Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brain full....Must... Release.... Pressure

My brain sometimes is just full to the brim with things to blog about. Today, I just couldn't choose what to write about, so I'll give you some idea of what is on my mind.

1. Max is sick with tonsillitis. Again. For like the billionth time. They'll have to come out, but I want to wait til he's a bit older to subject him to surgery.

2. We're broke. Flat broke. I need to find a way to make some dang money! (click an ad, click an ad, click an ad if you love me!) Any thoughts outside of prostitution?

3. I've become a hermit. It seems I am always in this house. Work home work home work home, yaaaawn. See numbers one and two for why we are housebound and add that it's a million degrees outside.

4. I have a friend who is in dire crisis, a horrible situation and I can't do anything from here to help. I cried my eyes out for her last night and wish I could do more to get her and her family through this rotten time.

5. The drug war in Mexico is escalating and I don't have any idea if it can be resolved without a whole lot more bloodshed.

6. I'm really angry that American Idol is shown one week later here. I already know who won and the final show won't air here until Thursday or Friday. Grrrrr. Rock on David Cook, sorry David Porkchop.

7. I miss comedy, stand up, sketch, heck I even miss improv. I loved the comedy scene in Toronto and wish I could have my own comedy club here.

8. It's been eight days since I was at the beach and I am in withdrawal.

9. I need new underwear. Ok, so not something I would normally blog about but it's on my mind.

10. Max won't stop saying "poompies", his version of "pompis" which means "butt". His favourite, cause he knows it makes me crazy is "I love you mommy poompies". Little sass mouth!

There you have it, ten random things that are going through my head right now. I promise to have a focused blog post tomorrow, if I can make my brain stop swimming in circles and make a damned decision! So, what's on YOUR mind?


Susan Lechuga said...

Thanks for the blog. i know how it is to have 20000 things running through your head. Everything will work out be patient.

CancunCanuck said...

Susan- Thanks, it's not so bad really, better than having an empty head, si? :)

Beth said...

Why don't you write a book? Check out Lulu.com which is where I self-published mine. You could write a kick-ass book about living in Cancun, I bet!

CancunCanuck said...

Beth- THANKS for the link, it's exactly the kind of advice I am looking for, bless you!

Anonymous said...

The book writing is a good idea; I bet you'd be pretty good at it! :)


Manolo said...

I third the book thing... next thing we know there would be a "My big fat Mexican (non)wedding" movie. You can play yourself, but that it is more fun to think who would play you. I asked to be played by the Croatian guy from ER, although he is twice my height.

Anonymous said...

Write a book.... what a great idea!! It would be the most interesting reading. I would buy the first off the press line. Of course you would need to include pics. Go to the beach and write .. write .. write.
Advise on Max .. take them out now. It only gets worse.
KW from Michigan

Islagringo said...

Are you the least bit artistic? Do you have a talent for making anything? Knitting, sewing, etc? If so, let me know. Otherwise, I think that the book idea is right up your alley. When you put your mind to it, you tell one helluva story.

I waited until I was 43 to have my tonsils out. Do it sooner rather than later. He'll thank you, you'll thank you.

Are you on DSL or a fast connection? If so, I'll give you some links where you can download TV shows and movies. I watched the entire American Idol the day after it aired in the USA. Wait until you actually see the finale show, wow!

Ok, off to click some ads!

JoAnne in CT said...

LOL David Porkchop!! Toooo funny!

CancunCanuck said...

Liz- Thanks! Now I just have to sit down and write, lol.

Manolo- Ooooh, who would play me in the movie? I'd love to say Drew Barrymore or Demi Moore or Kirsten Dunst, but perhaps Martin Short would be more appropriate. I'll have my lawyer call Croatian guys agent and they can contact your manager, si?

KW- Wow, thanks for the encouragement, I am definitely going to sit down and start working on something.

Wayne- I am not artistic in the least. Not a teeny tiny bit. Well, not in the "do it with your hands" way, I can dance, write, sing, act, but I can't make anything worth a damn. Thanks for the nice words on my storytelling, I'll do my best to make everyone proud. Yes, we will be taking out his tonsils young, we're not going to wait much longer. And I am supposed to be on Prodigy highspeed, but we all know how fast that is, lol! Send me the links anyway, though I will be watching AI this week for sure.

Joanne- Teehee, we started calling him that week 1. Hubby would ask who was up, I would say Cook or Porkchop instead of David to avoid confusion.

Nancy said...

I second Wayne on the tv downloads. Megacable and their mixed up "online schedule" can take a flying leap.

Ok, well, we still need them for the news and Indy 500 and that kind of thing.

Heather said...

Use #7 to solve #2, lol! Well I guess you need #2 to make #7 happen in the first hmmmm. Well I guess I was no help, your welcome!

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