Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poll results- What are you afraid of?

Here are the results from the latest poll, "What are you afraid of?"

Spiders/insects- 19 (48%)
Snakes- 10 (25%)
Dogs- 4 (10%)
Failure- 5 (12%)
Enclosed spaces- 5 (12%)
Pauly Shore- 1 (2%)
Heights- 12 (30%)
Flying- 2 (5%)
Clowns- 2 (5%)
Using public restrooms- 3 (7%)
Another republican in the White House- 13 (33%)
Other, come on, surprise me- 9 (23%)

I'll admit to having a fear of insects, with spiders being the biggest baddest yuckiest most fear-inducing creature of all for me! Whenever I see a spider I always flash back to being eight years old at Gesstwood Camp. I was having a great time out in the forest, sleeping in a cabin and getting my first "kiss" from a boy. Ok, the "boy" was a counselor named "Moose" (isn't there always a counselor named Moose?) and he gave me a good night kiss on the forehead. When I woke up in the morning post-kiss, I couldn't open my eyes. My whole face had swollen up like a watermelon! I thought for sure it was the result of having a boy kiss me, I panicked and cried and was so ashamed. They rushed me to the hospital where they determined that it was just an icky spider bite on my forehead, exactly where Moose's delicious teenage lips had touched me.

Luckily, I came out of the situation with a fear of spiders, not of kissing. I'd hate for it to be the other way around.

So, tell me your fear stories, what, why, have you overcome them or are you a candidate for some serious therapy?


Manolo said...

I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid of falling...
I have an almost irrational fear of dogs. I cross the street just to avoid walking behind a leashed little yapping dog. "Almost" irrational because I was bitten by a dog... but at the time I was already afraid of dogs.
The Canadian media is making a good case for why another Republican in the White House wouldn't be that bad for Canada; particularly after both Democrats talk about re-opening NAFTA, although possibly was just posturing (just google "NAFTA-gate"). As a proud Canadian I say "bring it on"!

Fned said...

Spiders are my biggest fear, although sadly I don't have an anecdote to explain my fear... it's simply the way all those eery legs move... it makes me freeze in panic...

My second biggest fear: heavy machinery. I never get near the boiler, the olla express and even microwaves make me nervous... anything that is under pressure, or has something to do with fire o boiling water or something of the sort... I just prefer to stay as far away as possible.....

Weird Fned, weird.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

I was one of the folks that listed "Heights". I used to jump out of airplanes and helicopters, climb cliffs, trees, and ropes, but that all changed one September day about 12 years ago when I did the "Nestea Plunge" off of the roof of a house and into the driveway.

Seven surgeries and a year in and out of the hospital later, not only can I not enjoy heights, but I get a horrible feeling even watching others at heights.

Janey Smith said...

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minshap said...

Cockroaches were my phobia. When I was a child, my father always killed the few that appeared now and again to scare my sisters and I to death. Once my parents went out to eat and left my older sister in charge. One of us went to the bathroom and lo and behold,the sinister antennae of a humongous cockroach stopped whoever it was in her tracks. Screaming and crying we called the restaurant and had our father paged and begged him to come home. He said no way, we would have to deal with it, so my sister got a can of roach spray and started spraying the roach. Her finger was GLUED TO the sprayer; she simply could not stop spraying. Meanwhile the poor roach started running around crazily and I - to get out of the way - jumped up on the toilet. Unfortunately, the lid was open so I ended up IN the toilet... only one of many a horror story about cockroaches.
P.S. After that massive dosis of roach spray, the poor roach did finally die.

CancunCanuck said...

Manolo- I had a big fear of dogs, being bit in the ass as a kid can do that to you. I did get over it, I can't resist anything furry. (Though I am still very, very wary about approaching dogs without knowing their owners, the owners scare me more than the pooches sometimes).

fned- The heavy machinery fear I totally get, I have a hard time with factories in general too. Or big old dirty boats, like fishing boats or old naval vessels, they creep me out.

Scott- Wow, that is quite a story! I can totally understand your fear of heights after that experience, thank the goddess you aren't paralyzed!!

Janey- Not sure if your comment would be considered spam or if it is legit, but I will leave it this time. I know my readers are smart enough to figure it out for themselves.

minshap- I've never found a roach spray that actually works, the best medicine around here is my evil jungle kitty. We haven't had a cockroach in months and months, whenever one tries to get in, Changa gets'em good. Even the flying ones, she goes nuts on them. (Thank god, because I am with you, I cannot BEAR them, I won't sleep in the bedroom if I know one is there somewhere). Being in the tropics they are everywhere, I had to kind of let go of the panic.

Anonymous said...

Janitors have always creeped me out. They know things, they have the keys to everything, they're loners who walk through darkened halls at night. Need I say more?

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