Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visiting Our Cancun Veterinarian

I stopped into the vet's office this morning to pay a visit to little Lola and see how her recovery was going. The surgery was yesterday at noon and when I spoke to the vet he had said she would come home on Thursday if she would drink water on her own. I dropped in this morning to see how she was doing and she was much more mobile than I thought she would be. She jumped right up when she saw me and wagged her tail like a maniac. I gave her some love and talked to her through the cage, she looked fabulous. I was sad to say good bye, she was crying and barking as I walked away.

The clinic is called Pet's Veterinaria and we have had only good experiences with them. I really like their pick up and drop off service, certainly helpful for folks without cars, taking a taxi with a pet can be troublesome. They offer full veterinary service as well as boarding and grooming, and their lab is on site. They have 24 hour emergency care. I've been told they are more expensive than other places, but for me it's worth it with all the "perks". The cats that live in the office are of the super big and chunky size, my favourite and hard to find here in the land of lean and lithe felines, they always get a good snuggle from me, total bonus. They are a two minute walk from my office, also a bonus. They apparently speak English, though I have never tried, I always just speak Spanish with them but I suppose if I panic their English would come in handy. I also have a soft spot for them as they took care of ME one day while I was pregnant. I had gone to pick up Evil Changa Kitty from her sterilization and she bit right through my thumb and I fainted right there in the office. Six months pregnant, blood flowing and passing out, I was glad to have a "doctor" there to bring me around and clean my wounds. So, suffice it to say that we like this clinic. Here's some pics of my morning visit.

She was pretty happy to see me, poor baby

Please take me home, or at least out of this cage please

Big fat beautiful pussy cat


Anonymous said...

Is that the one right by the Comer on Tulum? This is where we took Leo and Lulu, and everything was great.

The older gentleman was great, and studied at Texas A&M, so I'd imagine he speaks English. He took a while to warm up to because he's pretty gruff, but he does care for his animals.

And his son was a very nice person as well, and more personable.

They also do home visits as well as pick up and drop offs!

CancunCanuck said...

Yep, that's the one gabacha. The older guy told me the other day that he was just the driver though I know and he knows that I know that he is the vet, he has a very dry sense of humour but I can dig it. When he called to update me on Lola he said "Te manda besitos tu Lolita".

I like'em.

3LittleFlowers said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww.... poor thing!!! Hope she is able to drink water on her own by Tuesday!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww poor lola!!! Those are some sad eyes!

Sugarlandvet said...

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Anonymous said...

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