Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poll results- How many kids have you got?

Zero- Who needs'em? I AM a kid or have a partner who acts like one- 6 votes, 13%
Zero- One day I will reproduce- 9 votes, 20%
One- 13 votes, 29%
Two- 7 votes, 15%
6 votes, 13%
Four- 2 votes, 4%
Nine- 1 vote, 2%

Ok, so I didn't include 5, 6, 7 or 8, sorry if I left anyone out. Kudos to Jennifer for rocking with the 9 kids, supermom! I used to be of the "Who needs'em" camp for sure, some days I still can't believe that little monster running around here speaking Spanglish is mine. Glad hubby talked me into it though, he's a fabulous little monster.


Jennifer said...

you should have put 9 and wanting more, LMAO.

I could have clicked who needs'em - my partner acts like one.

Susan Lechuga said...

LoL jennifer. I put 2 but now dh is starting to push for three oh oh. Thanks kelly for all these fun polls. Its interesting to see the results.

Manolo said...

I year ago I was like "my brother is taking care of continuing the family line" but now I can of see it as a possibility. Thanks for the polls, keep them coming! I am already looking forward to the results from the current(no pun intended) one.

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