Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everyone Had Magic Towels

Yeah, yeah, I know the lyrics are "Everyone had matching towels", but I'm stuck for life with my own misheard version of "Rock Lobster". If you have no idea what I am talking about, please ask Dr. Brown for a ride in his time machine back to the 80's. Anywho. Everytime we go to Playa Langosta (Lobster Beach), this oldie but goodie from the B-52's swims through my head. And since we went to Playa Langosta this morning, the song is stuck in my brain, may as well be stuck in yours too. Here are some pics from our day.

Somebody went under a dock

Watch out for that pirahna!

Mermaids wavin, wavin' to mermen

Lots of trouble, lots of bubble

Bakin' potatoes, bakin' in the sun


3LittleFlowers said...

You are killing me with the beach... I have been wanting to go back since we went last month... Love the pics as always.... (and no, I have no idea which song you are talking about... I will hear it now...).

Brice said...

I can't think of many bands I loathe more than the B52s, or more songs I hate more than Rock Lobster.


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Forget the 80's, for "Rock Lobster" you have to go all the way back to 1978!

Anonymous said...

Awww... I'm sooo jealous of the beach pictures!!! :) Beautiful pics!

I love that song!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the beach pics! Hate the song though! ;-)
What's the deal with the soldiers on the beach?


CancunCanuck said...

Wow, a real split love/hate thing with the B-52's here!

Scott, I know it was released in the 70's but for me sooo many of my 80's memories have that song as a soundtrack.

Jen- You don't see soldiers on the beach too too often here, but with so many problems with drugs and smuggling of immigrants, they are out patrolling. I feel bad for them, it was a gazillion degrees yesterday and there they were all decked out in those bulky uniforms. Can't say that I support or don't support the military, but as human beings, I just wanted to start a splash fight with them and bring them a cold beer.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that when I visited Mexico- the soliders and cops would be all decked out in heavy dark uniforms and combat boots and didn't look uncomfortable at all, while I was sweating like a pig in a cotton sundress. In Chicago (where I live) in the summer the cops walk around in short sleeved shirts, sweating buckets with their bulletproof vests hanging open to relieve some of the heat (which defeats the purpose of a bulletproof vest, no?)

Scott Bulger Photography said...

If I had any kind of 80's soundtrack, it would revolve around Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" and Billy Idol.

Manolo said...

I am late to the discussion, but the B-52's were one of the most influential bands in my English learning experience (Love Shack anyone?) They take me back to the late 80s and a trip to South Louisiana. Man, the times, the memories.

Ah, and nice pics, you lucky Caribbean dweller you.

One more thing, I have some pictures of soldiers guarding the Eiffel tower last Summer. Armed people (see how PC I can be?) in fatigues just made me feel at home in Paris.

CancunCanuck said...

Jen- LOL, yes, I guess leaving the bulletproof vest open is kind of tempting fate isn't it?

Scott- I think our song lists might end up being pretty similar. You've given me an idea for a post that's for sure.....

Manolo- The Caribbean is calling you....."Manolooooooo, come down and plaaaaaay, bring your thooooooong". ;-) So, you feel at home with folks in fatigues huh? Can't say I feel the same unfortunately, they make me feel all nervous inside, especially them big guns!

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