Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oops, I did it again

I went to the beach on Thursday and again today. Yeah, I know, I spend too much time there. Apparently I am an addict but I can't seem to find a support group. We went out this morning for some quality time on Playa Delfines, probably the most popular public beach in Cancun. Sunday is always jumping with families, couples, and singles out with their gangs and their beers. The food vendors were out in full force too, lots of guys with fruit (mango, coconut, papaya) and chiles, donut lady was there, kibi man and seafood guy with his ceviche and the shark quesadillas. An excellent day was had by all, the weather was fantastic, the water was warm and Max was in his element. Hope you enjoy the pics, don't forget to click to enlarge, they always look better bigger.

El Mirador/The Lookout at Playa Delfines
The Birdies of Playa Delfines

Little Quiet Cutie who caught my eye

Sunday is Daddy's Day
(Nice underwear dude)

Sometimes it's creepy when he just stares out to sea,
I am sure he is developing some devious plan
to take over the planet by enlisting the aid of
the dolphins

Max on the go
Chips and beer and sun make you sleeeeeeeeeepy
Max coming back
Mangoes! Cocos! PiƱa! Papaya!Shark Quesadillas
Kibi Man
(Kibis!! Doraditos y ricos! Kibis!)

Donut lady

Viva Brazil Bum!


My Way said...

Those are awesome pics kel! I almost had to do a double take because I don't remember going to the beach today yet my ass was on your camera! LOL.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and I am sooo jealous....Cancun is on my vacation list for the next couple of years.....and Im imagining that somewhere in some other life i had a butt like her......LOL!

Susan Lechuga said...

Great pics. Love them...hopefully someday I can join you on those beautiful beaches.

Heather said...

First you know how much i miss the beach and this doesnt help, lol! but 2nd- your also making me hungry, lol!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, I so envy you! Right now I'm looking out the window dreading to go out and shovel snow. Here in northern Illinois we are expecting 6 inches overnight. Thanks for sharing such warm beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Question: Could Max be any friggin' cuter?

Answer: No.

CancunCanuck said...

Liz- You be trippin girl, you're butt ain't anywhere near that big, you got a rockin' little tushie!

Erica- Come on down girl, the water's fine! (And again, I cannot imagine you with a butt like that, you are gorgeous!)

Susan- That would be lovely, start watching for cheap flights, lots of Colorado folk here all the time!

Heather- I'm sorry hon, I know you miss the beach, I can only bring it to you in a virtual way. And oh yes, the food is virtual too, but that means no extra calories, right? ;-)

Velvet- Ouch on the snow! I hope you didn't get buried. Grab yourself a hot toddy and sit in front of a fire, wrap yourself in a blanket and snuggle with someone cute. Glad you liked the pics.

Heather- Well, if he were any cuter, we would have some serious trouble round here, he gets away with enough anyway!

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