Friday, February 29, 2008

Papitis Daddynosis

Max has a serious case of "Papitis Daddynosis". I swear if I hear this kid say (whine) "My Dadddddddddyyyyyy" or "Where's my daddy? Donde esta papa? Want Daddy!!" or any variation on Daddy, Papa, Papi, Papito, I will pull my hair out by the roots and eat it. Now, Max and I spend an inordinate amount of time together, so perhaps he is bored with me but sheesh! We play, dance, sing, colour, paint, run, do gymnastics, do homework, watch movies, he gets snuggles and kisses, anything I can do to make this kid happy, I do it. But in the end it's all about "DADDDDDDY". I can't win.

Mama- "Are you hungry Max? Want something to eat?"
Max- "NO! Want Daddy. Dadddddddyyyy, quiero comer." (Daddy, I want to eat)
Daddy- "Estoy ocupado, preguntale a Mama." (I am busy, ask Mommy)
Max- "NOOO, mi Papaaaaaaaa, mi Papaaaaaaaaaaa, mi Papaaaaaaaaaa." (Um, I figure you can translate this one)

Mama- "Hey Max, want to play soccer?" Max- "No, Daddy play soccer." Mama- "Daddy isn't here, you can play with me, we'll have fun and scream "Gooool"." Max- "Where's my Daddddddddyyyy, want my Daddddddyyyyy, NO SOCCER MOMMY, TIME OUT!"
Mama- "Did you just put me in time out?"
Max- "Yes, time out Mommy. DADDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY, futbol!!!!"

Wanna sucker?
Want some chocolate?
Want to wrestle?

Sigh.......Everyone told me that having a son would be great, boys are all about their mommy. How wrong everyone was! Hubby went out for an hour yesterday and I was stuck with Max screaming and crying uncontrollably for an hour. He pushed me away when I tried to comfort him and actually hit me so hard in the face that my glasses flew across the room when I tried to keep him from running out the front door. I know it's probably just a phase, but I am at my wit's end, it HURTS me so bad! I am going to continue to be loving and attentive and caring, because that's my nature, but apparently I need a thicker skin cause this little tiny person has the ability to break my heart in two seconds flat.

Don't get me wrong, I am so lucky to have such a great parenting partner, but man oh man, I can't take it anymore, Calgon, take me away!!!! Is there any known cure for Papitis Daddynosis? Pills? Restraints? Boarding school? Or do I have to stick to the old favourite, bottle of wine for Mommy?

Max and his favourite thing in the whole world, Daddy

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karmic Weather

I have a bad habit of taunting my friends living in the cold and snowy lands up der in da north, eh? Yesterday was spectacularly beautiful and I couldn't help but rub it in to a few friends who were shivering in their slush-soaked boots. And here comes karma. Today has been lousy! I am wearing a fleece and fuzzy socks. Grey clouds and super duper windy. So windy that I had hurricane dreams during my afternoon siesta. The windows are rattling and I swear the house is shaking. My computer is telling me that it's 21 C/70 F, which yeah, isn't cold in comparison to the Yukon, but it's pretty chilly for us thin bloods in Cancun. I am dreaming of a fireplace and wishing for a hot toddy.

So. I apologize to all my friends for posting beautiful beach pics and reminding you that I live in paradise. I apologize to the karma gods for my self centred "Nah nah nah nah nahs". Please bring back my regularly scheduled weather and I promise to never taunt again. Well, maybe just a little. Pics, just pics, no vexing words, how's that? Will that appease you enough to make it hot and sunny again tomorrow? Must I do the sun dance and sacrifice a virgin? Cause that will be hard, it's Spring Break you know, the virgins go fast around here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 things.....I've been tagged

Jennifer over at Siguiendo Mi Catracho has tagged me in what has turned out to be a tough meme. The topics are all quite similar and I have gone back and forth between being deep and being funny as I have been writing this in my head. Now let's see what rolls off my fingertips as I actually attempt to get this down for posterity.

5 Things You Want Your Child to Know
1. I love you with all my heart, you are the most important thing in my life (and your father's)
2. Always look on the bright side of any situation, you have to "Accentuate the positive"
3. Bullies can be defeated by throwing a big word at them then running away while they try to figure out what you just said to them.
4. Violence is unnecessary and just about the worst thing you can be involved in. If you can live your life without ever hitting anyone, I will be more proud of that than anything else you could do.
5. Never, ever judge a person by their skin colour, their religion or their sexuality.

5 Thing You Want to Tell Your Child When They Are Grown Up
1. No glove, no love, always wrap your willy, silly!
2. Sex and love are two very different things and should never be confused.
3. Try everything at least once except heroin. (Or whatever the "new" highly addictive drug is popular in the year 2025)
4. It doesn't matter who you fall in love with, man or woman, as long as you love with all your heart. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, gay, straight or plural love are all equally valid expressions of the soul.
5. You can do ANYTHING, "CAN'T" means "Certainly Are Not Trying".

5 Things You Want to Tell Your Child Before You Die
1. I did everything with your best interests at heart, I may have made mistakes but they were all for the right reasons.
2. The money is buried under the old oak tree.
3. Helping someone else always feels one hundred percent better than helping yourself.
4. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a child and you will never regret it.
5. The aliens are eating my breakfast! (I expect to be suffering some form of dementia before I kick the bucket, it's just more fun that way)

5 Thing You Want Your Child to Know Before They Die
1. Live your life with your eyes wide open and don't let any experience pass you by. Travel, travel, travel!
2. Don't look to the past for answers, they are all inside you right at this moment.
3. No regrets, ever.
4. Live your life as a problem solver, not as a problem identifier.
5. No one can make you feel bad about yourself, only you can do that. Take people's criticisms, evaluate them, decide if they are valid and move on. No need to dwell on anything (or anyone) negative.

Alright, I am going to tag some folks that don't have kids (yet), let's see what you plan to say to your future (or imaginary) kidlets. Brice, Liz, Melissa, Fned, and one with a cool kid already, Miss Rivergirl, even if she hates memes. :-)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Poll results- Have you ever been robbed?

Interesting results on this one, I was surprised by how many of you have been victims of a home invasion, and also surprised that a good percentage have never been robbed. Go rub your lucky Buddhas!

Yes, my home was robbed- 13 (28%)
Yes, my home was robbed while I was in it- 7 (15%)
Yes, I have had belongings stolen- 25 (54%)
Yes, I have had a car stolen- 2 (4%)
Yes, I have been the victim of a mugging- 8 (17%)
Yes, I have been the victim of fraud- 6 (13%)
No, knock on wood, I have never had anything stolen- 7 (15%)
Other, just so no one is left out.- 1 (2%)
I am a thief, you got a problem with that?- 3 (6%)

So, if you've got a minute, tell me your story! Where, when, what, how, you know the drill, fill us in!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oops, I did it again

I went to the beach on Thursday and again today. Yeah, I know, I spend too much time there. Apparently I am an addict but I can't seem to find a support group. We went out this morning for some quality time on Playa Delfines, probably the most popular public beach in Cancun. Sunday is always jumping with families, couples, and singles out with their gangs and their beers. The food vendors were out in full force too, lots of guys with fruit (mango, coconut, papaya) and chiles, donut lady was there, kibi man and seafood guy with his ceviche and the shark quesadillas. An excellent day was had by all, the weather was fantastic, the water was warm and Max was in his element. Hope you enjoy the pics, don't forget to click to enlarge, they always look better bigger.

El Mirador/The Lookout at Playa Delfines
The Birdies of Playa Delfines

Little Quiet Cutie who caught my eye

Sunday is Daddy's Day
(Nice underwear dude)

Sometimes it's creepy when he just stares out to sea,
I am sure he is developing some devious plan
to take over the planet by enlisting the aid of
the dolphins

Max on the go
Chips and beer and sun make you sleeeeeeeeeepy
Max coming back
Mangoes! Cocos! Piña! Papaya!Shark Quesadillas
Kibi Man
(Kibis!! Doraditos y ricos! Kibis!)

Donut lady

Viva Brazil Bum!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Quick Trip to Amerimed ER

Max woke up this morning crying. He was burying his little head in his little pillow and I could just barely make out "Owie". I rolled him over and could see his eye was swollen, he couldn't open it. I got it open a little and it was quite red. Having gone to the beach yesterday, the logical Cancun mommy conclusion is sand in the eye. Been there, done that. I tried to flush it out, his daddy gave him a shower and he calmed down. I went to work and called Hubby who claimed that Max was faking. Ummm, he hasn't learned how to do that yet, he loves going to school and LOOK AT HIS EYE. Anywho. I picked Max up from school and his eye was still red and puffy and he started to cry again, only this time he said "Eye hurts mommy, want doctor. Medicine pweeease."

If the kid can ask for a doctor, he can have a doctor and off we went to Amerimed. His pediatrician was not in his office so we headed to the ER (cheaper than the ped consult anyway). I love this ER. We were seen by a doctor within two minutes of getting there. We've never waited to get in. It was the same doc as our last visit and he remembered us and was friendly with Max. The nurse was lovely, as they usually are. It was practically impossible to check Max's eye out properly, the doctor did his best but Max was NOT going to "mira la luz/look at the light". Can't blame him, it's tough when your eye is irritated to open and look at a bright light. His conjunctiva are swollen and red but pupils were normal. We got a prescription for drops that will flush, clean and act as an antibiotic in case of infection. If he's not better tomorrow we've got to find an opthamologist.

In and out of the hospital in about twenty minutes, total cost 400 pesos. Of course, camera crazy mommy took pics too, here's Hospital Max.

Eye Owie

Are you sure you went to college?

He's either learning her name or checking out her boobies
No Glove, No Love
Latex Fun for Everyone!

The Brave Patient

10 000 visits!

Congrats to my visitor from Savannah, Georgia, USA who checked in this morning at 8:18 am, you are the 10 000th visitor to my blog (since I started using sitemeter which was not right at the beginning, but who needs to get into the little details?).  

Ten thousand visits since the end of October, 2007.  I'm ok with that, I'm no Dooce, but I'll take all I can get!  Thanks to all my regular readers and the new readers that stop by every day.  I hope you all will jump in with a comment to say hi, this post is as good a place as any to introduce yourself!  (Psst, lurkers, this means you, I don't need your address or phone number or where your birthmarks are, just say "hi", no one here bites!)  So, who are you, where are you from, why are you here?  What's shakin' with yo fine selves?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello, My Name is Canucka and I Am An Addict

I've had many, many addictions in my life, most of them went by the wayside when I got pregnant, some are harder to give up.

  1. Smoking, still love it, not interested in quitting yet, doesn't matter how much information I have that tells me it's bad, it just feels so good in so many ways. I have a feeling Max will be telling me to stop soon enough, he might be the only voice I will listen to.
  2. Coca Cola. This is my one true love outside of my family, I love it, I worship it, if it is taken away from me, I would gladly give one or two limbs to get it back. Forget about Diet Coke, Pepsi doesn't match up, regular old Coca Cola gets my motor running.
  3. Swinkles. Oh my god, when I first got to Mexico and saw all the candy with spicy chile I thought "Guacala! Yuck!" but now I have to add Skwinkles to my list of addictions.
  4. Books and websites about serial killers. Really, I am a sweet and innocent, non-violent person in all aspects, but I am fascinated by psychopaths.
  5. Trivia! I am in remission on this one, but I know it will come back to haunt me. I heart trivia games. Websites, video trivia in bars, Trivial Pursuit, if I can kick your ass by knowing more than you, that's heads and shoulders above any Wii or Pii or whatever those video games are the kids are playin'.
  6. Ok, here's where it gets embarrassing, I can't get enough of Amazing Race, American Idol, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, ANY show like that that eventually makes it to Mexico, I eat up! We don't get many and they always come late (Amazing Race is like two years behind) but I am on it when it gets here. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, I've even gotten into the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. Horrible and wonderful all at the same time, like watching a car wreck of beautiful stupid people. You always pray for some blood and maybe even some brain splatter.
  7. 80's music! I am so old, I don't think I could name ten current pop artists, but just go ahead and ask me about The Cure or New Order albums (only from the 80's of course, they lost me in the 90's). I hope I am not "that" mom with Max, I never want to hear myself yelling "Turn that goddawful crap down, what ARE you kids listening to?!", but I have a psychic vision that I will be doing exactly that. Or, I could embrace it and be "that" mom that takes Max and all his friends to their first concert and rolls them a joint for the evening. I'll try not to wear my Madonna cut off lacy gloves, no need to embarrass him TOO much.
  8. Forums and Facebook. I've cut down a lot on my time on the forums, but they keep dragging me back in (thus, addiction)! I'm pretty much down to two, one for Latino Families (though I am in trouble for not visiting lately) and one for ex-pats living in Cancun.
  9. The beach. This one sneaks up on me. Yesterday I was getting all itchy and twitchy and weird and thinking, sheesh, I NEVER get to the beach! I was thinking about poor deprived little me and how loooong it had been since I had my toes in the sand. Ummm, exactly ten days. Yep, ten days without beach and I was like a danged meth addict. Good thing I went today, I feel alllllll better.
  10. Hubby. Ups and downs, fights and making up, good times and bad times, no matter what, I love him and I am addicted to him too.
  11. And my biggest addiction of all? My son of course! Crazy, beautiful, insane, intelligent, monstrous, gentle, kind, rough, cruel, he's so many things all rolled into one and it blows my mind that I made him. I just can't get enough of your love (babe). (I love the 70's music too, thanks Barry White.)
Naughty-Sneaky-Max-is-Going-to-Do-Something-Bad Pic
(Look at that devious face, how can I resist him?)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Max Pics

Max on the roof in his Valentine's hat

Max the mad piper

Underwater Max

I thought this reflection shot underwater turned out really cool

Bye bye jungle....

One of the things I have always loved about where my house is is the "jungle" area across the street. Over the years we've seen it destroyed by hurricanes only to come back greener. I've seen parrots and toucans, hawks and a variety of other colourful birds living in this touch of green downtown. Heck, we've even seen monkeys swinging through the trees! And now....gone. We came home from our vacation to find they had been clearing the trees away and revealing an ugly old concrete structure (apparently part of Aguakan's reserves). I almost cried, especially seeing the birds circling overhead looking for their old home. Then I got nervous about what might be going in there, you know they are not tearing down trees to make a nice park for anyone, that would just be crazy in this concrete town.

Sadly, word on the street is that a couple of monstrosities will be filling the space. Apparently ADO (the bus company similar to Greyhound) will either be putting in a new terminal or a garage. AND, they will be building a practice facility for the new soccer team, Atlante. (Those are the rumours coming from the neighbours anyway, we have no "official" word of any kind).

Great, juuuuuuuuuuust great. The street was already busy enough, dangerously so. Now we are going to have more traffic, construction for months and my sense of safety and security will go out the window (if I had any left after last week's theft). More foot traffic means more people will be tempted to commit crimes in our neighbourhood. More foot traffic means more trash on the streets. More car traffic means more accidents and road kill. Never mind the increase in NOISE pollution, it's going to go through the roof. The whole thing just makes me sad sad sad.

Here's a shot from my window in December.......

And a shot taken five minutes ago....

So much for having any kind of green space in Cancun, our little teeny piece of it is going away. Now I wonder if the proposed projects will ever become a reality or if they are just going to destroy the green and lose track of where they were. You never know, with the change in the leadership of the government, they may trash the whole idea and just leave us with big ugly strip of bare earth. Sigh.....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Poll results- Do you keep up on politics in your adopted country?

I was hoping to time this poll with our local election, but since they really stretched out the results (think Bush and Florida), I had to delay. Now that there is finally a winner of the Cancun municipal election, I can post the results of our own vote. The question was for ex-pats, people living outside the country of their birth, "Do you keep up with politics in your adopted country?". Here are the results:

No, I can't vote so I just keep out of it.- 5 (26 %)
No, I don't understand the language so find it difficult to follow.- 1 (5%)
Somewhat, I know there is an election and who the main players are.- 9 (47 %)
Yes definitely, I closely follow the local elections as it affects my investments.-
1 (5%)
Yes, I closely follow the national elections, it's vital that we know about the place I choose to live.- 4 (21 %)
Other- 0

So, interesting results, though they are about what I thought based on my own friends conversations. I admit to paying closer attention to the local politics than national, though I know the main players on the big stage. As I am considering applying for citizenship here, I am trying to learn more about the politics of Mexico and all the ugly history that goes with it. Now I get a good giggle when people in Canada talk about the corruption up there in the Great White North. Canada is so clean compared to so many places in the world, I guess it's good that they freak out about anything that remotely resembles corruption. Here it is so common place that people just say "Ni modo" and don't vote. Cancun is a city of 800 000, yet only 100 000 voted. I think that's a combination of poor education and lack of identification though most of those I spoke with who didn't vote just said "There is no one who can do the job, at least no one who is not corrupt".

So, welcome to politics Señor Licenciado Greg Sanchez, Cancun's new president, I wish you lots of luck, you are going to need it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Robbed in Broad Daylight!

I was happily (if sleepily) teaching class this morning when I received a text message from Hubby telling me it was urgent to call him. When I see urgent now, I automatically think "something horrible has happened to my baby", total mama response. So, in hearing that nothing is wrong with Max, any other news pales in comparison and really can't be that bad. Hubby was calling to notify me that we had just been robbed. At 7:30 am, broad daylight, with people all around. The neighbours saw someone coming down the building stairs with their arms full of copper pipe and called the cops. The neighbour and the cops gave chase, but to no avail, thief and pipes gone gone gone. This might not seem like a big deal, and in the grand scheme of things, it's not, but copper is EXPENSIVE and we don't have water! I didn't quite understand why anyone would steal pipes, but discussing it this morning, turns out thieves can get 200 pesos per kilo of copper. I don't even want to know what it's going to cost us to replace those pipes. Since we won't have water til we do replace them, I guess I will find out pretty quick just how much. So, not a horrible tragedy, just a royal pain in the ass and a scary moment thinking something really bad had happened.

Being as camera crazy as I am, of course I have pics for you! (Not nearly as pretty as the vacation pics below, sorry, no making plumbing look pretty!)

The Roof (the arrow shows where he cut the pipe)

First Cut

The Other End (I estimate he got about 20 feet of pipe)

Ok, while writing this post, the lovely super handy man K showed up (thank goodness for local forums and cries for help). He'll be replacing the pipes with plastic, not copper, so it's not going to break the bank, thanks K and thanks for the fabulous folks in the forum!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cancun Vacation Picture Overload

Wow, I took way too many pictures for one week. Mostly of the family, boring for you, lovely for us. I've pulled a few that capture some moments, hope you enjoy! (Click for larger versions)

The VCI from the pier

The View From One of Our Three Balconies

Free Food and a Smile at the VCI Welcome Party

Free Drinks and More Smiles at the Welcome Party

Max Going for the Dig in Beach Volleyball

Bananas Flambe at La Parilla

Bananas Flambe (I have renamed it "Flaming Phallus" for obvious reasons)

Daytime Pirate Attack!
Pirates at Night, Arggggh
Sparkly Cupid. Warning, do not touch sparkly
cupid or you will be covered in said sparkles for days
and days and days and days


Max in the Royal Sands Pool
(I was hoping to catch that waiter's eye)
The Swim Up Bar at the Royal Sands
(do not sit next to the man who never gets up to use el baño)

Rough Day Behind the Royal SandsBeach Nap
Knocked Out on the Pier

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reflections on a Hometown Vacation

When I told people I was going on vacation last week, the most common response was "Why?  You live in Cancun, you can't need a vacation!".  Well, living here and traveling here are two mighty different tales.  Living here I work six days a week, take care of my hyper preschooler, sweep and mop and cook every day.  Traveling here, I get to lay on the beach, chill in the pool, snorkel, eat out, drink frou frou drinks and leave Max in the hands of his grandparents and uncles.  I deserved a break and needed it and was happy to have it!

That said, there is something nice about vacationing in the town where you live, no matter where it is. We were able to go home everyday to take care of the pets, I brought all my spices from my cupboards for better cooking in the condo, I got great deals for my family using the "I live here" line (though it's not a line when it's true, right?) and Hubby could use the bathroom at home (he's got a "thing" about using toilets outside the house, freak).  Knowing the area as well as we do, we were able to give my family the "inside" experience, even if on the tourist side of life.  

I think wherever you live, you should try to vacation in your home town, see things you don't normally get to see, live like a tourist for a weekend.  I used to do this in Toronto, rent a hotel room for a couple of nights, get on the tour buses, visit the CN tower or Casa Loma, see my hometown from an outsider's eyes, very enlightening and enjoyable.  So often we wear blinders in our day to day life and don't see the beauty of what we have around us.  Take off the blinders, put on your socks and sandals and flowery shirt and throw a camera around your neck and see your town in a new light.  I'm not sure if this is a dare or a challenge, but I would love to hear from any of you who are willing to do this, no matter where you are from!  Tempe, Arizona, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Hobart, Tasmania, or Ljubjana, Bohinj (all recent blog visitors), no need to book an expensive vacation, just turn your hometown into tourist town and tell us all about it!  And really, throw away the cynicism and embrace it as though you were a child, you won't regret it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happiness is a Coral Reef

Alright, bringing myself out of the post-family departure blues, I decided to check out the pics from our day of snorkeling in Puerto Morelos. I am so pumped to have the marine pack for my camera! Not only for the chance for some underwater pics, but also just to protect the camera while on the beach or in the pool. It's certainly going to keep sand out of the lens, total bonus. I'm really happy with the performance of the casing, easy to use all the controls of the camera, though with the plastic on the back, the display is kind of hard to see, no biggie.

One day last week Hubby and I left Max with the grandparents and we trekked out to Puerto Morelos to do a little snorkeling. (And as a bonus, I finally met the famous Rob of Alma Libre Books, great guy, definitely stop in and see them while in town). We had a little breakfast at Pelicano's and then walked around back to look for Anna and Paco, a lovely couple we met on our last visit to this sweet little town. They run a small snorkeling operation from behind the restaurant and I highly recommend seeking them out for a fun couple of hours on the reef. Great deal (250 pesos) and a fabulous guide, Paco is a knowledgeable snorkeler and a very nice man indeed. There were only two other people on our trip, a great couple from British Columbia. So nice to be with a small group particularly when they were so fun and easy to talk with. The day was ROUGH, really windy, so I knew we were in for some exercise! We hit a couple of different spots on the reef, the second one out in big open water, a rough workout but worth it. Lots of fish varieties and some gorgeous coral formations, a good time was had by all. Look for Anna and Paco behind Pelicano's or contact them at for info on their trips.

Here's some of the pics from our day under the sea. I can't wait to improve my underwater camera skills, this was a tough one as we were really getting bounced around, difficult to hold the camera still in those waves! Hope you enjoy, though I can tell you the pics can't beat the real thing.

D is for Dengue, Depression and Dread

I'm currently sitting in my Cancun apartment, staving off the Covid 19 panic and using all my Jungle Kelly powers to maintain my cal...