Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reflections on a Hometown Vacation

When I told people I was going on vacation last week, the most common response was "Why?  You live in Cancun, you can't need a vacation!".  Well, living here and traveling here are two mighty different tales.  Living here I work six days a week, take care of my hyper preschooler, sweep and mop and cook every day.  Traveling here, I get to lay on the beach, chill in the pool, snorkel, eat out, drink frou frou drinks and leave Max in the hands of his grandparents and uncles.  I deserved a break and needed it and was happy to have it!

That said, there is something nice about vacationing in the town where you live, no matter where it is. We were able to go home everyday to take care of the pets, I brought all my spices from my cupboards for better cooking in the condo, I got great deals for my family using the "I live here" line (though it's not a line when it's true, right?) and Hubby could use the bathroom at home (he's got a "thing" about using toilets outside the house, freak).  Knowing the area as well as we do, we were able to give my family the "inside" experience, even if on the tourist side of life.  

I think wherever you live, you should try to vacation in your home town, see things you don't normally get to see, live like a tourist for a weekend.  I used to do this in Toronto, rent a hotel room for a couple of nights, get on the tour buses, visit the CN tower or Casa Loma, see my hometown from an outsider's eyes, very enlightening and enjoyable.  So often we wear blinders in our day to day life and don't see the beauty of what we have around us.  Take off the blinders, put on your socks and sandals and flowery shirt and throw a camera around your neck and see your town in a new light.  I'm not sure if this is a dare or a challenge, but I would love to hear from any of you who are willing to do this, no matter where you are from!  Tempe, Arizona, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Hobart, Tasmania, or Ljubjana, Bohinj (all recent blog visitors), no need to book an expensive vacation, just turn your hometown into tourist town and tell us all about it!  And really, throw away the cynicism and embrace it as though you were a child, you won't regret it.


Brice said...

"I work six days a week, take care of my hyper preschooler, sweep and mop and cook every day..."
- so cute - you're damn domesticated now!

You're too right. I once went on a Toronto Tour Bus for the day, enduring a summer hangover. Great way to spend the afternoon!

Manolo said...

The other way of seeing your town with other perspective is showing it to other people. I am perfecting my dime-tour of Toronto although I have never taken a tour bus here... even when I was an actual tourist.
Breaks are good, I am currently in Reading Week... remember Reading Week... still have to go to YorkU a couple of times, but is nice to have a nice break from my very own preschoo.. I mean undergrads.

Islagringo said...

I would try that but lying around on the beach all day wouldn't make for very good blog flodder. mmmmm. Or would it?

Anonymous said...

I live in Mexico, married to a national, we both work our butts off, and reading your blog struck a chord! I need a vacation too, something people from homeland gaffaw at. They don't get this is real life and it isn't different than real life anywhere else, when you are not retired. And noone could possibly get how much damn dust accumulates in this country overnight! Housework is a fulltime job. P.S. I am a Canuck too. I'd love to write to you privately.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your husband and the "home field advantage" of your own bathroom. Guess I'm a freak, too!

Melissa said...

J. really takes the cake though with the "home field advantage" thing. I love that he has to take the bus all the way home to do it!!

Good to "see" you again!

Fned said...

Oh no! You just busted my surprise Valentine's present for Hubby!!! I have actually planned to take him on a romantic weekend.... in Paris!!! :*(

Well... no worries... at least HE doesn't know it yet... :)


CancunCanuck said...

Brice- Yeah, I know, nothing sexy about domestication is there? :) Toronto is such a fab city for those kinds of tours, lots to see and do.

Manolo- Preschool undergrads huh? I'm not surprised, I think I would look at them the same way. Loved your dime store tour, makes me want cheese. ;-)

wayne- I think it's great blog flodder, just add pics of tourist fashion crimes and your toes in the sand.

anon- Welcome! Nice to "meet" you. You can email me at cancuncanuck at hotmail dot com if you like, would be happy to chat with another Canuck living here. Hope you stick around, thanks for checking in!

Heather- Freak! LOL, just kidding. I don't understand it, but I have to try to live with it. I can't imagine having to hold on til I got home, I have no problems letting it rip wherever I am, haha.

Melissa- J takes the cake on a lot of crazy things, doesn't he? Nice to see you too, let's chat soon mami!

fned- Ok, Paris might just about take the "Best Hometown of my Readers" prize. I am so jealous, nothing more romantic for Valentine's than Paris! I know you guys will have a lovely weekend. I want pics!

Anonymous said...

We love doing this! We "vacation" in Merida at least once a month. Sometimes you've just gotta not have sand on you for a couple of days.

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