Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Rather Cheesy Post

I've been stewing all day. Gnashing my teeth and stewing. The whole morning was filled with bad news. Not personal bad news, just bad news in the world around me. Friends of friends who have recently been victimized either by criminals or the police or personal tragedy and losses. Newspapers all around me with gruesome photos of crime scenes and grisly accidents. Friends and family with health problems. With all this stewing I was still drawing a blank on how to blog my feelings of the day. I don't really want to get into all the negativity, so I will tell you about the thing that is making me happy today.


And lots of it. I realize that lately I will eat anything as long as it is cheesy. Mac N Cheese, crackers and cheese, tortillas slathered in cream cheese, cheesy dips for my Ruffles including Herb flavoured, pepper flavoured and garlic, even processed cheese slices. Cheese flavoured chips, spicy cheesy Doritos, those little packages of pretzels with nacho cheese dip. But more than anything, handful after handful of delicious Oaxaca cheese. I heart Oaxaca cheese, but ONLY if it is the Catavina brand. If they don't have the right brand, I would rather go without. I know, picky picky for someone who eats processed cheese slices and no name macaroni and cheese. I'm ordering all my tacos with cheese which I don't normally do. I am adding extra extra cheese to the little deli pizzas I whip up in the microwave. I brought home tortas from Ty-Coz and slathered them with cream cheese AND added Oaxaca cheese. I think I've gone cheese mad.

So yeah, CHEESE. Much nicer thing to think about than what is in the news and around me. Mmmmm, cheese. Happy happy cheese.

Not surprisingly, this is one of my favourite quotes, I say it loud and proud....

Homer: Mmmmm... 64 slices of American cheese. 64 (munch munch munch)... 63 (munch munch munch)
(cut to much later)
Homer: 2... (munch munch munch) ... 1 (munch munch munch)
Marge: Homer, have you been up all night eating cheese?

Homer: I think I'm blind

And the biggest cheese classic of all time, from the masters themselves, Monty Python....

So if you find yourselves feeling down about the war in Iraq, the murder and mayhem of the world, women living in bathrooms for two years, governors getting their groove on, snow drifts higher than your head or baseball heroes taking roids, think about cheese. It might just save your sanity too.


[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Hi! I've found in there interesting stories and nice pics...

Anonymous said...

Oh Catavina brand Oaxaca cheese is definitely the best. And Mega seems to treat their cheese better than other stores, definitely fresher there. I never shop there for anything else, but I go there for the cheese.

Fned said...

Thanks! I'd never seen the Monty Python (can you believe it??)... but they forgot the momma of all french cheese: THE EPOISE!!! ;)

Oaxaca is my favorite too although if you ever taste GOOD queso añejo (ie from Chiapas) you'll have a hard time figuring out which one is better...

The cheese freak.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

When I was in Chiapas I had the queso añejo, it was sooo good. I have never found it anywhere here. There is an actual cheese store in San Cristobal de las Casas, it is called Lactos Maya. I can't remember what street it's on. I just remember the cheese. I also did a post on my cooking blog called "All my money seems to be spent on cheese"


tacogirl said...

More cheese please

jillian said...

I too am crazy for cheese of all types and was sooo delighted by Panela. but only the brand with the little Dutch girl on the label! which one is that...I've blanked.

CancunCanuck said...

g@ttogiallo- Merci beaucoup! Je suis enchanté de vous connaitre.

Rivergirl- We rarely go to Mega, but I will check out their cheeses for sure. Walmart is the worst, Soriana can be ok, I just always ask to taste it before I buy it and I won't buy it from the displays, I make them pack me a fresh cut.

fned- You must see more Python, they are genius! I'll look out for the queso anejo (can't make accents on this stupid work Mac, lol), I'm always up for new cheese experiences.

Theresa- I would love to find a store here that specializes in cheese (one that doesn't look too dirty). I read your post, I have definitely bought cheese from the Mennonites on the street and the guys that wander around singing "Queeeeeeeeee-soooooooo Oa-Xa-Ca" (I love that little ditty AND their cheese).

tacogirl- LOL, coming up amiga!

Jillian- Oh man, I am having a brain malfunction, I can't recall what that brand is either! Capercito is the Little Red Riding hood one.....oh heck, I'll have to go buy some cheese now! :)

Islagringo said...

"I came on all peckish"! Sounds exactly like the kind of stuff L says around here! I thought it was something dirty the first time he said it! LOL!

Have you tried Europa across from WalMart? We got some excellent cheeses from there.

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