Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brenda Martin Found Guilty

I've been following the case of Brenda Martin for a while and just read the report from today's court hearing. The judge found Ms. Martin guilty of accepting illegal funds and sentenced her to five years in prison. The Canadian government has apparently negotiated her extradition to Canada, but it will most likely take weeks for her return to be coordinated. Canadian officials are scrambling to translate the court documents to determine how she will be treated on her return to Canada. Some reports seem to suggest that she won't spend any time in a Canadian prison as she has served a significant portion of her sentence. Not surprisingly, Ms. Martin was devastated and is once again being monitored closely as family and friends suggest she may be suicidal.

In Canucka's opinion, any way you look at the verdict, she'll be getting out of that prison soon and her nightmare will be over. Hopefully the rest of the process will be speedy and she can go home at last.


Kathy said...

The last article I read about this case made two huge points. 1) the Canadian govn't screwed up her representation royally (to the point of legal ramifications when she is out of jail) and 2) she refused to follow the advice of very good counsel and basically gave the judge absolutely no choice but to find her guilty. I believe the judge himself begged her not to pursue the avenue she was persuing - that his hand would then be tied.

I wish I could remember where I read it though..

Brice said...

I hadn't heard that she was being brought back to Canada.
At least she'll be out...

Heather said...

I just saw on tv a new show about being locked up in foreign jails. I'll see if I can find the link. Most serve some time but hardly ever all of it.

Islagringo said...

That is so sad. At least she has had her day in court and can now move on. One does wonder though...where there is smoke there is usually fire. And yet, down here, one can never be too sure about that.

Anonymous said...

There is alot more to this case than meets the eye. Our Canadian press loves to have a field day, and presents the notion that the Canadian government should protect it's citizens when they are abroad. That is just not the way it works. If a Canadian is charged with breaking the law in a foreign country, the only thing the government can do is make sure you are being fed and treated humanly. They cannot interfere in the legal processes of other countries. Neither woman had permits to work in the jobs they claimed were legitimate, so it became most difficult to make a case that they were working legitimately. And the wages they were making??

Brenda Martin "gave up" Rebecca Roth, as in ratted her out, immediately after her own arrest. Rebecca is an American from Portland who was then arrested a few days later. What was in Brenda's mind when she did that is a mystery to many since she claims that NONE of them knew the bossman with deep pockets was working this multi-million dollar scam. (Folks who know Brenda personally will tell you that she wasn't the nicest person and which is why the guy fired her), but that's beside the point. It was downright nasty to have a former "co-worker" arrested under these same conditions. I wonder if she thinks of her and how she will have to stay in that hell-hole while she jets back to Canada and will be off with "time served".

I have read that Rebecca has apparently already been sentenced to 7 years for the same charges (but there is nothing in the press about it) and sits in the same prison as Brenda. The US Government went through the steps they could in the beginning and have done all they can. There is no extradition treaty between those two countries. There has been nothing new written about her in a whole year. Rebecca is living under the same conditions as Brenda and equally not doing well.

There is a book that was written BEFORE the arrests of the women, by one of the other people employed by this crook. It's entitled something like "The Wanted and The Unwanted". His book sales have recently soared. No doubt. The thing I noted as strange, was that the book was released nearly 5 years after Mr. Waage was imprisoned, and then suddenly 2 months after the book release, Brenda and Rebecca were arrested. Is it a coincidence? Do Mexican investigations really take 5 years?

My thoughts have been with Rebecca Roth lately, even though Brenda Martin has been getting all the press. She had a neat little business in Puerto Vallarta and was doing okay until Alyn Waage came along and changed her life forever with the enticing offer of a huge salary, something no one living and working in Mexico earns.

CancunCanuck said...

Harvestmoon- The details are so sketchy and so distorted by the media that it's hard to know what is true. Not sure if we will ever know if she is just a good actress or if she is what she appears to be.

Brice- All reports seem to indicate that she will be extradited, whether she serves any time in Canada is yet to be determined. I would choose Canadian jail over Mexican jail any day anyway!

Heather- Thanks for the heads up on that. Interesting idea for a tv show!

Wayne- I know what you are saying. She may be a great actress or she was just extremely naive, we may never know.

Anon- Thanks for the information and your comment. I agree that it seems somewhat "fishy", especially the wages and the "severance" she received. Knowing Mexican rates like I do, $10 000 USD is a HUGE sum way out of line with the norm, especially for a cook. I have read a little bit about Rebecca Roth as well, sad situation all around. My initial post on the matter was definitely skeptical about her involvement, I warned people about getting involved in scams rather than warning them about Mexican jails and authorities. I think the warning still applies, there are a lot of unscrupulous foreigners living here who will do anything (lie, cheat, steal and kill) to make their pesos. I know it's not limited to foreigners, but they seem to do a bang up job of it.

Anonymous said...

Here is a story from the Guadalajara Reporter on Rebecca. She is appealing her sentence.


Manolo said...

Actually, the CDN and MEX governments were able to make a deal and she is back in Canada, in prison, but back in Canadian soil. See the note from CBC here.

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