Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karmic Weather

I have a bad habit of taunting my friends living in the cold and snowy lands up der in da north, eh? Yesterday was spectacularly beautiful and I couldn't help but rub it in to a few friends who were shivering in their slush-soaked boots. And here comes karma. Today has been lousy! I am wearing a fleece and fuzzy socks. Grey clouds and super duper windy. So windy that I had hurricane dreams during my afternoon siesta. The windows are rattling and I swear the house is shaking. My computer is telling me that it's 21 C/70 F, which yeah, isn't cold in comparison to the Yukon, but it's pretty chilly for us thin bloods in Cancun. I am dreaming of a fireplace and wishing for a hot toddy.

So. I apologize to all my friends for posting beautiful beach pics and reminding you that I live in paradise. I apologize to the karma gods for my self centred "Nah nah nah nah nahs". Please bring back my regularly scheduled weather and I promise to never taunt again. Well, maybe just a little. Pics, just pics, no vexing words, how's that? Will that appease you enough to make it hot and sunny again tomorrow? Must I do the sun dance and sacrifice a virgin? Cause that will be hard, it's Spring Break you know, the virgins go fast around here.


Islagringo said...

Just think how I feel! The island blocks the wind from hitting you first! Our friends from up north were at the house today and they asked us to close the windows! Now they believe me when I say it gets cold here!
Thanks for the heads up on spring break. That explains the weirdo young people on the island right now! (and not a virgin to be seen!)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Yup, I am sitting here with a (light) sweater on and the fan is off! The fan is NEVER off in this room.
It rained this morning at 4am and then again at 8am.
I wonder if we are going to have weird weather all this year?

Brice said...

You're still rubbing it in. Today is one of the coldest days in Toronto this winter. The news keeps reiterating the fact that skin can freeze in 6 minutes today.
Go to the beach, or hand back your Canadian citizenship!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

I think you are still taunting us, but in a more subtle way. We got 4 more inches of snow last night, bringing our seasonal snowfall to 122" so far this winter. For the mathematically challenged, that is a little over ten feet, and for my metric friends, about 3 meters.

Shoveling the walkway this morning out to my truck, the snowbanks on both sides of the walkway are well over my head.

70 degress and windy? Oh, the humanity!

Manolo said...

I guess everything is relative... like they were saying this morning on the radio... with a wind chill of -20 something C: If you just moved from the prairies, this is business as usual, if you just move from the Bahamas... you might be thinking about moving back.
I do think that when it goes below 20 C in the tropics (at least in Guatemala) it feels chilly. You might have some wind chill factor your computer is not accounting for ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kelly no symathy for you, 70F, boo hoo poor baby! ;)

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Weather Update to make Kelly feel better:

7:00 AM Feb 29th - 6 degrees F with a winter storm watch in effect until midnight Saturday. Expected snowfall, 8-12 inches

CancunCanuck said...

Wayne- I just know you've got it worse out there, but when the weather is good, it's soooooo good where you are. :)

Theresa- Strange to be wearing sweaters, isn't it? My body doesn't know how to deal with "sleeves" anymore.

Brice- Aw man, sorry to hear it, hope your groovy partner in crime is keeping you warm! Still a little chilly for beach, but I am not giving up citizenship yet!

Scott- Yeah yeah, I know, poor me, lol! Sorry to hear about your weather woes, good luck with the snow shoveling!

Manolo- It's absolutely relative. During my first Mexican "winter", I wore teeny tank tops and shorts even though everyone around me was wearing turtlenecks! They thought I was a crazy Canuck (and they were right), but I insisted that they didn't know what cold was. Of course I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, but I swear it didn't feel cold to me at all!

Anon- I know, no sympathy, teehee. I expect double sympathy next hurricane though. ;-)

Kathy said...

Well, I've TOTALLY got Kelly's back - it has been FREEZING here. About 80km south of Cancun I SWEAR I saw temps in the high 60's but my eyes were frozen from the cold so I'm not exactly sure. It is starting to warm up but not like before Norte No 32.


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