Monday, April 28, 2008

Fast Food? My Aunt Fanny!

I am a very patient woman. Like, beyond patient, nothing really upsets me. But holy frijole do I get annoyed with "fast food" joints in Cancun. There is nothing FAST about them! The service is always terrible, the interiors are always filthy and it is beyond slow. I'm talking your McDonald's, Burger Kings etc.. If these establishments were in Canada, they would be shut down, they are just that nasty. But, because they put some sort of drug in their foods that make you crave it, I do still occasionally stop in for a "Cajita Feliz" (Happy Meal) for Max and un Cuarto Libro con Queso (sin cebolla!) for me. (That's a Quarter Pounder with cheese, no onions for the Spanishly impaired). I desperately try to not take him there for the play areas, but we're quite limited in child friendly places so again, we occasionally stop in for a romp in McPlayland.

Seeing as I am sick today, I sure didn't feel up to cooking lunch for Max. We've also got a serious shortage of groceries in the house, so it would have taken some creative skills to throw something together for him. So, AutoMac (drive thru) it was for us today. I knew it would be a nightmare, so I timed our visit. 12:06 pm, place order (took a few minutes through that stupid speaker thang that sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher). By 12:26 pm I was STILL WAITING. Twenty minutes for a Cajita Feliz?? I didn't special order it, I didn't ask for dijon or well done or extra anything, nor were there any cars ahead of me, just a stupid hamburger, some stupid french fries and a stupid drink in my lonely spot in line. In the end it was 12:31 when I finally got my stupid Cajita Feliz. Yep, 25 freaking minutes for a pile of crap in a box. Oh, and the toy of course. Which Max decided was "yucky" and threw back at me.

I could have gone to any taco joint in town and had my meal delivered and eaten in that amount of time. But then we wouldn't have gotten the yucky toy. And I may have received bonus amoebas or salmonella like the last time I ate street meat. But I think next time, I will risk the body bugs, I am just not getting it My Way at McDonald's in Cancun.

****side note**** I get so frustrated with the mispronunciation of "McDonald's" here. Everyone says "MACDonald's", not "MICKDonald's". As a person of Scottish/English heritage and a last name that starts with "Mc", I KNOW that "Mc" is pronounced "Mick" and "Mac" is pronounced "Mack" and never the two shall be confused. Yet, I have gotten into a taxi, asked to be taken to "MickDonald's" and been stared at like I am from Mars, only to have them say "Ooooh, you mean "MACKDonald's". Grrrrrr. So, is it a "MACKMuffin?" or a "MACKTrio"? Heck no! Ok, repeat after me "MICK MICK MICK MICK MICK MICK Donald's!" Off my ranting box now, we will return you to your regularly scheduled McHappy Canuck tomorrow.


My Way said...

Why don't they ever understand when you say WALMART either?

Alex said...

hehe turtle burger eh? It is amazing how people love that food, but like really love it and they eat it several times a weeks. Ack!
About the Mc... you would be surprised to find out that even here (where they are supposed to speak English) they pronounce it in such funky ways... hehe yep, my last name starts with Mc too ;)
Thanks for your lovely message on my blog, I do appreciate it so very much! Baby blues I guess...

Manolo said...

Oh forgive us for having a charming accent... on the other hand I wish I could make the perfect Sean Connery impersonation the next time I say "Lesht'sh go to McDonald's". Long live Mickeydee's (spelling?) or "viva Mac".
BTW I love the idea of "a hoser con salsa"... would you like fries with that?

Scott Bulger Photography said...

"My Aunt Fanny"?

That must be a Canadian thing...

Anonymous said...

LoL... MacDonals is how my hubby pronounces it. "Mac" with no "D" at the end, either. :)

The KFC and Dominos in Jalisco were very clean. But SUPER pricey. For my one combo I could have fed DHs family at a taco joint.

jillian said...

Merida McDonalds totally rule. We can't stop talking about the Best Fast Food of our lives that we get in Merida and it's been almost two years. It actually tastes delicious and not just like nostalgia and mind control. I swear.

Anonymous said...

OH Kelly thanks for a chuckle. The Mexican in my house drives me nuts with the MAC thing also- LOL in fact Douglas has started correcting him too! :)

CancunCanuck said...

Mexico Way- Well, we're all just stupid Canucks and Gringos, right? We speak with such horrible thick Canadian accents, it's a wonder anyone can understand us, eh?

Ale- You're a Mc too? Cool! I hope that today is better than yesterday and that tomorrow is even better hon. Un fuerte abrazo para ti!

Manolo- Oh if it were only an accent thing. I try to teach my students the correct way and they just look at me like I am daft. Maybe my new nick name should be "Hoser con Salsa", what do you think?

Scott- Not sure if it is a Canadian thing or British, I think I caught that one from my great Grandmother who was quite British indeed.

elsuenoamericano- Good to know they were clean in Jalisco (I tried to be very clear that I was talking about Cancun and not all of Mexico here, I know it's different). And oh heck yes, expensive!! 70 pesos for a McTrio (the combo). 70 pesos buys a LOT of tacos!

Jillian- I'll have to hit a Merida McDonald's then, lol! I did find Merida to be much cleaner than Cancun, though the service was dreadfully slow.

Ruth- LOL, glad Doug is on top of his Mexcan's mistakes, teehee.

Brenda Maas said...

71 pesos for a combo here. Crazy.
We have only gone there once since we have been living here. It was clean and nice; but the prices are wild.

Anilú said...

You should come to get fast food in UK. They are all disgustingly dirty and understaffed. I actually enjoyed going to a Subway in Mexico City where someone is always cleaning. Here they are more used for post-pub grub.
Sorry abt the Mac.. I guess I also make the same mistake as well as the many inflexions of "D" I never get. Cheers.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I go for the fried apple pies and coffee. Yup, FRIED not baked! If I am going to commit caloric suicide I want a fried pie! I even tried the cheese pie and it was okay. They are slow because they don't have piles of food sitting around waiting to be thrown out. We hardly ever go to fast food but BK and MickyDee's have much tastier food than you can get NOB and the restaurants are spotless!
I guess it's a trade-off, you get to hear English and we get better food. LOL

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