Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things I Didn't Do in Canada

Here's a short list of things I do in Mexico that I did not do in Canada:
  • Wear flip flops everyday year round
  • Run out of running water
  • Check the National Hurricane Center site daily
  • Do a critter check of every room before I walk in
  • Speak Spanish
  • Carry toilet paper in my purse
  • Go to the beach every week
  • Wear a uniform to work
  • Pay for health care
  • Drink tequila
  • Ask for a local's discount
  • Buy more tortillas than bread
  • Watch all cartoons dubbed into Spanish (Homer just isn't Homer!)
  • Watch out for falling geckos
  • Have a housekeeper
  • Survive the Big Mama of All Hurricanes, Miss Wilma
  • Know all the words and actions to "The Electric Slide"
  • Check the sea lice situation
  • Get pneumonia in 70 degree weather
  • Live without electricity for weeks at a time
  • Get deported....twice
  • Check my shoes for scorpions
  • Carry another human being inside my body then have them pulled out by alien abductors
Any locals want to add to the list of things they do here that they didn't do at home?


My Way said...

-Order gas for cooking, hot water and the dryer (yeah we don't use gas to run the dryer in canada either!)

-Diagnose my illness and treat it before going to the doctor, in addition to diagnosing and prescribing drugs for others.

-Get prescription drugs without a prescription at the pharmacist.

-Sleep in super late. You just can't do it since it's light out so early. And BRIGHT.

-Ignore weather forecasts unless there's a hurricane on the horizon. It's usually sunny, with clouds and some rain every day. So why bother checking the weather?

-Swear a whole shitload more than I use to.

-Fix my car so much that I know where to go for broken windows, sideview mirrors, dents, flat tires, new tires, a/c, mechanical and electrical. The best part is it's fast and cheap.

-Hear YMCA whenever I go out to a club or some touristy tour and totally fricken hate it.

-Turn on the boiler before I shower and turn it off after to save money and the worry of gas leaks.

-Pick up cat shit (I didn't have cats before I moved here).

-Where chanclas at home so you're feet don't get dirty. Cancun has lots of dust you see.

-Feel hot almost every day.

-Give the most backwards instructions on how to get places.

-Party until 5:00 a.m.

-Have such close bonds with friends. We are there for eachother for a lot less things here than we are back home. And of course A LOT BIGGER things too.

-Tell everyone "Yo vivo aqui" or "Soy cancunense" so that people either leave you alone or give you a better price.


Nice seeing you Saturday Kel! Max made me feel all pretty and flirty. LOL.

Islagringo said...

Here's two biggies for me:

Check the dollar to peso value daily

Deal with immigration issues

My Way said...

I just re-read mine. I meant to say I can't sleep in in Cancun because it gets so light out so early.

And I don't know how to use "wear" correctly...as in wear chanclas.

Holy I'm going to bed. TIRED! LOL.

Jonna said...

* Let someone else pump the gas and wash the windshield

*not drive around looking for the right brand of gas or the lowest price

*smoke in a restaurant (well, until last week anyway)

*buy milk in a box and store it on a shelf until I open it

*same with crema for the coffee

*leap up and unplug all the electronics when the lights go out

*only close the windows when I'm leaving

*keep my vitamins in the refrigerator so the ants won't get in them

*shop while waiting at a red light. In fact, I have been known to drive the long way somewhere so I can pass the red light corner where the guy sells the cold bottles of Coco Snap. I also buy cards for my phone, gum and sometimes snacks while waiting at the light.

Anonymous said...

I certainly never dressed like Stevie Nicks when I lived in Chicago, but here? Bring on the peasant skirts and handkerchief hems!

Also, I never thought twice about the amount of face cream I use or the number of times I use a razor, but here, I use as little of just about anything I can.

Fned said...


Here are a few things I do here that I didn't used to back home in Puebla (or viceversa):

- Drink water with my lunch (instead of my daily Coca)
- Have yogurt be served to me as dessert after a meal
- Check the news and weather forecast before walking out the door each morning
- not wash my hair daily in hopes that it looks fashionable and chic (!!!)
- Announce several days in advance if I intend to "stop by" a friend's place
- Go to picnics that don't include chips and soda and instead are made of a salad, a quiche and cherry tomatoes as botana for example
- Watch a soccer game while drinking wine
- Leave my car in the parking garage for over 35 days straight
- Get 3 months off as vacation per year
- At the supermarket, tear open a six pack of cola and just buy one
- buy 4 pre-packaged lemons
- spend an afternoon wandering throughout the city with no destination in particular and having a great time.


CancunCanuck said...

You all rock, great additions, some things I should have though of for sure!

Another thing for me...

I never had to wear protection from the evil eye.

Keep'em coming!

Heather said...

I can come up with some things i did in Canada that i didnt do at home, lol! Now that would be fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Here are some things I do here that I didn't do there...

*chase the gas man/furniture truck/ insurance dude/bakery van/orange guy down the street.

*gather every bucket I could find and stand by the side of the road waiting for a water truck to come by (after Wilma)

*receive a food package from the army (after Wilma. We donated it to someone more deserving after we realized what it was.)

*waste an hour of my life in a bank

*file an insurance claim (I've filed 3 here, two for hurricanes and one for my poor trailer that got whacked in Playa)

*buy bottled water

*get a house call from my mechanic

*pay a guy to help me back my car out of a spot

*take time to chat with everyone I pass or that comes into the shop.

Anonymous said...

- I didn't paint my toenails in wintertime, since I didn't wear sandals except in summer.

- I didn't lock my house when I lived in the U.S.

- I didn't wash all my veggies before eating them when I lived in the U.S.

- I hardly ever was warm enough when I lived in the U.S.

- I didn't adopt starving animals off the street in the U.S. because there weren't any (that I saw).

- I didn't eat papaya and mango almost daily when I lived in the U.S.

- I didn't drink (as much) Cuban rum, because it's illegal to have in the U.S.

- I didn't have friends who smoke cigarettes when I lived in the U.S.

- I didn't work 7 days a week every week when I lived in the U.S.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather (I have two Heathers commenting, I hope I've got the right one here!)- Feel free to post after your years in Canada, the US certainly has its differences!

Almalibre- Wow, you've had some rough times, glad to see you keep coming back. Hopefully we'll be in PM soon and be able to meet up. Thanks for checking in here!

Rivergirl- I didn't even think about your rum being illegal in the states. Sorry to be one of the ugly smokers in your life. ;-)

minshap said...

give injections of antibiotics to people and dogs,
listen to and play South American Folkloric music from the Andes,
Listen to and play Trova,
rrrrroll my rrrrs
use fillers like "este..." or exclamations like "¡Híjole", when I'm speaking English!!!,
answer the phone with "bueno"
eat tortas de agua! (only in Puebla)
eat an avocado almost every day!
turn on a bomba to get water up to the tinaco on the roof
buy garrafones de agua for drinking and cooking water
go into a store and find out in two words whether they have eggs (¿hay huevo?) but never ask in the plural or it could sound insulting!

tacogirl said...

Things I did not do in Canada that I do in Ambergris Caye Belize...

Collect Laundry buckets
See parades on a regular basis
Hitch rides on golf carts from strangers
Be able to offer fresh caught fish to neighbors
Prepare for a hurricane

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