Thursday, March 6, 2008

If I Had Four Million Dollars

In my daily surfing of the net I sometimes go off into "Fantasy Land" and pretend that one day we might actually be able to afford to buy a house. I start off somewhere close to reality, looking at houses like this. Reasonable price, less than $100 000 USD. (Still fantasy, but not too far off). Then I start to get a little crazy, moving up to places like this. I know, big jump from $100 000 to over a million, but remember, this is Dreamland. Then, I discover this. Private ranch on Isla Blanca, five bedrooms, swimming pool, private cenote and Mayan ruins on site, pretty cool. Then I notice the one line that makes me go "Huh???".

"Laboratory for scientific investigations".

Just what I was looking for! Isn't every house hunter seeking that hideaway ranch/secret scientific lair? Perfect for curing cancer or taking over the world! Who lives in this house? A modern day Einstein, Dr. Emmett Brown or the world's latest version of Mengele? I'm seriously considering dressing up in my millionaire clothes just to check out the property, but I would be very nervous about ever getting out alive. Is there a special green glow on the land after sun goes down? A secret burial ground of experiments gone awry? I guess $4 000 000 would give me a lot of answers, can anyone spare some change?


Manolo said...

If it was in the 905 area of the GTA that would probably be code for "grow up" operation :-)

Jennifer said...

You said it was perfect for taking over the world. Do you know what that made me think of? Pinky and the Brain. Do you know who Pinky and the Brain are?

If you dont I love Pinky and the Brain. And I will say thank you for getting the theme song into my head. Thanks. A lot.

Oh yeah, I search the web for my dream home as well. I actually found it - and guess what the price was. 4 million too. I wonder if that is the going price for a dream home. Mine was a ranch in Montana, that had thousands of acres, over a thousand cows and horses, milking facilities etc. etc. I love it because its so big and has horses, Lale loved it for the cows and how big it was, and everything that came with it. Only, I didn't think I could get a loan for 4 million, LOL.

Islagringo said...

Well finally. That explains that orange glow that we sometimes see shining up into the sky over there!

Anonymous said...

Hubby said, "Is that code for Drug Lab?" LOL.

Heather said...

Got a house over here for $19,900, want it? lol!

maybe we can all pinch in to buy a big house and we each have our wings of the house, lol! hey you never know...


Nancy said...

Just saw this article in the NY times and thought I'd send you the link.


CancunCanuck said...

Manolo- Teehee, nothing like good Toronto hydro, LOL!

Jennifer- Love Pinky and the Brain! A ranch with cows and horses? Mmm, as long as it also came with a whole staff to take care of all the crap, I could deal with that. Oh, and it would have to have some beach somewhere on the property to make it a real dream home for me. :)

Wayne- Glad I could clear that up for you, heehee.

Mexpat- Good chance that's exactly what it was. *waves* to Mexpat's Hubby.

Heather- I'll bet that $20 000 house isn't anybody's "dream" home. Just a guess. ;-)

Nancy- Thanks for the link, great article!

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