Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 things.....I've been tagged

Jennifer over at Siguiendo Mi Catracho has tagged me in what has turned out to be a tough meme. The topics are all quite similar and I have gone back and forth between being deep and being funny as I have been writing this in my head. Now let's see what rolls off my fingertips as I actually attempt to get this down for posterity.

5 Things You Want Your Child to Know
1. I love you with all my heart, you are the most important thing in my life (and your father's)
2. Always look on the bright side of any situation, you have to "Accentuate the positive"
3. Bullies can be defeated by throwing a big word at them then running away while they try to figure out what you just said to them.
4. Violence is unnecessary and just about the worst thing you can be involved in. If you can live your life without ever hitting anyone, I will be more proud of that than anything else you could do.
5. Never, ever judge a person by their skin colour, their religion or their sexuality.

5 Thing You Want to Tell Your Child When They Are Grown Up
1. No glove, no love, always wrap your willy, silly!
2. Sex and love are two very different things and should never be confused.
3. Try everything at least once except heroin. (Or whatever the "new" highly addictive drug is popular in the year 2025)
4. It doesn't matter who you fall in love with, man or woman, as long as you love with all your heart. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, gay, straight or plural love are all equally valid expressions of the soul.
5. You can do ANYTHING, "CAN'T" means "Certainly Are Not Trying".

5 Things You Want to Tell Your Child Before You Die
1. I did everything with your best interests at heart, I may have made mistakes but they were all for the right reasons.
2. The money is buried under the old oak tree.
3. Helping someone else always feels one hundred percent better than helping yourself.
4. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a child and you will never regret it.
5. The aliens are eating my breakfast! (I expect to be suffering some form of dementia before I kick the bucket, it's just more fun that way)

5 Thing You Want Your Child to Know Before They Die
1. Live your life with your eyes wide open and don't let any experience pass you by. Travel, travel, travel!
2. Don't look to the past for answers, they are all inside you right at this moment.
3. No regrets, ever.
4. Live your life as a problem solver, not as a problem identifier.
5. No one can make you feel bad about yourself, only you can do that. Take people's criticisms, evaluate them, decide if they are valid and move on. No need to dwell on anything (or anyone) negative.

Alright, I am going to tag some folks that don't have kids (yet), let's see what you plan to say to your future (or imaginary) kidlets. Brice, Liz, Melissa, Fned, and one with a cool kid already, Miss Rivergirl, even if she hates memes. :-)


Fned said...

Oh great!! Thanks Canuck!

Now I'll be thinking of what to write on the subway morning...


My Way said...

This is too hard.

Give me an "F".

I quit!

How's that for being a poor sport?

CancunCanuck said...

fned- I am curious to see your answers! They are tough questions, it did take some thought.

Liz- I picked you for comic relief, lol! Come on party pooper, give us a shot!

Brice said...

Our answers were pretty similar. It doesn't surprise me.

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