Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time Killers

I've had a lot of bad habits in my lifetime, wasted a lot of time doing stupid things. I'm betting most of you have had some yourself, unless you are one of those perfect people that I don't have time for (because I am wasting it doing stupid things). I got to thinking about how I waste my time now and thought I would waste your time by sharing.

1. Solving online crossword puzzles
2. Reading Crime Library
3. Watching 80's videos on YouTube and trying to teach Max the words
4. Googling the names of my friends and enemies and ex-husband
5. I'm in remission on this one, but I know it will rear its ugly head again, I've spent a gazillion hours playing FunTrivia
6. Watching lizards in fascination
7. Watching bugs in horror
Playing ridiculous amounts of puzzle and word games on Real Arcade
9. Cracking my back
Spinning my belly ring (would this count as belly gazing?)
11. Planning what I will do WHEN I win the lottery (it had better be a big one)

I hemmed and hawed about putting blogging/blog reading on the list, but I just couldn't bring myself to admit that it is a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

Ironically of your 6 links I go to four of the sites pretty much daily. We would place well in the time wasters olympics I guess.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I think you copied my list! Is all the same except for the belly ring one. Instead, I google million dollar real estate for when I win the lotto....hey what can I say, I want to be prepared. ;)


Manolo said...

I dunno why we google our ex-spouses? About two months ago I thought about contacting her and then I re-read the last e-mail she sent me (more than 5 years ago) and then I realized "so that's why I don't talk to her anymore".
Love your list, let me start one:
-Check my Google reader every half and hour...

Anonymous said...

I'm not even going to look at your links, just in case I like them and waste time playing with them.

I waste so much time on the computer that it's ridiculous. But being in front of a computer is actually hard on you, so you have to break up the work with some fun.

Anonymous said...

#5436 I love Cancun Canuck- Crime Library!!! Gurl we could never run outta stuff to talk about! Are you kidding me- we haven't even started discussing serial killers!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

You're probably going to hate me for this, but here is my #1 time waster. It is the heroin of online games.


Unknown said...

I don't know if these are time killers as much as time...enhancers??? ^_^ I have YouTube in my list, News headlines, iTunes, Accuradio.com, and lately Facebook (I confess). I used to do games in college, Scrabble like games, Solitaire, Checkers, and Mahjong especially. Hmmm, maybe I ought to play a round or two. As far as the lottery, my dh says that we need to see how many millions are going to be played...'cause you know haha --they need to be a lot in order for us to retire, but also help the whole family retire! Lol.

CancunCanuck said...

xoiesomah- Cool, glad to know I am not alone here, lol!

Velvet- Yes, we must be prepared for WHEN we win, right? :)

Manolo- Something for the therapist to ponder with us I guess, lol! And oh, checking Google Reader is not time wasting, it's "work" and "educational"...ahem....

Rivergirl- At this point I think it would be hard for me to find time to work in between my play. Difficult to break habits!

Lisa- Green River Killer, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, the Black Dahlia....ahhhhhh, nothing like reading about serial killers to put my own mental illness in persepctive. ;-)

Scott- I love that game! I had to force myself to stop a few months ago, now you're going to get me started again!

Carmen- Yes, time enhancers, heehee. I don't count the news as a time waster, nor music, they are essentials. Mahjong is great, lots of excellent versions on the net. Of course the millions would be shared with the family, they can have a little house on the grounds of my estate, haha.

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