Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Need a Kitty Witty!

I am a cat person. Always have been. Growing up on the farm we had cats a'plenty, barn cats, yard cats, house cats, garage cats, even wildcats that came in from the fields and forests (I mean BIG bobcat kind of cats that we had to scare off with a shotgun). I have a very vivid memory of my dad being under the crawl space of the house fixing something and hearing him start to moan. And then to calmly and almost quietly say "Somebody help me please". When we stuck our head in the crawlspace, there was a bobcat standing on my dad's chest! Anywho, I digress. I was devastated to leave my three beautiful felines in Toronto when I came to Mexico. I have always had a lovely kitty in my life, usually more than one. Living right now with only one, evil cat, I am just not satisfied. Unfortunately, Hubby hates cats and is refusing to allow another in the house.

Now for my evil plot. I am enlisting Max. Max LOVES kitties. Sadly, Changa is a bitch (makes me love her even more) and won't let him touch her or even near her. Doesn't stop him from trying and saying "I love you Changa, good night Changa, good morning Changa, I feed you Changa" and chasing her around all day. On my weekly visit to the therapist this week, I visited with the six lovely cats that live there (and the 17, yes 17, street cats that they feed daily). They had recently rescued two mama kitties who had just given birth, so in addition to the big beauties, there are seven wittle bitty sweetie baby kitties who I MUST HAVE. The therapist was late but I told him I didn't need him, I had wittle babies to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (ok, we still did the session, but I think the kittens did me more good, teehee). So, I have started to ask Max if he wants a kitty. Planting the seed. I know he will grab hold and run with it and together we can defeat Dr. KittyHater and bring one of the bundles of fur into our house. How many times can Hubby hear "Pweeeeease Daddy, I want a baby kitty, PORFIS papa precioso bonito te quiero mucho quiero un gatito!" before he caves in? Combine Max's good looks, charm and pestering with mine and we might just have a winner.

Or I could do what I did when we got Changa, and just bring one home and deal with the fall out. I think he owes me this one. Might just save on therapy bills in the long run, though we could run up some iodine and bandage bills if Changa doesn't dig the change.

The Divine Bitch Changa


Theresa in Mèrida said...

That's how I got a dog. Husband said everyother word out of my mouth was dog unless it was dog until he caved. Dog,dog, dog, dog ,dog......Changa is lovely. Or you could ask for a pony and settle for a kitten. Hmmm, pony,pony,pony....

My Way said...

You have every right to bring one of those kitteh's home and as far as I am concerned you need very little permission.

So put the kitten in Max's arms and bring the kit kit home.

End of story.


I only say this because I can. LOL. And you're a friend and you deserve to have a cute kitteh! I mean it's seriously not that complicated. Once you have 1 cat, another is no biggy. Hey, ask RiverGirl....she knows where it's at! Yeah, ask RiverGirl...she'll give you permission too!

JJ said...

I happen to have a cute little kitten on my lap right now... I say, bring the kitlet home and deal with the fall out. Kitties need the love and you Canucka have plenty of it!

Anonymous said...

LMAO LOVE that pic and caption, she looks the part!

Kel you totally can bring whatever the heck you want home at this point. A kitty to say the very least, is not going to cause any major trauma LOL, long as it doesn't take lessons from Changa haha! I am a cat person too, my mom still has my kitty I left there when I moved out :( Yamil's "allergic" so we can't have him :(

Jillian said...

I also say....Bring the Kitty Home! The kitty needs love too :)

CancunCanuck said...

Yay, thanks for all the support my friends! Keep chanting "kitty, kitty, kitty for Kelly" in your brain and sending the mantra down this way and we'll see if I get my wittle darling.

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