Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello, My Name is Canucka and I Am An Addict

I've had many, many addictions in my life, most of them went by the wayside when I got pregnant, some are harder to give up.

  1. Smoking, still love it, not interested in quitting yet, doesn't matter how much information I have that tells me it's bad, it just feels so good in so many ways. I have a feeling Max will be telling me to stop soon enough, he might be the only voice I will listen to.
  2. Coca Cola. This is my one true love outside of my family, I love it, I worship it, if it is taken away from me, I would gladly give one or two limbs to get it back. Forget about Diet Coke, Pepsi doesn't match up, regular old Coca Cola gets my motor running.
  3. Swinkles. Oh my god, when I first got to Mexico and saw all the candy with spicy chile I thought "Guacala! Yuck!" but now I have to add Skwinkles to my list of addictions.
  4. Books and websites about serial killers. Really, I am a sweet and innocent, non-violent person in all aspects, but I am fascinated by psychopaths.
  5. Trivia! I am in remission on this one, but I know it will come back to haunt me. I heart trivia games. Websites, video trivia in bars, Trivial Pursuit, if I can kick your ass by knowing more than you, that's heads and shoulders above any Wii or Pii or whatever those video games are the kids are playin'.
  6. Ok, here's where it gets embarrassing, I can't get enough of Amazing Race, American Idol, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, ANY show like that that eventually makes it to Mexico, I eat up! We don't get many and they always come late (Amazing Race is like two years behind) but I am on it when it gets here. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, I've even gotten into the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. Horrible and wonderful all at the same time, like watching a car wreck of beautiful stupid people. You always pray for some blood and maybe even some brain splatter.
  7. 80's music! I am so old, I don't think I could name ten current pop artists, but just go ahead and ask me about The Cure or New Order albums (only from the 80's of course, they lost me in the 90's). I hope I am not "that" mom with Max, I never want to hear myself yelling "Turn that goddawful crap down, what ARE you kids listening to?!", but I have a psychic vision that I will be doing exactly that. Or, I could embrace it and be "that" mom that takes Max and all his friends to their first concert and rolls them a joint for the evening. I'll try not to wear my Madonna cut off lacy gloves, no need to embarrass him TOO much.
  8. Forums and Facebook. I've cut down a lot on my time on the forums, but they keep dragging me back in (thus, addiction)! I'm pretty much down to two, one for Latino Families (though I am in trouble for not visiting lately) and one for ex-pats living in Cancun.
  9. The beach. This one sneaks up on me. Yesterday I was getting all itchy and twitchy and weird and thinking, sheesh, I NEVER get to the beach! I was thinking about poor deprived little me and how loooong it had been since I had my toes in the sand. Ummm, exactly ten days. Yep, ten days without beach and I was like a danged meth addict. Good thing I went today, I feel alllllll better.
  10. Hubby. Ups and downs, fights and making up, good times and bad times, no matter what, I love him and I am addicted to him too.
  11. And my biggest addiction of all? My son of course! Crazy, beautiful, insane, intelligent, monstrous, gentle, kind, rough, cruel, he's so many things all rolled into one and it blows my mind that I made him. I just can't get enough of your love (babe). (I love the 70's music too, thanks Barry White.)
Naughty-Sneaky-Max-is-Going-to-Do-Something-Bad Pic
(Look at that devious face, how can I resist him?)


Anonymous said...

Hey Canuck! I noticed you started watching Pussycat Dolls, LOL! Just FYI, they just started a new season here. Do you have any favorites yet? Any you abhor? Oh, and I'm addicted to Max too, and I haven't even met him yet!! ;)

Susan Lechuga said...

Yeah Kelly you are in time out for not being on as much. Just kidding love that pic of max. hope you are great.

CancunCanuck said...

Kim- Yeah, I got sucked into Pussycat Dolls, it's so dreadful that it's wonderful. We just saw the finale so I know Asia won, though I loved (had a crush on?) Chelsea. I don't even like the "band" (if they can be called that with one stinking song), not sure why I like these crappy shows! Oh, I love that you said "yet" about meeting Max, gives me hope that one day we will indeed have a face to face and watch our little munchkins check each other out.

Susan- Yeah, I've been in time out a lot lately. I am great thanks mami, hope things are looking up for you too!

Manolo said...

This could be a great meme... oh my word... you don't want to know my addictions

Islagringo said...

Since you admitted your addiction to trashy shows I will tell you a secret. I download them from uTorrent so I can watch them on my computer! American Idol (season 7)and Project Runway (season 4) are currently consuming a lot of my computer time!

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