama said...

love it Kel--Tita came to see who Elmo was talking to too. I've seen that before with Iliana...perfect.

Unknown said...

I love this video! Andrea Bocelli is one of my favorites and Elmo just makes want to watch Sesame Street (Plaza Sesamo). I tried leaving a comment yesterday, but something happened to the pop up window. Feliz fin de semana.

3LittleFlowers said...

Arrg!! Cant watch it!!! :( It says that is not longer available!!

CancunCanuck said...

Hola BB, saludos at tus niƱas preciosas, estoy feliz que ustedes lo disfruten!

Carmen, sorry you had trouble with the comments, glad you enjoyed the vid! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Anelys, try again, it's working fine from this end of the world!

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