Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tropical Storm Arthur

The first named storm of the year burst on the scene last night in the form of Tropical Storm Arthur. We've been having rain the last couple of days, but nothing heavy. Lots of flooded streets this morning, but that happens in a sprinkle the way the roads and drains are constructed. Or not constructed, it's a mess out there, water up to the rims on major streets.

It's cloudy right now at 5 o'clock, but not raining and just a light wind. South of Cancun the weather is a bit breezier, Tacogirl in Belize and Jonna and Mimi in Akumal have posted pics and stories of much more serious weather. From the NHC site, you can see that from Cozumel and south, there is a 100% chance of tropical storm force winds.

Tropical Storm:
A tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained surface wind speed (using the U.S. 1-minute average) ranges from 34 kt (39 mph or 63 km/hr) to 63 kt (73 mph or 118 km/hr).

Tropical Storm Warning:
A warning that sustained winds within the range of 34 to 63 kt (39 to 73 mph or 63 to 118 km/hr) associated with a tropical cyclone are expected in a specified coastal area within 24 hours or less.

Tropical Storm Watch:
An announcement for specific coastal areas that tropical storm conditions are possible within 36 hours.
At this point I suspect we'll see some wind and rain, but nothing really damaging. Recent reports state that the storm has passed Belize and is moving over Quintana Roo. It will be interesting to see what happens to el Presidente's visit to Isla Mujeres tomorrow with the ports closed. At least if some serious weather happens on Isla, the troops are there to help with the clean up.

Arthur, here's your theme...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Can Anyone Say "Awwwwwww"?

Sitting at home last night (like I ever do anything else), I heard the sounds of a beautiful guitar and a man singing outside. I went to the window and what do I see? A three piece band in full costume serenading a young lady at her window! I almost got tears in my eyes, it was so lovely, so romantic, so old fashioned and charming. It was wonderful to be reminded that somewhere out there romantic men still exist. Heck right next door apparently there is a romantic man! (I wonder if he teaches lessons?) Lucky, lucky neighbour lady.

Of course, being the 80's freak that I am, I couldn't help but have a flashback to one of the most romantic movie scenes ever, John Cusack, a boom box and Peter Gabriel in the classic "Say Anything". Did anyone else marry John Cusack in their dreams when you were a teenager? I think Ione Skye may have been my first girl crush too. Mmmm, John Cusack......serenades....heavy sigh......

Mexican Citizenship Quiz Answers

Thanks for playing everyone, you all get a gold star on your foreheads! Here are the answers (mostly in Spanish, since the test is in Spanish, I thought I should give you the answers in Spanish).

1. Name ten Mexican states and their capitals
for example: Veracruz : Jalapa Quintana Roo: Chetumal Jalisco: Guadalajara Yucatán: Mérida
Chiapas: Tuxtla Gutierrez Sonora: Hermosillo Tabasco: Villahermosa Durango: Durango
Nuevo León: Monterrey Mexico: Toluca Puebla: Puebla Campeche: Campeche

2. Who or what was Quetzalcoatl?
Feathered God of the Aztecs- Serpiente emplumada -Q uetzalcóatl (náhuatl: Quetzalcōātl, 'Serpiente emplumada' )? es una deidad de las culturas de Mesoamérica, en especial de la azteca. Es considerado por algunos investigadores como dios principal dentro del panteón de esta cultura prehispánica, sin embargo León Portilla considera a Tezcatlipoca como el dios principal (ver ensayo "Tezcatlipoca Dios Principal", León Portilla), y aun otros autores consideran a los dioses que dieron origen a Quetzalcóatl como los dioses principales. En contrapartida, autores como Alfredo Lopez Austin y otros dedicados al estudio de las religiones mesoamericanas, lo consideran como la deidad principal a partir de la cual se generan los demás nùmenes, por medio de un fenómeno por el cual la divinidad se desdobla en otras.
Quetzalcóatl es también el nombre de un personaje tolteca legendario, Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcóatl. Hijo de Mixcóatl y Chimalma, fue el último rey de Tollan o Toílan, ciudad que algunos estudios han identificado con la de Teotihuacan.

3. Name 3 ex-presidents of Mexico
Vicente Fox Quesada – Carlos Salinas de Gortari – Francisco Ignacio Madero – José López Portillo y Pacheco – Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León -

4. What is the official name of Mexico?
Estados Unidos Mexicanos

5. Who was Francisco Villa?
More famously known as Pancho Villa- José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, más conocido como Pancho Villa (* San Juan del Rio, Durango, 5 de junio de 1878 - Hidalgo del Parral, 20 de julio de 1923) fue uno de los jefes de la Revolución mexicana, cuya actuación militar fue decisiva para la derrota del régimen de Victoriano Huerta.
Murió asesinado en una emboscada artera en Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua. Huérfano, tuvo una infeliz niñez y una conducta muy rebelde en la adolescencia, fue leñador, agricultor y comerciante, antes de hacerse militar revolucionario. Durante la Revolución era conocido como "El Centauro del Norte".

6. Name 3 heroes of the Independence of Mexico
Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla– José María Morelos y Pavon – Ignacio Allende - Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez

7. Name 2 Aztec emperors
1481 - 1486 Tizoc -Tiznado de yeso
1486 - 1502 Ahuízotl -Nutria
1502 - 1520 Moctezuma Xocoyotzin -Señor encolerizado, el chico
1520 - 1521 Cuitláhuac -Señor que canta en el agua
1521 - 1521 Cuauhtémoc -Águila que cae

8. Name the place where Hidalgo made his famous "El Grito" speech on September 16, 1810
Villa Dolores Hidalgo

9. State the names of the writers of the lyrics and music of the Mexican national anthem.
Letra: Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra
Música: Jaime Nunó

10. How many peninsulas are there in Mexico?
2 penínsulas: de Yucatán y de Baja california

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

Oh, wait, scratch that, it's just RAIN! Lovely, beautiful, refreshing, delightful rain. I cannot honestly remember the last time we had delicious wet stuff from the sky, it's been months. Everything has been dry and dusty and awful, the area has had some forest fires (jungle fires I guess) and we desperately needed some raindrops from heaven. I'm sure the tourists were none too happy about it, but tough noogies, teehee, I'm feeling blissful!

That brown stuff on the ground is apparently
what is often known as "grass"
and is usually green (so I've been told)

The neighbour's dog is saying "WTF???"

And now....ten minutes's gone. Back to our regularly scheduled heat, now with extra humidity! At least we got a little bit and it smells a bit fresher around here. Maybe we'll get some more next year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mexican Citizenship Quiz

I know that the majority of my readers are not living in Mexico, but you might still be interested in the questions that make up the Mexican citizenship test. For those of you who are living here (and are not Mexican), this is THE list of questions, recently released by the SRE as a study guide for becoming a Mexican citizen. According to a very kind and well informed poster on CancunCare, the SRE (Secretary of Exterior Relations) had to deal with many complaints, specifically about the Cancun office, of officials making up questions that really had little or nothing to do with Mexican history or geography and therefore had to come up with a standardized list. For those of us with our eyes on becoming naturalized, this list is indispensable. Five questions will be given, you must get four correct to pass but I've been told you can take the test as many times as it takes to pass.

So, let's play "Yo quiero ser mexicano/a!" or "I Wanna Be a Mexican!". How many of these ten questions can you answer? I'll post answers tomorrow. No cheating if you know where the answers are!

1. Name ten Mexican states and their capitals
2. Who or what was Quetzalcoatl?
3. Name 3 ex-presidents of Mexico
4. What is the official name of Mexico?
5. Who was Francisco Villa?
6. Name 3 heroes of the Independence of Mexico
7. Name 2 Aztec emperors
8. Name the place where Hidalgo made his famous "El Grito" speech on September 16, 1810
9. State the names of the writers of the lyrics and music of the Mexican national anthem.
10. How many peninsulas are there in Mexico?

Ok smarty pants, show me what you've got. No asking Mexican partners, no Googling, no research, just give'er a go and see how you do.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brain full....Must... Release.... Pressure

My brain sometimes is just full to the brim with things to blog about. Today, I just couldn't choose what to write about, so I'll give you some idea of what is on my mind.

1. Max is sick with tonsillitis. Again. For like the billionth time. They'll have to come out, but I want to wait til he's a bit older to subject him to surgery.

2. We're broke. Flat broke. I need to find a way to make some dang money! (click an ad, click an ad, click an ad if you love me!) Any thoughts outside of prostitution?

3. I've become a hermit. It seems I am always in this house. Work home work home work home, yaaaawn. See numbers one and two for why we are housebound and add that it's a million degrees outside.

4. I have a friend who is in dire crisis, a horrible situation and I can't do anything from here to help. I cried my eyes out for her last night and wish I could do more to get her and her family through this rotten time.

5. The drug war in Mexico is escalating and I don't have any idea if it can be resolved without a whole lot more bloodshed.

6. I'm really angry that American Idol is shown one week later here. I already know who won and the final show won't air here until Thursday or Friday. Grrrrr. Rock on David Cook, sorry David Porkchop.

7. I miss comedy, stand up, sketch, heck I even miss improv. I loved the comedy scene in Toronto and wish I could have my own comedy club here.

8. It's been eight days since I was at the beach and I am in withdrawal.

9. I need new underwear. Ok, so not something I would normally blog about but it's on my mind.

10. Max won't stop saying "poompies", his version of "pompis" which means "butt". His favourite, cause he knows it makes me crazy is "I love you mommy poompies". Little sass mouth!

There you have it, ten random things that are going through my head right now. I promise to have a focused blog post tomorrow, if I can make my brain stop swimming in circles and make a damned decision! So, what's on YOUR mind?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Si Tu Te Atreves

Translation: If you dare!

Dear Sony Television,
If you dare show the Luis Miguel video "Si Tu Te Atreves" one more time I might have to shoot my television. Yes, I know he's on the Sony label and you need to promote the hell out him but you are making me hate Luis Miguel, and I am pretty sure that you cannot get Mexican citizenship if you hate him. (I think you have a choice of singing the Mexican national anthem or "Mexico Lindo y Querido" for the citizenship exam) Is it necessary to show this video before and after every TV show I want to watch on both Sony and AXN? Do we really need to see this cheesy, horrible, 80's wannabe vid every 50 minutes? And really, what is this video about? Is he a hotel employee who moonlights as a gigolo? Is that why they can't be together? And why is she dressed like she's on "Dynasty", down to the hair and makeup? Why can't he jump off the roof at the end of this video? If he did that, I may actually be ok with watching it a gazillion times.

Please stop. Please, please, please stop. This might possibly be the worst Luis Miguel song and video EVER, the madness must end.

Now, here's a decent Luis Miguel video, I prefer him with a mariachi flair rather than his Don Juan pop pap. And there are pretty pictures of Mexico.

But seriously, enough already with the repetitive playing of his new song, give me "Te Necesito" or "Mexico Lindo y Querido" or by golly, show me some contemporary artists before I go ballistic! I actually really liked when you were playing Cuarteto de Nos (band from Uruguay) over and over, THAT I could dig, this is a pretty cool video and song and hey, contemporary!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tagged! 7 Random Things

I've been tagged by two mamis, Momto3 and My3Ro's (oooh, some strange "3" thing going on here). So, here's the meme! Y'all know the rules, you get tagged, you link to the taggers and you name some folks to continue the "chain". This one is "Seven Random or Weird Things About You".

1. I once caught a cat fish that was longer than my leg.

2. In 1990 I went to a small house party in Los Angeles and hung out with the New Kids on the Block. I HATED them (the band, not the people), but it was at the height of their popularity and the girl I went with had a hysterical breakdown of excitement, tears and hyperventilation. (She then went on to become one of Janet Jackson's dancers, she didn't stay star struck for very long).

3. I visited England and Scotland when I was 9 years old and all I wanted to do was visit haunted places. My "guide book" for the trip was "The Ghosts of Great Britain" and I LOVED the Tower of London and all its gory stories. Yep, weird kid obsessed with death.

4. I wear thong underwear but not thong bikinis.

5. I can wear children's shoes and children's glasses (my current glasses are "Barbie" brand)

6. I lost my virginity to the song "Take Me Home" by Phil Collins. Yes, on purpose, I brought a 90 minute cassette with the song taped over and over for the big event. The over and over for 90 minutes part was pretty ambitious for a first timer.

7. I have never, ever had a cavity and the thought of getting one terrifies me. Drilling a hole in my teeth to fix a hole in my teeth just freaks me out.

I guess technically I am supposed to tag some folks, but I know how much it makes you crazy But, in keeping with tradition, I will tag with an "out" option for those of you too busy to do this. So, Heather, Lisa, Liz, Wayne, Theresa, Jonna and Joyce, give'er a whirl if you are up for it, no one will be hurt if you don't and there will be no bad luck for breaking the chain.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Kitten Report

It's Saturday, must be kitten post day! Buzz and Ziggy are doing great, they are definitely growing fast and eating like little pigs. There is a big size difference between this little brothers, Buzz is much bigger and can therefore make bigger jumps than Ziggy. Poor Ziggy somehow can get himself on to the bed, but he just can't manage to get off. I can now identify the "I'm stuck on the bed!" emergency cry and run up to help him off (last thing I want is peepee bed!) They fight like crazy, little Ziggy is the aggressor and Buzz tolerates his pestering. Ziggy is the social one, Buzz prefers to sit back and observe. Both have learned how to purr and they love to sleep on my head. Max is learning how to be gentle, but I still do not leave him alone with them EVER, I caught him giving them love by putting a pillow on top of them and squishing, I would hate for him to hurt them, not only for them, but I know he would be forever traumatized. Hubby the cat hater has become Hubby the kitty lover, these little guys have worked a miracle. I love making food for them, but man oh man, their tiny kitten farts STINK like cod liver oil! Here are this week's pics....

Buzz on the left, Ziggy on the right

Buzz foreground, Ziggy background checking out the window

Check out the size difference
Big Bad Buzz on the left
Teeny Ziggy on the right

Brotherly Milky Love

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cancun Hurricane Season

Tis the season to be prepared! Technically hurricane season is June to November, though early hurricanes tend to be weak and less organized than those later in the year. After almost five years here, I no longer panic or freak out about any of it, we survived Wilma, the biggest baddest mo' fo' of them all, if we can get through that we can get through anything. I certainly don't take hurricanes lightly, but now getting prepared is old hat, we know exactly what we need to do. According to the FEMA site (which of course has nothing to do with Mexico), President Bush has declared "May 25 and 26 to be hurricane preparedness week". Ummm, perhaps Mr. Bush needs to check on the definition of "week" (I know, probably a typo but it's so fun to poke fun at Bush!). Anywho, it's not a bad idea, particularly when we see the destruction that hurricanes have wreaked on coastal areas in the last few years. The National Hurricane Center (for my money, the ONLY resource for accurate information), states that there is a 65% chance that this will be an above average year for named storms. They've said the same thing the past couple of years, doesn't seem to make much of a difference either way, the storm will come or it won't. Regardless of predictions or analysis or witchcraft, a bad storm is a bad storm and no one can stop it if it is on its way.

As strange as it is for me to support anything that Bush does, in honour of Hurricane Preparedness Week, here's my list of things to do to when we hear a hurricane is imminent.

1. Stock up on drinking water, non-perishable foods, ice in coolers, batteries, tape, cigarettes, pet food and candles. Have a bbq the day before to rid yourself of any food that will go bad without refrigeration.
2. Prep the generator (we bought it after Wilma, it's still in the box, best waste of 6000 pesos ever)
3. Tape the windows. This won't stop the glass from breaking but it will prevent it from shattering and flying through the house becoming a lethal projectile. And hey, some of our windows are still taped from the "almost" hurricane Dean last year. Our windows are FAR too big to cover with boards, but they survived Gilberto, Wilma and every hurricane in between without breaking so with fingers crossed we just give them the tape treatment. Plastic tape doesn't work very well, it peels off as it gets wet, duct tape is ok, but masking tape seems to work best.
4. Clean the yard and garden, securing any items that have the potential to become projectiles, tinacos and their lids being primary problems. This includes the dog, please secure your pooch, no one wants to get hit by a flying puppy.
5. Do the laundry. You never know when you'll be able to do it again and my mother always told me to wear clean underwear in case of emergency.
6. Back up the computer and secure important documents.
7. Disconnect all electronics and raise them to higher ground (this happens only after the city turns off the electricity and you are not obsessively checking the NHC site for updates and posting on the blog).
8. Set up the house for bestest friends who live in the hotel zone danger zone. Guests make hurricanes so much more fun! If having guests, add wine, beer and mixers to the stocking up list.
9. Charge cel phones, cameras, video cameras and laptops. Natural disasters make great photos and blogs.
10. Fill the car gas tank and get gas for the generator.
11. Take out as much cash as you can lay your hands on. Bank machines generally require electricity and phone lines, banging on them and yelling at them will not produce any pesos.
12. Call family to calm them down. Don't allow them to freak you out by telling you what CNN is saying.
12. Fill a cooler with ice.
13. Fill glass with ice, rum and coke and sit back and wait for the shit to hit the fan.

So there you have it, the lucky 13 rules of preparedness in the Canuck household. I'm not taking things lightly, but you do have to have a sense of humour about these things, otherwise you'll just make yourself crazy.

Last year during the "almost" Hurricane Dean I had my very first blogging experience writing with friends at Hurricane Cancun. The blog was a huge success, we received about 250 000 visitors in a few short days and a lot of press exposure. My photos ended up on Fox national news (yes, that's my house and Max and my friend Steve talking) and CTV (Canadian national news) did a spot from our house. So I guess this year I will add "contact media" to the preparations when a hurricane is coming, you never know when a TV crew will show up on your doorstep!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vermox is NOT My Friend

Sooo, regular readers will remember this post from a few weeks back, discussing the wonders of modern medicine and the twice yearly "flush" of the system. Well, apparently, it didn't work, you readers might be "regular", but I most definitely am not. I am full to the brim with amoebas! Two different kinds according to the lab results. I have been getting sicker and sicker over the last couple of weeks so finally bit the bullet and went to the lab and the doctor. I won't fill you in on the nasty details of what's been happening, I'll leave that to your imagination if you really want to think about it. The lovely little critters having a party in my bowels include the famous e. histolytica and his lesser known friend, e. nana. E. nana is pretty harmless, just hanging out with his bully buddy e. histolytica which causes amoebic dysentery and pain and suffering and death around the world. I'm not going to die, though I sure don't feel "up to snuff". I'm starting a round of medicines, two for the different amoebas and one for the pain that the medicine can cause. Great, can't wait for more stomach pain! This is not the first time I have had amoebas here and probably won't be the last, let's just hope the meds kick in fast and I can get back to a "solid" life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Playa Tortugas Pics

I feel sacrilegious, I can't believe that I have anything negative to say about a beach, my favourite thing in the world! But alas, I must admit that I did not really enjoy Playa Tortugas much at all. Crowded and full of drunks, it just didn't offer any of the relaxation that I look for in my beach days. I felt like I needed to sit with my purse all day and guard our stuff and my son, I couldn't let loose at all. You've already heard about the baby drama, that sure didn't help with the chillaxing. So, in the end, sorry ocean goddess, but I won't be visiting you from this particular beach shrine again, I just can't stand the thought of so many souls defiling your beauty with their crap and their Coronas.

The Long View of Playa Tortugas

These guys were playing HORRIBLY over top of the
techno music blaring from the restaurant speakers

View looking west-ish towards Punta CancunThe long abandoned Fat Tuesdays

Crowded crowded crowded

Every kid dreams of a giant lobster floatie
More crowds

The lovely dock buildings
(Another hurricane should take care of those)

The only nice thing of the day, a lovely abuelita
sitting beside us. She had no teeth, but we had a nice chat

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Canadian Shot and Killed in Cabo

The Canadian press has been having a field day with another Canadian tourist being killed while vacationing in Mexico. Last Thursday a Canadian man and his girlfriend were shot while in the Riu Santa Fe hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The man, Bouabal Bounthavorn, died of his injuries and his girlfriend is apparently under the protection of the police after being shot in the foot. I'm happy to "scoop" the Canadian press and report that the Tribuna de Los Cabos states that an arrest has been made in the killing. Here's a Google translation of the article from today's Cabo paper....

Mexican and foreign low rooting for murder of Canadian

Cabo San Lucas

The PGJE refused to give closure of publishing the identity of the entrenched, as well as the legal status of same. Only confirmed that legal action to try to clarify the murder committed in Hotel Riu Santa Fe

The Attorney General de Justicia del Estado PGJE-confirmed last night anchoring two male related to the murder of Canadian tourist Bouabal Bounthavorn Ingo, occurred last Thursday night inside the Hotel Riu Santa Fe.

However, the same PGJE refused to give the identity of the entrenched, arguing that could obstruct the investigation by the prosecutor of homicide but the roots and confirmed that one of them was taken to La Paz and another to San Jose del Cabo.

Moreover stressed that dependence Masha Heikal, the bride and who was occiso gunshot wound in a foot during the attack still unknown murderer, it might appear today before the Public Prosecutor to testify about what happened to her boyfriend Bouabal Bounthavorn Ingo. Of those arrested was reported that only went abroad to walk in Los Cabos, while the Mexican lives on a permanent basis in this destination.

As reported in this environment, last Thursday night, the edge of 23:10 hours there were several detonations of firearm at the Hotel Riu Santa Fe, in Room 4225, the site was found the body of an individual male with impacts of firearm in the head and the young Masha Heikal, occiso today's girlfriend, who also had a bullet impact on one foot, stating that a person knocked the door of the room, opening her boyfriend Bouabal Bounthavorn named Ingo, 29-year-old native of Laos, Asia, nationalized in Canada.

Bouabal began to argue with a person male, approximately 1.80 meters high, thin build, dark complexion, wearing a shirt and striped with a cap, which drew a gun and shot them.
The tourist died to receive three bullet wounds in the skull while his girlfriend, Masha, aged 24, was with a wound caused by a firearm in a region inside ankle right foot, but survived.

Ok, so a terrible translation, but you get the point, two men have been arrested for the crime, though no explanation for motive has been offered.

The Canadian media is very quick to point out a few other instances of violence against Canadians while vacationing in Mexico. Well, "point out" is a little soft, they are hammering on the point. There have been other instances that have made the news, I believe a total of five people have died in the last two years. Yet suddenly Canadians should boycott Mexico. How many people were murdered in Toronto or Montreal last MONTH? Are we to boycott our vacations to New York City, they've got a higher murder rate than five in two years? I hate reading the "comments" section of the Canadian news sites, people are just plain ignorant about what goes on here and are quick to jump on the bandwagon and only believe what they see in print without having the full story. Is the justice system here flawed? Yes. Is it dangerous to travel here? If you are stupid, yes. Whenever I hear about a tourist being a victim of a crime, it turns out that they were either a) really really drunk or b) involved in a drug deal gone bad. If you go looking for trouble, it will find you anywhere. I won't be surprised to find out that the tragedy in Cabo had something to do with drugs or drinking, I'm quite sure it was not just a random killing. People here are not killed randomly, it's ALWAYS for a reason. Not saying that anyone deserves to die, just saying that Mexico is not full of psychotic killers who murder tourists for fun. If it turns out the man in Cabo was shot for no reason, I will eat my hat. Don't leave your common sense behind when you come on vacation, pack your brain with your sun block, keep your wits about you and don't, don't, don't go anywhere near any drug dealers here.

Ok, off my soap box. Go book your tickets and come on down, the water is fine!

Brenda Martin- The End

In the interest of having some closure on my series of posts about Brenda Martin, here is the final chapter.  The Canadian government has granted Ms. Martin parole and she has been released from prison, free as free can be.  Guilty or innocent, I personally think that she served enough time for the crime and should be paroled.  I do think she should be repaying the Canadian government the money that was spent to gain her freedom, they spent $82, 000 CDN on a private jet to fly her back!  I guess Air Canada just wasn't good enough.  They paid her fine in Mexico, about $3500 CDN and contributed to her release with a lot of man hours.  Now that she knows all about ponzi schemes, I'm sure she could make that money back in no time.  (insert wink here)

Sadly, her case has become fodder for a continued backlash against travel to Mexico, with many Canadians believing that a travel boycott should be implemented to force Mexico to change their legal system.  That cracks me up, I'm quite sure that the few people that would go to Cuba instead of Mexico wouldn't be able to change something that over 100 million Mexican citizens haven't be able to do.

If you missed the previous posts, here they are in one bite sized package....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Rescue Day

Oy vey, what a day of witnessing STUPID and irresponsible parenting! I "rescued" two, yes two babies from drunken idiot parents. Don't get me wrong, I am not condemning people for drinking, but sheesh, when you've got a small child in your care, PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN or pass the child to a non-drunken idiot please.

Rescue Numero Uno
We were getting in the car at 9:00 this morning to go to the beach. Hubby got a call on his cel phone and I just heard him say "Ahorita voy" ("Going now" or "On my way"). WTF? Where could he possibly have to go at 9 am on a Sunday morning? Well, we have some "friends", not even really friends, just a couple with a small child who have glommed onto us and actually moved into an apartment half a block away to be close to us. The male half of this "charming" couple had called Hubby to tell him that they had just had a big fight, that the female half was drunk (9 am???) and he had left. He wanted us to go and see if their 9 month old baby was ok as the baby's mama was trashing the apartment. Sigh. Again. This is not the first time we have received this type of call from them. So, we went to check. Hubby went in and two minutes later he was walking out with the mommy and the baby and getting into our car. She was drunk and sobbing with a black eye and split lip. The fight had gotten violent. Again. I feel so bad for this little baby. We drove her to her mother in law's house to drop off the baby (I couldn't even let her hold him in the car, I didn't trust her booze soaked arms). We got to the suegros' house, she got out, threw the baby in the father's arms and screamed obscenities as he told her never to come back and that she would never see the baby. She said, don't worry, I won't ever see you again. Ugh, talk about early morning drama! We drove her home so she could clean up the broken windows and tchotchkes and the mess their fight had made. We haven't heard back from either of them today, we'll see what happens tonight once the booze starts to flow again. It's such an ugly situation that Hubby has actually talked about taking the baby and raising him ourselves, poor little guy shouldn't have to live in a house like that.

Rescue Numero Dos
We decided to check out Playa Tortugas today, it's been years since we've gone, the last time it was a mess of drunken fools but someone had told me that it was different now. Uh huh. 11:00 am and there were plenty of borrachos to go around. Hubby had gone to the Oxxo to get us some drinks and I saw a little baby sitting on the edge of the ocean with another little boy. The baby was probably seven months old, the boy about three or four years, no adults around. I was looking around for parents, that baby could barely sit up by himself and he was right near the water. I hoped they were right behind them, but you never know. Out from the ocean like a zombie walked a very very drunk man. He fell down a couple of times, could barely walk. He went right over to the kids, sat down and picked up the baby. I was really on alert now, I didn't even know if he knew the kids, drunks do love their babies! I was watching closely when suddenly he dropped the baby, FACEDOWN in the ocean. His reflexes were way too slow for my liking, so I jumped up and grabbed the baby, ready to face the consequences of an angry drunk. I cleaned off baby's little face and he buried himself on my shoulder, crying his little heart out. I kept asking stupid borracho if the baby was his but he could barely speak. I asked the other little boy where the daddy was and he just shrugged his shoulders. I asked where mama was and he the whole beach. Drunkard just kept saying "Estas mejor con ella bebe, estas mejor con ella" ("you're better with her baby, you're better with her"). Well DUH, at that moment of course he was better with me, you just about killed him you freaking dumbass! FIVE MINUTES LATER the baby's mother finally came, took the baby from my arms without a word and went back to her table and HER BEER. Unfreakingbelievable.

Here's the drunk and the kids moments before the rescue....

We won't be going back to Playa Tortugas any time soon, there were more caguamas than beach towels. For a place teeming with families, having the drunks outnumber the sober people was just absolutely appalling. Go get your groove on, we all need to tie one on SOMETIMES, but leave the kids with a nanny please!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Kitten Report

All is calm in Kittenlandia right now, Ziggy and Buzz are sleeping on the couch, Max is in time out for pulling tails and I managed to get a couple of ok photos of them to share with you. I feel like the paparazzi trying to get a decent pic, they are constantly on the move and the lighting in the house isn't that great.

The two babies may look alike, but they are quite different in personality. Ziggy is much smaller than Buzz, but he is the aggressor in the kitty lucha libre! He won't leave poor Buzz alone, always jumping on his back and biting his ears. It forces me to sing "Kibbles and Bits and Bits and Bits" watching this teeny tiny kitten attack his much bigger brother. Buzz is totally chill, he just wants to relax and kick back. Ziggy is very vocal about needing love, he cries til he is snuggled, Buzz really couldn't care less during the day. Buzz does sneak into our bed at night after we are sleeping to cuddle up on our heads. Ziggy is too small to make the jump, thus he must wake us up to let us know that he is lonely and wants to join us on the bed.

Teeny Ziggy on the left, Big Buzz on the right

They do love to eat! They're getting Vital Milk and some delicious natural dinners prepared by moi. I'm really torn on the raw diet, it seems for every page that recommends it, there is one that says it's dangerous. I stuck to it for a week, but yesterday I actually cooked their dinner. I think it seems logical to give cats raw meat, it's how they eat in the wild, bones and all. But with their worm situation (which is well under control, their stomachs are far less swollen and no critters have exited any orifices), I decided to cook. This is what I made for them:

Ground chicken, chopped chicken livers (chopped by me, oh blech was that nasty), rice, shredded carrots, a spoonful of canola oil, some cod liver oil, natural unflavoured yogurt and a sprinkle of acidophilus all fried up in a pan and served "dead mouse" temperature.

I know, I know, they sell kitten food in cans but I like the idea that they are getting natural foods prepared with lurve. I think I am trying to ease my guilt about Changa dying, I'm doing everything to make sure these kittens are healthy, happy and loved, and no, they will never go outside. I recognize that even with all the chicken livers in the world that they are not immortal, but a girl can try, can't she?

Friday, May 16, 2008


I have teased you a few times by mentioning that I have been deported from Mexico twice. Well no more cold showers for you, the teasing is over, here's the long story short.

I first came to Mexico October 10th, 2003 for a vacation to recover from my divorce. In retrospect, I'm not sure if I ever really believed I was just going on vacation, I (we) had sold our home in Toronto, I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff and put the important stuff in storage in my parent's basement and found temporary (permanent) homes for my kitties. The plan was to come down for a month to Cozumel, then head south and see where the wind took me through Central America until the money ran out. So much for plans. Two weeks into my trip I met Hubby on the beach and things changed. I kept delaying leaving Cozumel to stay with him. One December morning I woke up in the B & B to someone opening the door to my room, a MAN, eek! This was one tequila soaked morning too, so it all seemed quite surreal. The Man told me to get up and get dressed, I was going to be late for work. Ummm, work? And, errrr, who are you?

The Man had met me in a bar the previous night and had told me he could get me a job as a bartender (though in those days I was really a professional bar fly). I started working at a little cantina for an curmudgeonly old American man. A few weeks passed, working in the day, partying all night and sleeping very little. I started to get sick, really sick and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Yeah, I know, how do you get pneumonia in the tropics? Being so sick, I couldn't work and had to take a week off. When I returned to work, there was a change, a big change and it was just not cool.

Now, in the meantime, I knew nothing about immigration. It was not my plan to live here, I had no idea about anything! The bar manager said he was "taking care of it", he was dealing with the papers with his friends in immigration. Ok, cool dude, whatever, I'm just cruising here and having fun.

Back to the change. Whilst I was coughing up a lung, the bar owner had hired a woman who was known to be a prostitute. Now, if you were to ask her, she would deny it, but she had no visible means of support, and her bills were paid for by her tourist "friends" who would come and take her out every night, buy her clothes and jewelry then go back to her apartment. She would hook these guys in with her sob stories and they would send her money from the States for her "sick mother" or "I was robbed" tales. Some of them actually fell in love with her and were saddened to discover that they were the treat of week for her, vacation relations with dollar signs. So, here I am being told that we were to share the bartending responsibilities. Uh oh. It wasn't long before there were problems and it all came to a head when she accused me of stealing tips (way not true). The bar owner confronted me, we had a fight and I got to have a magical movie moment. I frantically untied the bartender's apron and threw it with mighty force at the bar owner and screamed "I quit!" and stormed off. Man that felt good.

I happily went back to doing nothing, there was still money in the bank and all was good in "la la" land. Except for immigration. I received a letter that I couldn't read and took it to Hubby (then named "Studmuffin"). He told me that I was being kicked out of Mexico. Hmm, that's not good is it? What will they do if I don't go within their 15 days? Not much but I should go to Belize? Ok.

And so go to Belize I did, though it was three months later and Hubby and I had moved to Cancun. The outgoing border agent told me I had to be gone for 48 hours and could
then return to Mexico with a new tourist visa. Groovy, I'm off to Belize but I don't know where! (Insert long Belize story here).

On my return six days later (I really liked Belize), I had to fill in the tourist visa to re-enter Mexico. Easy right? Can't screw that up, can you? Uh huh. In the line that asks for an occupation, I entered "bartender", thinking it was my last job and I would probably be able to get another one more easily if it was on my visa. Such a simple little thing had repercussions a few months later.

When I returned to Cancun, I played around for a little while longer until the money was gone, gone, gone. Time to get a job! I ended up getting a position at the English school (I'm still at the same one) and started the application process for the FM3 again. Now I've got the support of the school, a lot more information and shouldn't have any problems. Except for that pesky little tourist visa that said I was a "bartender". According to immigration, "bartenders" do not qualify for teaching jobs in Mexico. Ohhhh, so the resume, diplomas, letters of recommendation, test scores and job offer from a well known school all meant nothing? Application DENIED, you have 15 days to leave the country. Sigh. At this point, I am about a month pregnant with the yet to be named "Fetus" so hormones were raging, I wasn't drinking and I freaked out. Back to Belize again, to come back with a new tourist visa and try again. This time all was good and I haven't been deported since (yet, haha).

And there you have it, the skeleton of the story, some fun (and not so fun) details omitted so you wouldn't have to read a novela. I've learned a lot since my first year here, I'm on top of things now! To be honest though, I wouldn't change the way things went down, everything happens for a reason and heck, now I've got some stories to tell!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Legal!

Again...for one more year! I know I briefly mentioned somewhere in a previous post that I was stressed out about my FM3 renewal. The FM3 is the visa that allows me to live and work in Mexico, for one year at a time. I've had previous problems with immigration, being deported twice and the never ending battle with the Cancun immigration office and the nightmare that it entails. On the recommendation of several people (the wise Rivergirl included), I chose to use a lawyer this year and avoid the whole mess. I am so grateful for the sage advice, my FM3 is renewed and I didn't have to set one foot in the office, not one tear was shed this year! Last year was such a disaster, it took two months and about twenty visits to that horrible office, there were tears aplenty and it was a big bad kafuffle.

So, I am relieved, grateful to the lawyer and happy for the advice of friends. Best 3000 pesos I ever spent. (That's just the lawyer's fee, the visa itself costs about 1800 pesos). So, until next year, I can live, work and play in Mexico totally legally, yahoooooooooooooo. Next year I change to an FM2 as this was my last "proroga" (extension/renewal) on the FM3. Once I have my FM2 for two years, I will be applying for citizenship. I'd better start studying, they've recently changed the regs so you have to take a test and apparently it's killer! I've posed the questions to Hubby and my Mexican friends and some of them are totally stumped. Really, who knows where the first cannon was fired in Mexico or the names of five of the Niñoes Heroes? Can you name five Mexican muralists? Sing the national anthem?

Ok, stressing myself out about something three years away, I need a beer. Or seven. Or a whole bottle of champagne, yeah, that's it, a bottle of champagne would go down quite nicely thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Googlicious Searches

I dig checking out how you all arrived here at A Canuck in Cancun so I peruse the search and referrals stats now and again on analytics and sitemeter. Today I've got a new favourite Google search term that brought someone to my Cancun blog. Are you ready for it?

"Why are women's bums so fascinating?"

And there you have it, the essence of "A Canuck in Cancun".

Runners up for recent search words include:

"fuck me boots"
"my magic fingers"
"he fell off his chair taken aback"
"always wrap your willy"
"got pregnant cancun"
"is juan a cuss word in spanish?"
"syndrome act like a jerk"
"spanking pirate"
"blind from eating cheese"

And really, if you read all my posts, that's what it's all about isn't it? Fuck me boots and cheese.

Hangin' in the Park in Cancun

Ok, I thought I would make up for the nastiness of the last post and give you something nice and light. Nothing better than some pics of the park in the afternoon! Not much to say on this one, I'll let the photos do the talking. I hope they take the bad taste out of your mouth from the worm debacle (that taste might be in mine for a while though, blech). ***happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts***

The park was chock full of activity.....

Abuela Chillaxing

It's Not ALL Soccer/Futbol in Mexico

Cool Ladies andTheir Drill Sergeant/Exercise Master

Going Up!

Coming Down

Oh So Serious
(Garbage Trucks Are Fascinating)
Drummers Drumming
The drummers were very cool indeed, they are what drew us to the park to begin with. Not sure what they were rehearsing for, but we enjoyed their performance big time. Here's a super short video of Max doing his interpretative dance to their groovy beats.

Hope you enjoyed that more than the worms, though from some of your comments there are those of you who will be disappointed in the relatively benign photos.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Muy guacala, que feo! Pobrecitos...

(Very gross, how ugly! Poor babies...)
Ok, it's official, I now have a new Number One Most Disgusting Thing I Have Ever Done. Warning, this is GROSS and nasty and truly vile, do not read if you are eating, especially spaghetti. I'll give you some space if you need to leave.......

Ok, you stuck around, you wanna know. So, the kittens are so teeny tiny that their little bums don't really clear the litter in the box so I have to wipe tiny kitten asses after they go. Yesterday Buzz had a nice little dump and I saw he had some "klingons". I went after him with the toilet paper and for the first time he hissed at me and backed away. No worries, I am bigger, stronger, faster, I got a hold of him and started to give a little wipe. It wasn't coming off so I gave a little pull. And oh dear goddess so help me if I didn't pull out a SEVEN INCH WORM. Keep in mind, that Buzz is only about four inches long so a SEVEN INCH WORM covered in green poo was quite a shock to me. So shocking that I threw it and it landed with a splat. And I let it land and looked at it in amazement, looked at Buzz with sympathy and saw that he still had some poo on his butt. More toilet paper, another wipe and another SEVEN INCH WORM. Yep, two lovely roundworms came out of his cute little tushie. Now, I know what you are thinking, "Where are the pictures?" And that makes you disgusting. Or makes me disgusting because I was thinking it too. Sadly, I only thought about it after the fact and the flush was done so no pics, sorry sickos.

Now don't you worry, both kitties are finishing up their de-worming medicine and apparently this worm thing is quite normal. I obsessively read everything I could about worms and kittens last night and I am quite confident that they are going to be just fine. Apparently there are some theories that all kittens (and puppies) are born with worms and must go through this treatment. Now, you don't always see the worms or have the pleasure of pulling them out of your beloved pets' anuses, I guess I am just the lucky one. I do know that this can be dangerous if we eat their poo, I promise not to do that and Max is kept well away from any poo-related areas. We've got our own parasites to worry about, no need to share the kitten variety.

So now I just keep their litter and bums clean, wash my hands (and Max's) obsessively and continue to give them their medicine. They will be visiting the vet later in the week for another check up and hopefully he'll tell me that I will not have to pull any more worms out of any more bums. I know the first few months of their lives we will have to repeat the medicine every two to three weeks, but I solemnly swear to do that, no more worms for this mommy please!

There, did you survive? Was it disgusting? Should I take pictures next time?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Que chido

My favourite Mexican Spanish slang terms (or How to Make a Canuck Sound Silly).

I love to swear in Spanish, some words just POP and ZING and sound so much more effective than English swear words. My students crack up whenever they hear me swear or use slang, must be my accent, eh?

Pinche (pin-chay)- Pinches hombres, pinche gobierno, pinche gente, pinche Max are among my favourite ways to use this Mexican version of "damn". This is the word I say most of all, I do love it so.

No manches! (No man-chez)- Used to express disbelief, positive or negative. "I didn't get paid again this week." "No manches!" or "I won the lottery!" "No manches!". This is a softer version of the much harsher "No mames" which I rarely use as it seems to cause shock and consternation when I do.

Guey (way)- "Dude". "Did you see that Miguel got a new car?" "No manches, guey!"

Chingao (chin- GOW)- This is a shortened version of "chinga su madre". It's about "yer mother" so you can guess the rest. If I stub my toe or drop a glass I will say "Ay, chingao!"

Chido (chee-doh)- I like this word and use it a lot. It's pretty much the equivalent of "cool". "Those sunglasses are bien chido".

Gacho (gaw-cho)- The opposite of "chido". When something is really not cool. Hubby uses this when I say I won't do the dishes, "Que gacho eres".

Guacala (wah-ka-la)- Gross, nasty, icky. Finding a dead lizard in your shoe is truly "guacala".

Fresa (freh-sah)- Snob or snobby. (And yes, :strawberry" as the literal translation). Used for those folks who just think they are soooo much better than you cause they drive a chido car or have designer duds or they're from Mexico City (haha).

Crudo/cruda (crew-doh, crew-dah)- Hungover. Hasn't happened much to me lately, but I have been "bien cruda" many times in my life.

Mamacita (mah-mah-see-tah)- Sexy lady! I don't mind being called this at all, not at my age, I'll take all I can get!

! (Oh-rah-lay)- "Right on", "cool" or "you don't say"

Pendejo/Cabron (pen-day-hoe, cah-brohn)- Asshole. "Pinche pendejo cut me off in traffic!"

Puta (poo-tah)- Slut, prostitute. Now, I don't use this one often, but when it's warranted I say it loud and proud. Say it, try it, it just feels good to spit that word out when you are really angry.

Chela (cheh-lah)- Beer. Ok, someone, please buy me a "chela"? It's wicked hot today and a nice cold one would go down goooood.

Que onda? (kay ohn-dah)- What's up, what's happening?

Que buena onda (kay bwen-ah ohn-dah)- What good news/thing/person. I like to think that I am muy buena onda.

Chamaco (chah-mah-coe)- Child. "Pinche chamaco spilled my chela, que mala onda!"

So, what's your favourite? What can you add to my pinche list? Can you teach me to swear in other languages?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Musings of a Canuck in Cancun

My therapist asked me this week what it would take for me to be happy, now and in the future. Here, in random order, are some of the things that came out of that session.

1. Hot weather, the beach and the ocean. This may sound shallow, but it's really not, living in Canada I suffered (sometimes mildly, sometimes debilitatingly) from S.A.D., every winter was a nightmare of depression. I NEED sunshine and warm salty waters. The ocean is a goddess of purification, renewal and forgiveness, when I submerge myself in her all the bad stuff just floats away. This is a necessity for my happiness without a doubt, the thought of moving someplace inland just makes me shrivel up on the inside.

2. A roof over my head and food. I don't need to be rich, I don't need fancy things, material goods just aren't my style, but yes, I think I would have to have food and shelter to be happy.

3. Cats. Lots and lots of cats. Kitties fall into the same category as the ocean for me, a life affirming bundle of furry goodness can help lift my spirits on even the worst of days.

4. A job that allows me to help people. Not help them find the vacation of their dreams or a condo or the best powder for their athlete's foot, but helping them be the best they can be. I do love teaching and feel that I am contributing something positive to my students' lives, but my real dream would be to go back to school and become a psychologist. I think if I had to go back to working in an office or in retail I might just lose my mind.

5. Affection. I'm desperate for it. Not just hugs and kisses, but words of love and caring and kindness. Perhaps I am hungrier for it than a lot of people, it seems to come up a lot in my therapy sessions just how much I really need.

6. Sex and intimacy. I know, this is a family friendly blog but heck, it's reality, we all need it, we all want it and we all have to have it.

7. A healthy, happy and thriving son. Max is the best thing in my life, but also the most challenging. I can't wait to see the man he turns into (ok, I CAN wait, his little life is moving too fast already but I am excited about his future).

8. A partner who shows me respect, love, affection, caring and treats me like an equal (when I am not being treated like a queen).

9. Humour. Me likey the funny. For years I worked in the comedy industry in Toronto and I miss it (and the comedians) greatly. Mexican humour just doesn't hit home for me, I've tried but I just don't find the stand up or the sketch very funny. Sometimes I think of my classroom like a stand up stage, I've got some great zingers about grammar. Bah dum ching!

10. Art. Hard to find here in Cancun, but I feel so vibrant when I am in a theater or art gallery or performance space. This could be the number one thing I miss about living in Toronto, I could always count on being able to find some cool "happening" any time I wanted, day or night.

11. Cheese.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Knew This Was Coming....

Kitten pics! Ziggy has been joined by his brother, Buzz and they are ripping it up around here. I'm happy they have each other for company and big thanks to Hubby for "allowing" me to have my two kitties. They are tough little buggers to photograph, I need a macro lens and some quick fingers, they are tiny and fast!

Introducing Buzz



There's a big "Awwwww" Factor Here

They've got their "special" (read:expensive) kitten milk, they've been de-parasited and they love their raw ground beef. Little piggies will be big piggies in no time. Max insists that he is their daddy and is doing a bang up job of making sure they have all the attention they need, even if they don't want it. I'm trying to teach them to purr, got a little "rrrrrrr" out of Ziggy yesterday! Even cat-hater Hubby seems to have a soft spot for these guys, maybe soon he'll stop calling them "pinches gatos".

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Kitten Currently Named Ziggy

The name debate ended at Max's bedtime, right now "Ziggy" is coming out ahead. Well, ahead for me really. Hubby wants to call him "Pinche Gato" and Max desperately wants to call him "Mimi". The five minutes we thought she was a girl he got set on it. If he still wants it tomorrow and won't go with Ziggy, then Mimi the Macho it is.

I have cried a lot today, still haven't stopped, even with a sweet, teeny, tiny wittle kitten in the house. The worst was in the vet's office, thinking of the time I was hugely pregnant and Changa bit me to the bone and I fainted. Awww, mi bebe Changa. I loved you for all your "fresh" behaviour. For sucking on my hair while sleeping on the pillow, for killing all the nasty bugs and lizards, for climbing concrete buildings, falling off balconies, curling up beside me and only me. Night night.

Ziggy/Pinche Gato/Mimi, welcome, you will get lots of love here. There's plenty of toys, help yourself, don't scratch or bite, do pee in the box and purr for me when I snuggle you. Be nice to Max, be tolerant of Hubby and stay inside!

I'm So Very Sad

I'm writing this post while sobbing my eyes out. I started to drive to work this morning and found my beautiful baby Changa on the street, hit by a car. I tried so hard to stop her from going out last night, but she fought me and got herself out the door, I couldn't stop her. I feel so guilty, I should have tried harder, I didn't want her outside and now she is gone. I never wanted to see her like that, I can't get the horrible image out of my head. My lovely, evil baby is gone. I want my baby Changa. I can't stop crying. Max keeps asking for her and it is breaking my heart. He brought me a picture he drew and said "Here's Changa mommy, don't cry". I feel empty, I see her dishes and her litter box and I want to curl into a little ball. I don't even know what to say, I don't know what to do, I miss her so much already. She was far from perfect, but she was my baby, she's been with me as long as I have been in Cancun. Good times, bad times, hurricanes, the birth of Max, she's been there when I have had no one else. I'm so sorry my baby girl, I am so sorry I let you out. Please be at peace wherever you are my little girl, I love you.

R.I.P. Changa
February 2004-May 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Isla Holbox Quickie

Well, as my last two posts indicated, we spent a couple of days on the incredible Isla Holbox. Aside from a dreadful fire, it was a great first visit. This was a last minute trip on a very busy weekend, so we had a tough time getting a hotel reservation, but perseverance paid off and we were rewarded with a cancellation booking at Villas Delfines. We traveled with our favourite family friends, the BritFamily and got a very early start on Saturday morning for our journey. The drive to Chiquila was a real breeze, smooth fast highways for the whole trip, took just about two hours from Cancun.

Once in Chiquila we managed to get on the 10 am ferry. The ferry ride was about 45 pesos and took about 20 minutes. Once on Isla Holbox we grabbed a golf cart taxi and had him give us a quick lift to a golf cart place that actually had any carts left (BUSY weekend). We rounded up two carts and off we went to check into our respective hotels. BritFamily were staying at the Xaloc Hotel which was just a couple hundred meters away from Delfines on the most gorgeous stretch of white sandy beach you could imagine! Both hotels were very similar, round palapa cabanas, no air conditioning, mosquito netting on the beds, pools. The main difference was that the Xaloc rooms were a bit more "finished", with slightly nicer fixtures and floors while Delfines had much nicer garden areas and wide open spaces. We couldn't check in until three o'clock but they held our luggage and allowed us to use the bathrooms (clean and eco-friendly with composting toilets but no eco-friendly stink!) to get in our swimming gear.

We were trying to hook up with BritFamily but had some cel phone difficulties. We ended up going to town and having a quick breakfast at La Playa then finally meeting up with our friends for some fun in the sun and then a quick nap. Around five o'clock we headed towards the west end of the island to catch the sunset. We met up with some friends of the Brits who own a lovely home on the island and they treated us to barbecue and beers while we watched the sun go down. Once dark fell and the mosquitoes came out, we went back to town to try the famous lobster pizza at Edelin's. Oh my dear goddess, was that pizza divine! I think it's a must try restaurant on Isla Holbox. Thin crust, one of the best I have had in Mexico topped with a lot of fresh lobster for 330 pesos. After dinner the munchkins were getting tired so we returned to the hotel for some shut eye.

The next day started off chillaxingly enough, hanging on the beach, collecting shells, sharing massages, then the excitement began. The Great Palapa Fire Adventure. Trust me, it's not something you want to experience while on Isla Holbox, but it is a great reminder to be VERY careful while smoking in a palapa!

And that is the long and short of it. I think the pics tell the tale of the beauty of this island. We were very sad to only have a little more than 24 hours there, we plan to return for a longer stretch and indulge in all the relaxation we can get on this tranquil island paradise.

Golf Cart Taxi Service

Garden Area at Villas Delfines

Our Cabana at Villas Delfines
Our Terrace, Villas Delfines
The Coolest Shower Head Ever
(with SUPER hot solar heated water!)

The Palapa Roof of Our Cabana
Traffic Jam on the Beach

Deserted Beach
I Made a New Friend
She Came for a Swim with Me

Ice Cream Man!
(Far Superior to Dickie Dee)

Coppertone Tan
(This is Max's new favourite game)

East End of the Island
Isla Pajaros (Bird Island) is just across the water

Sunset on the West Side
(I think I was blathering on to Britfriend
and missed the actual sunset, oops

So, there you have it, Isla Holbox rocks. We shall return, hopefully during whale shark season so we can swim with the giants of the sea. I would recommend this destination to anyone coming down this way, it's my new "happy place".

D is for Dengue, Depression and Dread

I'm currently sitting in my Cancun apartment, staving off the Covid 19 panic and using all my Jungle Kelly powers to maintain my cal...