Monday, January 21, 2008

Spreading the Doggie Love

Miss Lola, our crazy rescued doggie is currently at the local vets for a shave and a haircut and a snip snip snip of her female parts. It was about time, she's just a year old but she went into heat last week and I realized we had been really remiss in getting her fixed. At first it was "she's too young", then it was "it's too expensive", then it was "oh yeah, spaying, forgot all about that". There is a local vet in town who does pick ups and dropoffs as part of the deal, and for me, the still car-less wonder, that's a real blessing. They came and got her today and will bring her back in a couple of days.

Poor Max is distraught! He keeps asking for her, then saying "I doctor!" when I tell him where she went. He pulls out his doctor kit and tries to head outside saying "I fix Lola". Well, that would be a lot cheaper, but I really don't think he could handle all that blood and I am pretty sure I left the veterinary anaesthesia in the high cupboard. I think I will stick with the vet who has a bit more schooling than "Maternal Dos".

If you don't know about the animal situation in Mexico, count yourself lucky. It is not a pretty sight. Animals are treated worse than well....animals. Dogs and cats are often looked at as no better than rodents, abused, abandoned, beat, kicked and left to starve. It is a huge, very sad problem. Two of my fellow ex-pat bloggers have become very active in the animal rescue scene here and I am urging you to read their recent posts. Rivergirl has a great entry here about some beautiful little puppies who need homes. If you are reading this from Cancun or the area, I implore you to check it out and take one of these gorgeous babies home! Rivergirl is the kitty cats dream woman, she's got ten kitties of her own (by the last count I am aware of) and one handsome doggie so she practices what she preaches. She's got a great post here with links to local charities that any of you from out of town can support, please be generous, it really is a terrible situation here.

Jonna is another blogger from this neck of the woods, based in Akumal and Merida and living la vida perro. Her local reports of the vet clinics she is volunteering for make me feel like all is not lost! She's out in the community doing great work for local animals, taking in as many as she and Mimi can deal with in their RV.

Please give these lovely ladies a read and help out a very good cause. So few people look out for the animals around here, they need all the support they can get.


Anonymous said...

Canuck - Thanks for the plug, the animals need all the help they can get around here.

And I hope Lola feels all better soon. At least if you waited for her to go into her first heat you know her parts are all fully grown, so I think that's good, better than doing it when she's too little.

Jonna said...

Awww... thanks. It's so little when you look at the enormity of it all but I think it is always better to just do whatever you can. I will say that in the 10+ years I've been in Akumal the dog situation has improved enormously. So, everyone doing a little does make a difference.

What is that starfish story, I'll have to find a link. Basically, what you do may seem a drop in the bucket but it makes a huge difference in the life of the individual dogs and cats you reach.

Lola will be sooo much happier, I've never thought that female dogs were very happy with all the hormone controlled frenzy.

CancunCanuck said...

Rivergirl and Jonna, you are both doing such great work, you are due many kudos. I don't think I have the emotional strength to deal with the face to face with starving, sick, injured and dying animals, I wish I had the courage, you are both strong fantastic women.

I think the spaying is going to be great for Miss Lola, she seemed really good today, I can't wait to bring her home.

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