Thursday, March 20, 2008

Latin American Bloggers Unite!

Ok gang, the time is fast approaching for our weekend of kicking back on Isla Mujeres! Our fine Isla blogger Wayne has made arrangements for the group at the Hotel Carmelina. Great deal, $27.50 USD a night, yahoo, more money for beer! Please don't book the hotel on your own, contact Wayne and he's going to do all the dirty work for us. (Thanks Wayne!)

See Wayne's post here for details and pictures of the Hotel Carmelina.

Can't wait to meet you all, invitations are still open for those who haven't made up their mind yet!

And for your viewing pleasure, my oldest Isla Mujeres video taken two years ago when Max was ten months old and learning how to walk. Yes, he learned how to walk on the beach, he is Cancunense after all! Sigh....look how grand Playa Norte was, I sure hope it comes back! (No, your speakers aren't broken, no sound on this one, sorry!)


Fned said...

ahahah... too cute.

And kudos to hubby for letting the kid walk and fall down and get back up again by himself.

It always surprises me to see parents running anxiously behind their kids as if their bones were made of glass.


CancunCanuck said...

Thanks Fned! We really didn't want to be "those" parents that don't let their kids explore. It's the only way he can learn! He is never in danger, but he has learned very well how to do things for himself.

I recall being in Puebla when he was about 8 months old. We put him down on the floor to crawl around and the suegros freaked out. "He'll get sick! He'll get dirty! Pick him up and wrap him in a blanket fast!". Uhhh, right. So he could be like his cousin who was terrified of everything and couldn't survive five minutes out of her mother's arms? Nah, not our style.

Fned said...

I know exactly what you mean. The I bet the french and your suegros could exchange parenting tips.

People here are 110% overprotective of their babies/kids... it's revolting. 5 year olds still being pushed in a stroller by their parents, 3 year olds still being fed by a bottle, 2 year olds still wearing diapers...

I've even heard freaky stories about how they wont accept your kid in "ecole maternel" (la maternal) if he doesn't use a passefier!!! So what? This means you have to FORCE one on your kid if, like me, he never asked for one???

Geez... I'm seriously thinking of never getting pregnant as long as we live in this country!!!


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