Saturday, March 22, 2008

Downtown Cancun Breakfast Hideaway

Ahhh, what a gorgeous day we are having. It's sunny, breezy, about 29 C/84 F, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. We got out of the house this morning to go for some brekkie and run some errands (bank, car wash, grocery store) and I treated myself to a couple of hours in the salon for a haircut, mani/pedi and waxing. I'm only inside now waiting for Max and Hubby to wake up from their nap then I am getting us all out of the house again, no use wasting this lovely day!

I though I would share with you our new favourite breakfast place downtown, our BritFriends introduced it to us a couple of weeks ago and we liked it enough to go back again today, with camera in hand. It's called "La Playa" and is located on Acanceh, about a block down from Sport City. It is such a beautiful little spot, well maintained palapas on the outdoor terrace and a huge gorgeous garden with big climby toys for Max. He went crazy running around! The service has been excellent both times we have been. The menu is yum, last time I had eggs benedict (not a common Cancun menu item) and today I had steak and eggs (also not usually found around here). The steak and eggs came with chilaquiles and frijoles, the meat was done just right, as was my egg (and I order "weird" according to Hubby, I like my eggs HARD, I want to be able to cut around the nasty yolk and not have it bleed all over the delicious whites). Max and Hubby split their usual tacos de barbacoa and consomme, very nice indeed. I find their prices very reasonable too, considering how beautiful the surroundings are they could jack them up higher than they are.

The location is actually two restaurants side by side, in the afternoon the "Asador" opens and they have an outdoor grill. I had a peek at their lunch and dinner menus and I will definitely be paying them a visit. Afternoons they have a great selection of seafood, ceviches and cocktails among other goodies. The evening menu was a nice selection of grill items, again, reasonably priced. They had lobster and shrimp, steak and chicken and a good looking dessert menu. Sooo, locals or visitors, I recommend finding this place and giving them a whirl, we'll be going back again for sure.

La Playa Restaurante

Outdoor Palapa Dining

Great big garden and climby toys

My Little MexiCanadian and his tacos de barbacoa


Fned said...

I too am adamant about my eggs...HARD. If there's any sign of a runny yolk... the plate will remain untouched.

It's just not "natural" to eat ANY food in that state of gooeyness....


Beth said...

Well, I have to admit that I love runny yolk. There's nothing better than mopping up all that yolk with a fat slab of toast!

The restaurant sounds WONDERFUL!!! It will definitely be on our list of places to go next time we're in Cancun!

Manolo said...

Oh no... the runny vs. hard yolk debate is something should be taken to the UN for resolution... I have grown to like the runny yolk thing, however I prefer eggs scrambled if I am having them in a restaurant and I inherited from my last relationship this issue with not properly cooked food (which is basically what runny yolks are).
I loooove breakfast... it is the best meal to share with someone you feel close to (or want to get close to). This place just look perfect for a nice morning meal. Happy Easter Canucka! Don't eat too much chocolate :-)

Heather said...

Keep rubbing it in girl about the weather!!! JK! i would be outside all day too if we had good weather. Only 6 more weeks till i go home!!! Can you tell i already started the countdown???


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the runny yolk thing! *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add my name-

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