Friday, April 25, 2008

Watch Your Language

Heather has given us homework from the book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, blogger tips. Fun! I randomly selected number 14, "Watch Your Language", asked to share the words I love or phrases I wish would one day be back in fashion. So here it is, a list of things I actually say and some things that I only allow myself to think.

Big whoop

Groovy man

Like water off a duck's back

Whatever floats yer boat

Let's motor

I love a good chin wag

What's your damage?

He's a cool cat

Got me a 2-4 of Blue and my Cameo flip tops, let's party!

Cool beans

Smoking a doobie

She's the bees knees

Make whoopee

We're gonna party like it's 1999!

It's loverly!

He's such a hoser, eh?

And any phrase ending in "-o-rama".

I have a life long love affair with the word "epiphysis", I just think it's a word that feels great in my mouth.

Popocateptl. Took me a long time to learn to say it so I am going to say it a LOT.

Pe la na. I've been told this is a very, very bad word in Mayan. Yay Mayan swear words! Wish I knew how to spell it fer real. Sorry if I offended any of the Mayan speakers here.

Don't get your knickers in a knot.

Mocos. I love such a cute little word for boogers or snot. See, the English is just ugly, but say "mocitos" and suddenly the green crap coming out the nose is adorable.

And there you go. So, "ta ta for now"!


Anonymous said...

Seriously. I think I got completely screwed by our homework assignment. I had to get all thoughtful and shit. Damn you all!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

yeah, you got an easy post, no one is going to call you intellectually pretentious! BTW, I do believe it's mococitos, because of the hard c, I like mocoso myself. And what does "Got me a 2-4 of Blue and my Cameo flip tops, let's party!" mean? do I not understand it because I am your mother's age or because I am not a Canadian?

Anonymous said...

"She's the bees knees"

Was this from a previous life - yikes that goes way back - I can relate to the smokin' a doobie, but bee's knees - well... And I know I am older than you ;-)


My Way said...

I loved them all! The best is that I've heard most of them come out of your mouth...or out of msn messenger!!

I like to say, "How goes the battle?" and for some reason it completely confuses people. They are like huh? What battle. Jeesh don't read into it so much, it just means, "What's the haps?". Although that might be one too....

Manolo said...

You are such a hoser, eh? I get the 2-4 the Blue, the flip-flop, but what are Cameo flip-flops for heaven's sake.

BTW. 2-4 of Blue: A 24 pack of Labbat's Blue beer.

BBTW: Maybe "moquitos" for little boogers, but "mocoso" or "mocosito" would refer to a very young person (or someone who acts like that) who still has "mocos" all over the face. (and from now on these series of comments will be known as the "moco"-gate).

I've been starting to use the whole "sch" at the beginning of words, and I am weary of not being able to write it properly. Like in "language-schlanguage" and a couple of weeks ago I was on a chutzpa phase. And for a long time I've been using "that's funky" but haven't been able to make it schtick.
{I hope you don't get stuck with phrases as "no manches" or "guey", I am just sayin'}

Anonymous said...

Kelly I have a dear little old auntie whose favourite expression is "Up your ars with a wire brush" You never know when this may come in handy.BTW it MUST be said with a Scottish accent.

La Gringa said...

Hi Canucka!

I've just discovered your blog. I've seen your name around and I don't know why I haven't been here before -- except that I've had a hard time keeping up with all my favorite blogs as it is and haven't looked for any new ones in a while.

I'm hooked now. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog, in fact, I think I read most of it this afternoon when I should have been doing other things.

I especially liked your "How I waste my time" article. I can't find it right now to give the exact title, but I think I'm going to have to write one of those myself.

I do hope that your life and emotions have calmed down some and that whatever the terrible tragedy was that you'll recover and be able to put it out of your mind soon.

It was nice to meet you -- and in my mind, with a good blog, the reader does feel as if they have met the author. Thanks for the enjoyable afternoon. ;-)

CancunCanuck said...

Michele- LOL, luck of the draw baby, luck of the draw. ;-)

Theresa- I guess I should have spelled it "moquitos", like "mosquitos" without the s. A "2-4" is a 24 pack of beer in Canada, "Blue" is the worst (and most popular) beer in Canada. "Cameos" are a brand of menthol cigarettes that I started smoking as a teenager. So, a Canadian thing for sure, definitely not your age!

Juan- I have always loved the 20's, wanted to be a flapper all my life! Gin joints, the Charleston and those scandalous dresses that revealed the legs (shocking!) all fall under the category of "cool" for me.

Way- I'm with you on the "how goes the battle", but I use to it stump my students, heehee. I realize I used a lot with you on chat, but forgot to include the one I use most with you, "jackass". ;-)

Manolo- We are twins, I totally use the "sch" much to Hubby's confusion. And yes, I am a hoser, though a hoser con salsa now.

Jeanie- LOVE that expression, and my Scottish background (waaaaay back) makes it easy and fun to say, lol!

La Gringa- Wow, what kind words, thank you so much! Your comment made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. I read a bit of your blog yesterday and enjoy, will be going back for more today. Glad you enjoyed your reading, nice to "meet" you too!

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