Monday, February 25, 2008

Poll results- Have you ever been robbed?

Interesting results on this one, I was surprised by how many of you have been victims of a home invasion, and also surprised that a good percentage have never been robbed. Go rub your lucky Buddhas!

Yes, my home was robbed- 13 (28%)
Yes, my home was robbed while I was in it- 7 (15%)
Yes, I have had belongings stolen- 25 (54%)
Yes, I have had a car stolen- 2 (4%)
Yes, I have been the victim of a mugging- 8 (17%)
Yes, I have been the victim of fraud- 6 (13%)
No, knock on wood, I have never had anything stolen- 7 (15%)
Other, just so no one is left out.- 1 (2%)
I am a thief, you got a problem with that?- 3 (6%)

So, if you've got a minute, tell me your story! Where, when, what, how, you know the drill, fill us in!


Brice said...

My gas station was robbed by a crackhead who had a knife at my throat, but it didn't count because he didn't rob ME.
And at the time I remember thinking 'if he wants my wallet, he's going to have to kill me for it.'

Brice said...

ps. For your "I'm Afraid Of..." poll, i'm Other. Marrionettes.
There was a terrifying gift shop in Cancun, where you turn into the aisle at the back and it's floor-to-ceiling marrionettes of mariachis. I nearly knocked down the wall getting out of there!

Jonna said...

I first answered no, nothing stolen but then I had to change it because I had forgotten that 4 years ago we had our bikes stolen off the back of our RV in San Miguel. They had to cut our expensive chain to get them, we figure they scoped them out and then came back with bolt cutters. We were inside at the time too, playing dominoes with friends and having a few drinks and probably making enough noise that they knew where we were.

All in all though, that's not much and that and more could have easily have happened in the US.

Manolo said...

(1) Mugged... coming back from English classes when I was in high school in Guatemala. I was waiting for my bus, early in the afternoon. Some gang guys took my sneakers and my watch and almost all the change I had. Left me with enough to get home and some old oversized shoes.

(2) Car stolen at gunpoint. Guatemala City again, now in university. Noon, in front of the headquarters of World Vision waiting for my gf of that time to come out of a meeting. I foolishly stayed in the car and two guys came , put a gun to my face and asked me to get off the keys. The car was never found, I left unharmed. Never resist when being mugged, the best advice I was ever given.

I was also picked pocketed once in Guate... but I just remembered right now.

Manolo said...

I wish I was one of the readers that marked "I am a thief..." and I could say something like "I have stolen hearts and I am planning my next heist" (maybe even overemphasizing the Spanish accent) , but who am I kidding...

Heather said...

Back in my bad days, we had a "friend" steal our video camera from our bed room. He asked to put his back pack in there and then when he went to leave, he put all he could fit in the bag. Lesson learned, place others belongings in the room yourself and have an empty closet for their stuff, lol!

Anonymous said...

My bicycle was stolen in 2004 when I first moved to Playa, but nothing has gone missing since.

My apartment in Chicago was broken into, which was really creepy. My car was broken into multiple times in Chicago and the stereo was stolen.

Thieves, don't like 'em.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Boston, 1985. Came home at around 4:00 AM after a long night of bartending. Heading up to my third floor walk up apartment, I met my 2 cats on the second landing. My apartment was cleaned out. They came up on the fire escape and in through the bathroom window, but walked right out the front door with all of my stuff. They even used my own suitcases to carry all of it out in.

I sat up every night for a month, in the bathroom, in the dark, waiting for them to come back, but they never did.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

My list is long, starting with having my 10 speed stolen, my brother borrowed it without permission, so he didn't get the key to the lock. I did get it back.
I had my apartment burglarized in college, twice, the cops said it's common, the thieves wait until the think you replaced everything and return. I had my townhouse burgled in Las Vegas, and I had two of my dogs stolen there (they were rescued pit bulls, so you know what their sad fate was). We had stuff taken out of our car in Merida (Husband didn't lock both the gate and the car, so it was an open invite, sigh). When we were remodeling someone stole 3 fans, those guys got caught and are in jail here in Merida. And we were defrauded by an attorney (she also assaulted me, so I guess I could have checked mugged too) when we bought our house here.That case is still pending almost 2 1/2 years later
I think that's it. Isn't that enough?
I have also been through a fire and a flood and did a stint as a homeless person because of the flood.

CancunCanuck said...

Brice- I would say the knife at your throat counts for sure, OMG! And Marionettes? Good one! I must admit after watching Chucky movies I am not a big fan of dolls that look like psychopaths.

Jonna- That stinks, especially since you were inside! That's ballsy! And I agree, crime happens everywhere, doesn't matter what country, city or island you are on.

Manolo- What is with shoe theft? I have never quite understood that one. The carjacking story is quite frightening, but absolutely great advice, your life is worth more than any other thing they might try to steal. (You are such a romantic, I bet that you have stolen many hearts!)

Heather- Oh man, isn't it lovely when it's "friends" who rip you off??

Scott- A frightening experience indeed, I think I would have skipped the sitting up in the bathroom part and moved out right away. Sorry to hear of your experience!

Theresa- Oh my, you have had some bad luck indeed! Yes, that is definitely enough. Now, do you surround yourself with barbed wire and alarms or do you just move on and say whatever will be will be?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Actually, I consider myself an extremely lucky person. Except for the dogs, it was all just stuff, and I figure I really must of needed to learn that lesson, but I am no longer attached to material possessions. The important things aren't material, are they?
I have a tall wall and rejas here, but so does everyone else. It would be a worse thing to live in fear, I won't let anyone steal my sense of trust and happiness. I try not to do anything that will tempt someone to burgle me besides LOL, I don't have that much stuff anyway.

Fned said...

Actually, I think living in Mexico most of my life has given me an extra "alert sensor" working 24/7, because I've never been so much as pick-pocketed.....

.... EXCEPT that time I let my guard down thinking "heck this is France!" and went for a walk with my iPod strapped to my jeans...

Fortunetly, all I felt was a hand grab and jank the iPod and by the time I turned around the guy (couldn't have been more than 16!!!) was already running down the street...

I was so pissed at him but mostly at me for being so dumb (I would have never done such a thing back home) that I went to the Fnac that afternoon, bought the exact same device and the next morning walked down the same street at the same time. I wanted the jerk to see me and know that I wasn't afraid of him... (even though this time my iPod was safely tucked in my purse) :s


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