Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Champagne Wishes....

Alright, this is a few days late but here it is. Saturday March 15th was my birthday, yay, I'm older. I had to work in the morning but I knew there would be cake so it wasn't such a bad idea, plus it was my last day before a week's vacation so the mood was good. I also knew that Hubby would be going in to sign a contract for a new job, the day was shaping up nicely. I had received a text Friday afternoon from my dear friend informing me that she and her hubby had arranged for me to swim with the dolphins on Saturday afternoon. If you can stand the positivity, we also had plans to send Max off with the beloved Nanny for an overnight while we adults went on the famoso lobster dinner cruise. I performed many a happy dance on Saturday morning while teaching.

I finished work at one o'clock, did a little "Yabba dabba doooo" Fred Flintstone style while running down the stairs and headed home. I sneakily changed into my bikini trying not to let Max see, but alas the kid's beach sensors are high and he started running around gathering his beach stuff. So sad for him, but this was mommy's time and he was left waving good bye in the car as I entered the Dreams hotel to meet my dolphin. I've only done the dolphin thing once before, back in January we did the "experience" with Max on Isla Mujeres at Dolphin Discovery. Coming into Dreams was different, the environment sure isn't as nice as Isla, but the trainers were great and the dolphins appeared to be quite healthy and happy. I had a great swim, it was exciting to be able to do the bigger "tricks" without Max in tow. The foot push was a high-light, this is where two dolphins push you through the water by your feet with their noses. I got right up out of the water, desperately holding onto my bikini bottoms (they had warned us to hold on if we were worried, glad I did!) Overall I would say the two experiences were different, I liked both though I still prefer the setting on Isla Mujeres but I enjoyed doing small group (only five of us) and the big activities at Dreams. I HAD to buy this picture, I usually don't spend on too many tourist trap things, but I cracked up when I saw this one. Ok, I know, totally naco that I took a picture of a picture, but we don't have a scanner and I wanted to share.

After the swim I grabbed a cab home to get ready for our night out. Hubby took a very excited Max to the Nanny's house, I got dolled up and we struck out for our BritFriends' home in the hotel zone. Hubby knows I have a penchant for champagne and had brought along a bottle of Moët & Chandon for a birthday treat. We polished that off nicely (and a bottle of sparkling that just happened to be in BritFriends' fridge) and hit the road for a night on the lagoon on the Lobster Dinner Cruise with an open bar, steak and lobster and good friends. The night was lovely and warm, the deeply polished wood boat was divine, the sax player was surly (odd but true) and the company delightful. The steak was inedible but the lobster was good, and the cruise seemed to end in no time. We weren't ready to end the night yet so we glided on over to Azucar where we drained another bottle of Moët, and danced the night away. A highlight was a pretty young tourist who approached myself and my friend in the ladies room and nervously asked us if we were in a swingers club. We laughed heartily and reassured her that it was just a dance club, but I will giggle about that for a while, poor girl. There was a lot of partner swapping but it was all on the dance floor.

Here's me looking pretty darned happy for being a year older.....

We followed up with a short nightcap at the BritFriends' house and trundled ourselves off to a snore-filled sleep. An excellent birthday indeed.

Next post: Sunday morning hangover decision.....stay tuned


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration!!! LOVE that pic of you with the dolphins! ;) Happy Birthday again, mi amiga!!

Heather said...

Awww what a fantastic day!!! I am so happy for you and a tad bit jealous, lol! Happy birthday chica!!!

Susan Lechuga said...

It sounds like a blast! I am so jealous you swam with dolphins again! I am glad you had a great birthday

Adrians Mama said...

OMG that pic is great of you swimming with the dolphins. And you look like you are having a GREAT time in your last pic! Happy belated Birthday!!!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm jealous that you got to swim with the dolphins and even more jealous that it wasn't your first time! (that's still something to do on my "to do" list, but I won't get to do it on my birthday next week!

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

(I hope that's right...)


Anonymous said...

That is one great Birthday you had there Canuck!! Lobster, Dolphins and snore filled sleep, cant get any better then that.

I cant wait for your blog on Merida. I have always been interested in what that town is like. A guy on PBS "Rick Bayless Mexico one plate at a time" who has a cooking show loves to spend time there. He has done a few shows from there. I would love to eat my way through Mexico. Gotta get luck on that lottery though. lol

Take care and glad to hear your hubby got a contract.

Gonzo Tom

Jonna said...

What a great birthday! Your dolphin adventure sounds better than the ones I've watched at P.A. There, they push them on boogie boards.

I too hope you write about your impressions of Merida. Since that is my new home, I'm hoping you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girl!! I am sure you had a blast!!! You well deserve it :) Loved the pic too... hahahaha that was fun.

PS: I am still reading your blog :)

CancunCanuck said...

Kim- Glad you stopped by, we had a great time!

Heather- Don't be jealous, you live a jet setting life yourself! Thanks for the good wishes!

Susan- Thanks chica, hope things are well with you and yours.

Meaghan- Thanks mami, the dolphin pic cracks me up whenever I look at it, lol.

Beth- Hope you get your dolphin wish soon. (And yes, Feliz Cumpleaños, you just have to add the accent). Gracias! (Here's a link on how to type the Spanish accents.... http://www.lingolex.com/spanishascii.htm)

Gonzo Tom- Mmm, eating your way through Mexico sounds like a great plan! And yes, life is good, hope it is for you and Wifey too. (The Triscuits are long gone by the way, thanks so much!)

Jonna- I think each dolphin place is a tad different. I am fortunate that I haven't had to pay full price (once with a big locals discount and once for free), not sure if I would spend the $149 USD on my own for it but I sure enjoy the experience. The most interesting thing I have learned about the dolphins is that in the wild they live 25 to 30 years, but if they live under human care it's double that. They seemed happy and healthy and well loved by the trainers.

Luz!!!! How great to see you here, thanks so much old friend. I sure hope life is treating you well on the other side of the world. Big hugs and kisses to you amiga!

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