Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

As I have already posted, I have been totally overwhelmed by the amazing support of my blog readers and internet friends. Emails and comments from around the world, phone calls from long distance friends and supportive posts on various forums I participate in, it's truly incredible to find such loving and caring people out there in cyberspace. In the past I have had some people in real life express disbelief that "cyber-friends" are true friends, but I've got piles of evidence to the contrary now.

Case in point. The big, beautiful basket of fresh yummy fruit that just arrived, sent by someone that I have never met, never even spoken to on the phone! (No, I don't share my address with just anyone, a very limited number of special cyber-friends were in a Christmas card exchange and that is how this kind lady knows where I live, no stalker worries about this one). The card expressed love and warm thoughts to me and Max and really made my day. I wish I had had the camera handy when it arrived, it didn't take Max long to get into all the fruit (and me too!), so no picture of my very thoughtful gift, pretty gift.

So, big big thanks, you know who you are, it was an incredibly generous thing to do for a "stranger". And more thanks to those of you that continue to email and send positive vibes, I know I would not be doing half as well without all your support. I've pretty much shut myself away in my house, not seeing my "real life" friends as I just can't bear for them to see me in this state, so online life is keeping me going (and phone calls and text messages from bestest friends, sorry I just can't face you all right now, it's not that I don't love you.)


Manolo said...

Two thinks Canucka... first, I have felt your love all the way through cyberspace and are just ripping what you sow. Second, I also feel sometimes "weirded out" by having such close relationships with people I have, at best, just seen two dimensionally through a computer monitor. But I do have these close friends, you included, that are an important part of my life.
A third one, there goes another hug from the ever blooming Toronto in Spring.

Heather said...

Take your time chica! You know we aint going any where! glad you got some yummy fruit!!!


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