Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poll results- Your internet news sources

This was a tough poll to put together as there are so many resources out there, I know I left many out. I bow my head in shame. So tell me, what did you vote for and why? Looks like a lot of you keep it at home with your local newspaper.

CNN- 6 (19%)
AP/news wire services- 3 (9%)
CBC- 2 (6%)
MSNBC- 7 (22%)
Fox- 5 (16%)
Canoe- 1 (3%)
Google News- 12 (38%)
BBC- 10 (32%)
My local newspaper site- 14 (45%)
Esmas- 0
Other- 11 (35%)
I don't read the news- 1 (3%)

Should I have added TMZ or X17? National Enquirer perhaps? Por Esto?


Manolo said...

I am not sure if I chose "other" on top of CBC and My local newspaper. I keep up with:
elPeriódico & Prensa Libre for Guatemalan news (so I considered these my "local newspapers" maybe?
CBC and sometimes The Star and the Globe and Mail(my actual local newspapers) for Canadian news
CBC for world news too
I sometimes look at the headlines from NPR website and I've been checking their interactive map of the U.S. primaries.
I used to check Al Jazeera in English for the "alternative" view on international news. Oops, I bet you are going to get some interesting hits for my comment ;-)

Heather said...

yeah i cant remember what i said, but i read yahoo the most and it gets its info from all sites. Ten i read my local paper for san diego, but i dont live there, lol!

Fned said...

I like to read El Mundo, el Pais and La Jornada, then I read MSNBC, The New York Times and my RSS feeds and finally I check out Le Monde, Le Figaro, La Tribune, L'Express and Le Point.

I like to keep up to date with what goes on in the world on a local, European, American and World Wide scale (it's the little Mafalda in me). Obviously I don't read ALL these newspapers EVERY day.

I do however read People Online everyday. :)


CancunCanuck said...

Manolo- I have my Canadian news first, they always have great international coverage (CBC for sure, second). Believe it or not, I still read eye weekly and Now Magazine almost every week as well! I catch up on local news in Novedades de Quintana Roo.

Heather- I'm like you, have to keep up on the news in the old home town of Toronto too.

Fned- People Online? Is that news? LOL! (Britney is in hospital again, but I guess you already know that, teehee)

Manolo said...

So you keep up with T.O.'s indie scene then. There are some very good articles on Now and Eye Weekly. Nice thing about being in YorkU is the free newspapers, not only the ones that are always free, but the Star and some local Spanish ones too.
Ah, and about Britney, it actually made the CBC News on Radio One this morning. A sign of the end of the world if you ask me ;-)

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