Friday, February 22, 2008

A Quick Trip to Amerimed ER

Max woke up this morning crying. He was burying his little head in his little pillow and I could just barely make out "Owie". I rolled him over and could see his eye was swollen, he couldn't open it. I got it open a little and it was quite red. Having gone to the beach yesterday, the logical Cancun mommy conclusion is sand in the eye. Been there, done that. I tried to flush it out, his daddy gave him a shower and he calmed down. I went to work and called Hubby who claimed that Max was faking. Ummm, he hasn't learned how to do that yet, he loves going to school and LOOK AT HIS EYE. Anywho. I picked Max up from school and his eye was still red and puffy and he started to cry again, only this time he said "Eye hurts mommy, want doctor. Medicine pweeease."

If the kid can ask for a doctor, he can have a doctor and off we went to Amerimed. His pediatrician was not in his office so we headed to the ER (cheaper than the ped consult anyway). I love this ER. We were seen by a doctor within two minutes of getting there. We've never waited to get in. It was the same doc as our last visit and he remembered us and was friendly with Max. The nurse was lovely, as they usually are. It was practically impossible to check Max's eye out properly, the doctor did his best but Max was NOT going to "mira la luz/look at the light". Can't blame him, it's tough when your eye is irritated to open and look at a bright light. His conjunctiva are swollen and red but pupils were normal. We got a prescription for drops that will flush, clean and act as an antibiotic in case of infection. If he's not better tomorrow we've got to find an opthamologist.

In and out of the hospital in about twenty minutes, total cost 400 pesos. Of course, camera crazy mommy took pics too, here's Hospital Max.

Eye Owie

Are you sure you went to college?

He's either learning her name or checking out her boobies
No Glove, No Love
Latex Fun for Everyone!

The Brave Patient


My Way said...

Man on man he's just too cute.

Susan Lechuga said...

Ay max! Please feel better soon. Seeing you not feeling good breaks my heart! You have been tagged Kelly cant wait for your answers

Anonymous said...

Almost certain it's conjuctivitis Kelly. We were asked to fetch Dani home from school early yesterday for the same reason and took her to Galenia. Dani's school is just round the corner from Max's and it's been going around a few weeks.

CancunCanuck said...

Liz- You can have'em, I'm so done with him today, lol! Cuteness takes him far, just not far enough some days.

Susan- By his energy level the last couple of hours, I think he's just fine. Better than fine, he's killing me, lol! (I'll get to the tag this weekend, it's a bit of a thinker).

Steve- Oh man, I am so sorry Dani is down with the pink eye! We all had it here a few months ago and it was miserable. Max's eye is clearing up already with the drops, doesn't seem to be deteriorating like they do with the conjunctivitis, but I am keeping a close eye. He had some sand on his pillow, unless things take a turn for the worse I am going to assume it was just a little beach left under his eye lids. Sure hope Dani feels better soon and I really hope you and Mama/Esposa don't catch it too, it made Hubby and I dreadfully ill, we were both home for two weeks. Take care!

Islagringo said...

So sorry about little Max. But at least we got a great pic out of it. My bet is he is checking out the boobies!

Thanks for the Amerimed link also.

Heather said...

He is such a strong little man!!!

Anonymous said...

awww porr baby !!!! Mistico Max is a tough kiddo !

CancunCanuck said...

Wayne- He's a trooper, was back on the beach by Sunday. And yes, he was most likely checking out the boob action. No prob on the link, I'm your girl for Cancun info anytime!

Heather- Too strong, he's going to kill me, lol!

Erica- He is a tough guy, I wish he wasn't quite so tough, he's not afraid of anything and it's going to get us into trouble!

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