Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feliz Dia de los Niños

April 30th is designated "Dia de los Niños", or "Day of the Kids". Well, our house celebrates that everyday, hardeeharhar, but Max had a special field trip with his school to honour the event. Sadly, I can find very little information on the net about this special (Hallmark) day. Might just be another day to buy presents for the wee set, but I'll go with "we shall honour the innocence" instead.

Cancun is chock full of "jardines de fiestas" or "party gardens" set up for special kiddie events. Some of them have petting zoos, some have pools, all have bouncy houses in various states of cleanliness. None of them are conveniently located, they are all out in hell's half acre. I missed the exit off the highway going to pick Max up today and ended up at the freaking Cancun airport, I was half an hour later than I wanted to be, grrrr. The kids were at Ximbaa today, a nice garden area with pool, climby toys, bouncy house and actual clean bathrooms. I got there just as things were wrapping up and managed to grab a few pics of Max and his pals before everyone took off. Max is happy, sweaty, tired and full of candy so we are off for a nap. Feliz dia a todos!

The Whole Gang in the Bamboo House

Max in the Bouncy House

King of the Castle
(and yes, that makes me the dirty rascal)

Max and his best buddy Anuar

And the lovely girlfriend, Karen


Manolo said...

Oh Max, the ultimate tutor have a feliz día de los niños... although in Guatemala is Oct. 1st.
(btw I have lifted the ban on the L word and gave in to monogamy) :-P

CancunCanuck said...

Felicidades Manolo! Now, does that mean that Guatemala is ahead or behind us on the DDLN thing? (I'll bug you for L details later, haha).

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